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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wed-Sat farm&old, Sun-Tue progression

This idea is one terribly failed and canceled. See the new idea on Tuesday!

This is an ad. hoc. rule to fix a recent problem in The PuG. There are already several players (including me) who want to kill the Lich King and do hard modes. There are also lot of new lvl 80-es and players who need more practice to be able to get anything else on hard modes than 300G fines.

Of course it's hard to raid if half wants LK and half wants fresh run and neither half has 10 people. So I introduce this time-split: after reset the first 4 days are for farmraids and old content (Ulduar HM, ToC, ToGC), the second 3 raids are for progression. So people know when they find similar-minded people online. Also if the farm-raid reaches at least 9/12 it worth abandoning the old save, kill the remaining 2 bosses so the top segment of the farm-raid members can attend.

I hope we'll soon have enough people to run both a farm and a progression ID in the same time. Currently - despite having 145 accounts and none is inactive - we have 12-15 lvl 80-es online. Damn summer & pre-Cata blues.

And of course we are recruiting. It's not like we don't have enough applicants, but most of them don't make it to the guild:


Anonymous said...

Heh... day after I join, the raids I need on the days I can't play... Oh well. So, are the trade pugs any good on Agamaggan ?

Alex said...

I'm looking for a US version, but google serves up too much trash.

Is there a server I should be looking at?

Le petit gobelin said...

I love the 300g fine idea :)

Anonymous said...

hey i have a suggestion, though you probably have already thought of it.

on your guild info website, not buried but a decent way through it, have the correct way to ask for membership.

a code word or phrase. so you dont have to bother asking if they have read it. if they dont give you the proper request you can just not respond.

this is assuming you dont have a more formal application process, which i'm pretty sure i remember you saying you dont(wont).

Bobbins said...

I would also suggest there is currently poor use of the calender to organise raids.

Wilson said...

Well, I'm confused. 145 people join a brand new raiding guild, many of them (about half?) transferred toons to the server, and you're having trouble getting 10-man raids put together? Something is out of whack, summer or no...

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, there is something that has been bugging me for a long time, which may be related to the screencap you posted here.

Why does your blog not have an "archive" column, like so many other blogs? It would have been much easier to find old posts such as guild rules if we could just navigate through the archive column instead of having to check backwards through page after page of posts.

Furthermore, I cannot count the amount of times I have wanted to read up an old post by you, and ended up with having to google the post. This, however, only worked when I could remember the title of the post.

It would also make it easier for new readers to start at the very beginning, and read all of your posts chronologically (=from the first to the last). This also bugged me when I began reading about a year ago, since I had to read all your posts from current one and backwards to the first one (which, naturally, caused some confusion).

When people want to join the PuG later on after having heard of the guild, and you tell them to read the guild rules, do you expect them to navigate through pages after pages of texts? If so, I think you will find many more players like the one you screencapped.

Anonymous said...


Me too, an US version of this project would be awesome!

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: There are tags. The rules are directly linked in the recruitments.

@Wilson: It's rather natural than problematic. We have 70 lvl 80-es. If they log on twice a week, then we should have 20 people online every raid time. We have 12-18 usually because people have holidays and different aims and so on. Out of 12-18 we raided happily until we reached the point where half (6-9) want to progress and other half want easier bosses. In a "normal" guild, the guild leader would make a decision and others would go to the raid where told. Not here.

I think not raiding is better than being forced to raid where you don't want to.

The only solution is having enough people to have different kind of raids concurrently.

Squishalot said...

Gevlon - I realise that there are practical reasons for the time split, but you should be aware that your new proposal is essentially the first step into killing the spirit behind the PuG.

Soon, you'll be narrowing down the time slots that you'll be raiding in, and at that point, you'll have a guild with suggested (read: fixed) raiding times, two (or more) raids with relatively fixed people (being the regulars who participate in the PuG each week), and prove your point no more than a conventional raiding would.

Unfortunately, the PuG guild idea simply doesn't work if there aren't a large pool to pick-up from. Not sure what you can really do to pick up numbers, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Ergh, so people will be "forced" to have days when eg they can't go to icc or they must clear the whole thing?

I don't know about this idea. It seems it removes the free-for-all feeling of the guild (aka, pug)

Sten Düring said...

And why does this look more and more like a proper raiding guild to me? :D

Anonymous said...

"We have 70 lvl 80-es."

So, your advertising saying that you have 140 players is like those guilds you hate saying they have 500 players, between alts and levels 10?

Even so, with 70 players you should have more then enough. Clearly the problem isn't the weather or soccer or whatever outside factor.

Kaptcha said...

Gevlon, where are the ol' gold making posts? I would be happy if you post some new ideas once a while.

Also, the pug idea sounds good to me. I may purchase a transfer one day.

chewy said...

I agree with Squishalot and it was the first thing that struck me when I read the post.

It's your guild and whatever you do with it is up to you but you're starting to detract from the original idea.

You've got a very original approach to running a guild, don't get too bogged down in the tactical, stay with the strategic.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's just this damned summer time. It has caught in our guild too - all of sudden there is HUGE lack of sign-ups in following weeks. I would also blame Starcraft 2 incoming release.

But I'd really suggest to make incentives to down the LK finally in The PuG - normal modes are terrible faceroll (as in - insanely boring nowadays) and hard modes are actually entertaining (not really a challenge with 30% buff, but basically ideal difficulty/effort for average casual guild).

A.G. said...

Gevlon, I agree with anonymous that your blog currently lacks a proper interface to visit older posts chronologically; I've been using tags but even then it can be a hassle to look up older posts.

Maybe a suggestion is to make post browsable by year, month and your different categories as well?

A few weeks ago for example, I played around to join a 'vanilla' 1.12x server (I don't play wow anymore). This idea had my interest and I looked up on your blog (which I still follow because of interest) if there were pre-tbc moneymaking hints (which was not the course). This took me some time to figure out since I could not browse chronologically.

Offtopic: It is nowadays quite hard to get 'vanilla' moneymaking tips anyway.

Anonymous said...

why would you need to farm the vanilla way now?

the vanilla money making was done by grinding trys hand for gold and vendor drops.

these days you can make more money per hour mining copper ore and selling it to 80s.