Greedy Goblin

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old habits die hard

We wanted to do VoA, but WG was (like almost always) horde controlled. So we went in with a guild group:
Poor horde had only 4 minutes left to reach SR and gank some mindless ally there who just can't learn that fighting on the road between the fort and SR is bad. Off we went to VoA, and to some requests we did all bosses. Considering that only 2 got achievements for Toravon, it was a bit surprising:
It seems most PuGs disband after Toravon.

So while we are not Inglorious Gankers, we still do some occasional PvP. Join if interested. 160 active accounts, ICCHM 8/12, paid boost raid for beginners, no attendance requirement. Don't forget to read the rules, or you might end up like Rofldots.


Denethal said...

Don't know what was worse.. You doing it in 4 minutes or taunting over having done it when I logged on just after you'd won. :(

Xlos said...

Was fun and fast. Also THE boost icc10 afterwards made me get some Nice items without losing any gold <3 gdkp

Joshua said...

Where is the daily moron? My day wont be complete without an idiot. Now I'm going to have to log on and look at trade chat.

Anonymous said...

What is with the Ignitusx3, do you have someone triple boxing?

Treeston said...

Yes. Ignitius is our triple-boxing elemental shaman.