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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harvest time!

After finally logging in (server up at 15:30), found my addons dead, like everyone else. Luckily most addons had updates. Auctioneer and QA dead, luckly I found this QA replacement (on someone's blog, who therefore got a link finally). I also made a macro "/click StaticPopup1Button1" which I put on a button, so I don't have to click with the mouse, can spam a key instead. This "confirm every auction" thing is not as annoying as I expected.

Started what every other AH-businessman would did: jumped on my glyph auctions. Yesterday I listed glyphs (unfortunately with 30G fallback), Many were already sold. Of course the sad task of selling the charred glyphs was waiting for me too:
I continued with crafting new glyphs, they come from research, trainer and books. Don't forget to add them to the posting group!

Then I elevated my fallback to 50g and threshold to 15G. While the harvest is on, selling for 50G is a possibility (previously the glyphs were sold for 8-15G). Since I sent all gold from the glyphseller alts to my main, we'll see exactly how much income will arrive during the harvest.

I also posted my stockpiled cardinal rubies for double of their old price, we'll see how do they sell. Since the patch arrived Wednesday afternoon, I can't post success stories like my American colleagues who already harvested 40-50K already, I'm currently (6:30 AM, 15 hours after the patch) sitting on 32K income.

The upcoming posts will be about the harvest, answering both practical and philosophical questions about it, including the one "why did I not mention this opportunity before patch"?

Another business tip: if you want to get master riding (310% mount speed instead of 280%), you can buy it for 5000G in Dalaran, but for 4000-4750 depending on rep in Valience keep/Warsong Hold

Missed an amazing moron of the day (checked wrong e-mail) by Ulsaki:


Eric said...

I just took stock of the first harvesting for me - on a US server.

36 (ish) hours of glyphs on the market, 20 or more of each, all listed at 40g bid/bo with a "backstopping" strategy in mind. Spent approximately 8k in preparation for the patch, have harvested 65,000 in revenues (so around 57k or so in profit).

Commentary and screenshots of the gold here:

Anonymous said...

Betting money the reason he didn't mention it was because, honestly, if you DIDN'T see the potential coming you're pretty thick in the head and don't deserve the gold.

Armond said...

Why didn't you mention it before the patch? Because anyone with half a brain knew about it. Pretty obvious.

lancore said...

I have a 50g threshold and 150g fallback. Still selling about 10 per Minute.

including the one "why did I not mention this opportunity before patch" - Sorry, but there is no way anyone with at least the slightest intereset in gold could possible have missed glyph-mas! If there really is one THAT lazy and stupid then...
Well, guess it's a M&S then who doesn't deserve anything

lancore said...

oh, and btw: jmtc on your blogroll? Whoa, never thought that would be possible :P

Bonebeast said...

As said, I left my guild, and now I can't access a gbank with gems in it anymore. I'm not willing to spend my honor points or justice poinst for gems (!!!) and I believe many others won't either.

I spent 5k gold on gems, re-enchanting (many of my old enchants dissapeared, and some items changed making this/that useless).

I'm also playing on a low-pop realm, so the prices are ridicilous. 5k isn't that much for me anyways, so I don't particullary mind.

Anonymous said...

well, from the customer perspective: i just ignore the hype and will wait a week or two with that stuff. until then the prices should be back to normal (in case of glyphs maybe even lower).

lancore said...

@anonymous: permant glyphs, the changed ah-api, trippled ink costs, probably less competitors because of that all points to the fact that glyphs will never be as cheap as they were bevor.
Probably not as expansive as they are now, but still...

If you haven't bought the glyphs befor 4.0 you have to pay the price

Marc said...

It was indeed Glyphmas...
One glyph sold every 5sec for 4 hours
45k of sales this morning.
My fallback was 85g.

Thanks for the tip about 310% speed

Riptor said...

@ Bonebeast
It was well published that there will be a new Point System with a Softcap and a transition of the over cap Badges into Gold.
Even in the beginning where it would have taken 1000+ Frost-/Triumphbadges to get 4000 Points it was somewhat worthwhile to farm as the over Cap Badges would have given 11-12g a pop. When they lowered it 346 Badges and a 5.5g Conversion it was not "worth" to wait for the Transition anymore but if you buy for example Dreadstones at 10 Badges a piece you’d just have to make 55g of one to gain something.
I know this logic might be flawed for the true Goblins but for me as a Raider it made sense. When we’d assemble a Group for heoics (Ret Paladin, Ele Shaman, 1 Arcane, 1 Frostmage as well as a Shadow) we could bomb a heroic in something between 7 and 10 Minutes; of course it took us longer at say Occulus, Violet Hold or any other heroic with non skippable Timeevents, but we were able to do all LK heroics within 2 Hours max. Unfortunately we were not as fast as the 5 Ret Pally Group.
Anyhow we got a shitload of Badges, Enchant Mats and a reasonable Amount of Gold. The Badges we then converted into Gems. Since we all have Beta Keys it was easy for us to figure out which ones would sell. Also we were aware of the steep Mats requirements for Glyphs so before the Patch we bought crappy Herbs anywhere we could find them. A Stack of Tigerlillys on our Server was 7G 3 Weeks ago. One Day before the Patch, we were able to sell them between 55 and 90g per Stack. I made 120g just from some 19 Goldclover I found on one of my Alts…
Even for a lazy AH ignorant PvE Player like me it’s obvious that the pre Addon Patches are the time to make Gold.

