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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas dragons!

During the holidays the dragons of Azeroth can sleep well. Their nemesis, Halfus Wyrmbreaker no longer hunts them - until reset:
We had Time Warden, Slate Dragon, Orphaned Whelp adds. Our strategy was pretty unorthodox, as our guild has a strange problem: lack of DD. We had 3 raids so far:
  • Monday: Halfus (35%), 3 healers, 4 DD, 6!!! tanks were ready at inv time.
  • Wednesday: Magmaw (65%), 3 healers, 3 tanks, 2 DD at inv time, had to wait and go with DD who did not even have gear that LFD accepts for heroics and yet another healer in DD spec.
  • Thurstday: Halfus (kill), 4 healers, 3 tanks, 3 DD. (one healer with strong DD offspec)
Since tanks and healers are usually exploited in "freindly social gulds" in the spirit of "you should tank & heal for your friends", and usually also respected with "wherz my hilz lol" after a wipe caused by fire-dancing, The PuG is a safe haven for tanks and healers. And unlike in the mentioned guilds, doing less damage than the tank brings criticism instead of "he just needs moar gear lol". Several DD left the guild or avoids guild groups because of "low gear", I hope that some of them will realize that reading and not farming is the way for more DPS.

So if you are already a good DD, easy raidspots are available in The PuG. Of course it does not mean that we don't accept any applicant who read and ready to keep the rules. You can join without raiding ambitions or even as a lvl 1. We don't mind if you are currently a newbie. Just don't expect us to boost. Becoming good is your responsibility and yours only. Also, the above no way means that tanks and healers are not accepted, the "all classes, levels and specs" recruitment rule is eternal!

Back to the weird strategy. So we had 3 tanks with a tightly enraging boss. The solution: 2 tanks were alternating on the boss while the third tanked Time Warden, then the Orphaned Whelps, then joined in the tanking rotation, leaving Slate Dragon untouched. This way we saved 4.3M damage (the HP of Slate) and killed Halfus 3 seconds before enrage.

Wowprogress says 5900 guilds killed Halfus, if we assume 20 raiders/guild and 4M people who bought Cata, we are in the top 3%! (wowprogress has some latency, so it's possible that more guilds did it, but we are surely in top 5%) Not bad from a guild with no attendance demand, no voice communication, no class leaders or anything like that. The loot was sold for 21K gold with the 1/3 rule, still 1400G was given to everyone at the end.

PS: while there is huge interest in group-PvP in the guild, arenas are ignored by most players for other purposes than easy valor points at low ratings. If I want guild achievements, I can't ignore arena achievements. I hereby offer 5000G/person to every member of an arena team who reaches 2200 rating in a guild group and revered guild reputation (the latter is to stay long enough that the server population identify you with the guild). Join with your team or join and find team here!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the rule about character names not being moronic or real-world referring? In that screenshot alone I notice "Gimlih", "Linq" and a worgen named "Sheppárd".

Moltar said...

Yesterday, in my guild we wipe with just one million of hp in boss. We also use 3 tanks, but we first activated the whelps and shortly after, the time warden.

Your healers don't have many problems with the fireballs coming so fast? Or the whelps die so quick the protobehemoth doesn't have a chance to cast the hasted fireballs?
How many stacks of malevolent stuff did the tanks stack?

Anonymous said...

Draturg/Butterface here from the old Magtheridon project. I am considering to migrate my mage over once she hits 85, but roughly how many PvPErs are you in the guild? I believe your guild is great and all that, but I don't know if I will benefit PvP-wise in a guild with 100 raiders and 10 other PvPers. I

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: and what is moronic with those names?

@Moltar: releasing the whelps together with anything else is silly as whelps cut your DPS to half. Time warden should be released first as he makes fireballs slow. Paladin tank can bubble the stacks.

@Draturg: Have you missed our "dominate WG" adventure? Half the guild were busy doing it.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon I think he was saying that "Gimlih" and "Link" are knock offs of the charatcers Gimli(Lord of the rings) and Link(Zelda games).

Anonymous said...

The whelps don't cut your damage (in normal mode at least). We had the same combination this week, opened Time Warden and whelps instantly and by the time the Time Warden died by focus damage, all whelps were near death through aoe damage (mostly by the Prot-Paladin).

Anonymous said...

Have you zero arena players? I'm interested in joining though i hoped to find teammates for an attempt at gladiator in 3vs3

(note in don't care about gold, i just want good teammates to play with)

Anonymous said...

You have the no voice-comm rule, is it pve only? Would be a huge drawback for arenas, beeing unable to call targets, switches and cc will make 2,2k about equivalent to rank 1 glad with voice com

Would also explain why noone attempted it.

Anonymous said...

"releasing the whelps together with anything else is silly as whelps cut your DPS to half."

That's beta information, the current effect of the whelps is simply lowering the damage of the behemoth's fireballs and flame breath.

Ilydia said...


"Your name cannot contain kiddie-speak or real-world references."

That's the only rule about names. And I think you can find for any given name an assumed link to some fantasy character.

Squishalot said...

Not to mention that a worgen (half wolf) shepherd is asking for trouble...

Anyway, just pointing out again that top 3% is meaningless when you consider that the other 97% include the 3.8m people who don't raid. Roughly 70% of guilds who have step foot into Cata raids have killed Halfus (again, see wowprogress), so there's a long way to go for you to claim that The PuG is any good at raiding.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: we have some players, but doesn't have enough to have playerbase for a 2200 team. Top level arena is not for everyone.

@Voice comm anonymous: read the rules more carefully: "One can use the 'non-guild group' rule to form raids with voice communication or master looter. Of course these cannot be advertised in guild channels and not protected by the rules." So all you need to have voice comm in an arena team is having a fixed team (don't spam /g "lf arena buddy") and decide it between yourself.

@Squishalot: wowprogress knows only about bosskills, can't know about tries. So that 70% means "70% of the guilds that killed something killed halfus". Also, there is no guilds that "do not raid". There are only guilds that FAIL to raid.

Anonymous said...

So, your strict PvP guild that cares about nothing but BGs and Arena just failes to raid?
Other player have other priorities, not everyone is interessted in raiding. You shouldn't count them into your calculation, even if there's no possible way to tell if someone can't care less about raiding or is trying and fails horrible.

And why are you paying for guild achievements? All you gain are some shiny useless Points in the guild achievements tab. They give you absolutely no advantages at all.

RLWJR said...

Just a quick update on the US Server version of "The PuG"......

"PuG Inc" continues to grow. We are up to 22 members strong now! We all continue to level and run random instances together when we can. So, if you were holding out, waiting to see if the guild would get off the ground before coming over, I would say we are well off the ground! Come on over to Korgath (PvP) - US and join us!

PuG Inc
Whisper "Raico", "Zintix" or "Kricknard" for an invite!

Squishalot said...

@ Gevlon: "Also, there is no guilds that "do not raid". There are only guilds that FAIL to raid."

That's not true. The pet collector chooses not to raid, for example. The Gladiators, Duelists and other high level PvPers also choose not to raid. Most RL working parents choose not to raid, due to timing considerations.

As someone mentioned with your 'achievements' post, just because they choose not to play the game in the same way that you do doesn't mean that their goals are invalid or that they fail at a goal that they do not set for themselves.

Warcraft Econ said...

Congrats! Being in an endgame guild myself, we haven't even started raiding yet aside from Baradin's Hold.