Unknown said...

I don't have all the glyph recipes yet, but even with my limited palette, I've raked on over 25k. 150g Threshhold, 30g minimum, yep, prices sky rocketed that much.

Artavur said...

Thanks a lot for the macro, it is great help

Shelte said...

/click StaticPopup1Button1 doesn't work for me

Can you please give a link for working Skillet and Lil Sparky? I can't make single glyph becouse of errors.

And that confirm button when posting, trully sucks...

Bobbins said...

It didn't go too well for me.
First it took 3 hours to get on to the server (downloads and installation) and then the addons were all fried (Even the Updated ones). Not good!
Got things moving by a complete fresh start with the addons which means redoing groups. Learned a lot about the problems with a major patch change for the future.
My glyphs are back on AH at about 70-80% coverage. Alchemy/jewelcrafting probably by the end of today. Enchanting is on to do list and the flipping on glyphs is proceeding as planned.
Zero auctions (derived from qa4) is a big help although the author may have been responsible for the Blizzard changes with qa reposter addon.
The jmtc has like this blog excellent links(blogroll) to other gold blogs which are a must to visit.
Everything is out of whack prices, materials, supply. Need to understand the ultimate equilibrium before it happens but things will settle down quickly I hope.
I also discovered a new type AH players those that only come out for major changes. Funny never thought of that (Making lots of gold once or twice a year reminds me of Uncle Buck).

Anonymous said...

I have underestimatited the time which the crafting of all noncharring glyphs for all classes would take (while they are still 1-ink), and now out of stock and feel very moronic. :(

Xenxu said...

I was selling powder for 20g. Full pages worth.


WeekendWarrior said...

Auctionator was updated and works with the patch as an alternative to Zeroauctions. You can find it on Curse. Haven't tried Zeroauctions but was looking for something and found auctionator pretty easy to use and much better than the basic auction house UI.

Markco said...

Gevlon, I strongly suggest you raise your prices, you are selling your glyphs for ridiculously less than they are actually worth.

I am currently selling new glyphs for 100-300 and old ones for 50-95. Certain glyphs which 90% of all the players already had I am completely avoiding.

Keep in mind that glyphs are worth technically 3x as much as they used to be with the ink change.

Good luck and post some earnings! I had invested primarily in epic gems so I wasn't really prepared for the glyphs as much as I could have been... 31k sales the first night though which I'm happy with.

Good luck to everyone on glyph-mas!

Unknown said...

Must agree with Markco. 200g fallback, 30g threshold. 50kish in sales plus hate mail says I'm doing it right.

Bonebeast said...


I am fully aware of this, but the last 3 weeks has been very hectic for me, and since I have a decent amount of gold anyways, and rarely waste it, I felt I could do today. Alltho, this is far from a "goldmaking" spirit, I sure don't regret. I've got alot of commitments in real life, and whenever I log on, it's to raid. My way of making gold usually goes between buying undercuts and putting them back on AH and herb when flying between dailies.

Do note that I have less than 50 days played since vanilla/2005. I only have 1 80 character.
And I knew who I was mostly spending my gold on, they didn't land in the wrong hands. Oh well, back to fooling some fanboys/morons/social from my old guild and buy stacks fucking hillariously low and resell.

Anti said...

in anticipation i used the last of my ink / herbs to boost my normal stocks. i usually carry 15 max of every glyph. and post 4 daily. on both factions.

servers went down 6pm server time (oceanic). i started posting glyphs at 5pm. i post my entire inventory. i finished alliance side at 5:30 with 2000 glyphs on the AH out of 6500. my last Horde listing went up at 5:50. 4000 my listing out of 9000.

i listed them for 36g min, 59g threshold, with 140% overthreshold limit (so they could go as high as 82g).

i spent the last 10 minutes buying out <5g glyphs of my competitiors and relisting at my own price.

i knew that all the addons were breaking. i was hoping to have market dominance for a few hours at least before the competitors scrambled and finally caught up with demand.

seems to have worked. 40k total so far. i was heavily undercut 12 hours after the patch but let my auctions ride. no point messing around trying to undercut with broken addons.

i still have huge stocks. i was also lucky enough to buy 3k worth of adders at 25g a stack so i am in good position in a dry herb market to craft the new gylphs.

my market straegy has always been backstop to the undercutters. and as their stocks dry up i'll be in good position to take profits from the weekend warriors.

as far as addons.

there is a alpha version of Auctioneer which is working well.(i temporarily used auctionator and have zeroauction for glyph sales)

i swapped skillet for GnomeWorks (made by Lilsparky which i also use) though they are both 3.5 (he's working on 4.0 which more than can be said about skillet)

what i realy need is a working version of KevToolQueue. i tried to hack in support for GnomeWorks. no luck yet but i'll have a longer look on the weekend.

TwiddleDee said...

What is the name of the blog you got ZeroAuction's from? It's not working for me and maybe the author can help me fix it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't get the chance to recraft for a while due to all-time lows on the Herb-front of the AH for 2 months now on my server, so I was just selling what I had left at the usual 3 Glyphs per Glyph into the AH before the downtime hit.

Still made well above of 20k the first day, and I am still looking for ways to post more 80Auctions does not seem to work for me somehow).

Missing Auctioneer.

Markco said...

@TwiddleDee You can find information on the addon in the JMTC forums here:

You can also email me and I can point you in the right direction or contact Zero (the author) for you.

The Gnome of Zurich said...

I missed glyphmas.

Not because I didn't know it was coming, but because I was crazy at work all last week, and then my father in law died on saturday morning, and I was pretty much dead to the wow world until I got home on tuesday night.

I even had leveled a scribe and stockpiled craploads of herbs and inks in preparation, and I was in particular planning to do a pile of milling and crafting over the weekend, just in case the patch came (I didn't know as of friday that it was due).

When I got back, I discovered: patch did arrive, *and* it broke 90% of my addons. YAY!

I didn't get any auctions posted until last night (US realms) because my work is even more crazy with me having been gone for 2 days, and then gone again friday.

I'll make something off this, but it won't be any 50k+, alas.

I didn't realize most of the glyphs were going to need 3 inks now, so I hadn't crafted ahead as much as I should have. Also it took forever to post everything with non-batched auctioneer (the only thing I could find that worked in the hour I had after I got out of work last night -- thanks for the zeroauctions link, I'll be downloading that shortly).

In any case, leaving again on a plane tonight, and won't be back until Sunday evening, so The Forgotten Coast and Argent Dawn markets have one fewer gnome soaking up glyphmas profits until next week. Good luck all.

Also spellthreadmas! brilliant and sapphire doubled overnight.

Not sure why the sapphire went up tbh, unless it's demand on the fire for rubies.

Heh, I never even got to my alchmists to do gem transmutes. Damn.

We'll see what prices look like next week. At least I didn't do what I did at the beginning of wrath, which was to spend 40k gold stokpiling lower priced new items (northrend ores, herbs, dust, shards, essences, frozen orbs) for flipping and then not be able to log on for a week and a half to find my 40k stock I was supposed to turn into 60k was worth more like 20k. Oops.

What I invested heavily in prior to this patch is very likely to hold it's value well into cata (BoA enchant mats, glyph mats)

Only thing I have probably lost on is the stack of primordial saronite I bought for the then cheap price of 300g ea. on thursday. Got 10 of them sold for 350-400 by saturday morning, but the rest I'll be lucky to get 200 for come next week. Maybe I'll make some extra gear for my shammy who will hit 80 shortly.

Zifmia said...

I think Glyph-mas is server dependent. There are some glyphs posted on my server are 125g, but they are all undercut down to 50g, 20g, or even less.

Mr. Y said...

Before my harvest time I stood extremely close to the gold hit cap.
After carefully opening mails because I did not know what happenes to gold you get from the mailbox after the cap I suddenly was at 214.752 gold.
Is the old cap of 214.748g 36s 46h been increased? Can anyone confirm that?

Mr. Y

Anti said...

i've just finished hacking my own version of ZeroAuction.

a long time ago i modified QA3 to undercut competitors between my min and threshold settings.

so if there are 1g 2g 3g 5g and 8g competitors and my min is set to 2g50, threshold set to 6g. my version undercuts the 3g competitor while the default behavior of QA3 (and ZA) is to post at the threshold of 6g.

with ZA being so similar i was able to basically do the same edits i did to QA3.

also got a crafting method worked out using GnomeWorks and a guild vault. (the GnomeWorks inventory count doesnt seem to work when the item is on an alt but works when its in my vault)

Zamboni said...

@ Mr. Y

Gold cap was raised to 999,999g (and change).

Harvest time indeed. Almost 40,000 glyphs crafted, 78K gold by midnight, 143K in first 24 hours, and the weekend is still to come.

Anonymous said...

Since I never bothered to enter the glyph market I was counting on the removal of the transmute CD to make my little pot. Turns out they decided to increase the CD up to 24 hours instead of removing. Completely screwed me over. Luckily I had stocked up on enough gems to make some 6-7k I guess.

Senzaki said...

Hey Gevlon.
Thanks alot for the macro. I got a little annoyed at clicking the yes button all the time. You saved me alot of time.

I am on a low pop server, and have only raked in about 12k since patch day with my glyphs, selling at 50-100g each.

Deepcut said...

Should have posted this before the patch!

Anyway, thanks for the 310% flight speed tip, I was unaware of that.

All in all I made about 60k split between gems and glyphs; I only recently got my inscriptionist to 450 though.

Lady Mel said...

For some reason, I have been placing at least 15+ glyphs in AH since Cataclysm and I have not even made the 68k+ you guys make. I barely have not made 1k. Keep on going I guess.