Greedy Goblin

Friday, July 9, 2010


Snatch is a tool built in auctioneer. Its purpose is to find the stuff you need easily. You can access it by right clicking on the magnifier icon on the top line. You can configure it by putting the item to the "drop item box", set the price you are ready to pay and press "add item".

After configured, you shall make a scan of the AH, then press "search" of the snatch tool. Snatch will find the items that are cheaper than the ones set by you. On the picture you can see my search for cheap herbs. You can buy the items from the list by pressing "purchase".

If you press Ctrl+Alt+Shift, the "Purchase" button changes to "Purchase All" for obvious reasons.
Just a simple tool for a simple task: buying up cheap materials or items worth relisting.


Cabo said...

A handy tip on snatch if you want to purchase everything in the list without clicking twice of each item is to press Shift+Ctrl+Alt and then click purchase (you'll see the caption of the button change to purchase all).

Andy said...

I don't know whether it's just a conflict of addons, my keyboard, Windows 7, or what, but the Ctrl+Shift+Alt thing doesn't always work for me. I have a suspicion it might be related to where the text cursor is when you press the keys, I'll have to test it some more.

Cabo said...

I've had it bug out sometimes as well, you can clearly see it when the caption of the button won't change.

What I do then is close the AH window and speak to the NPC to open the AH again, until now that has always solved it. But I have no clue what's causing it.

Bobbins said...

Some people like auctioneer. I don't!

The snatch facility is very buggy on my computer I much prefer auctionator using buy lists however no option to bid :(.

Been thinking about trying auction master can anyone tell me if it is any good or any other auction addons that can 'bid'.

Overall I'm very disappointed with auctioneer since alot of people (bloggers and the like) were recommending it however its star rating on curse is not as good as it should be. I recommend auctionator and will soon be removing auctioneer very shortly but first I still want to see some of its other features (beancounter).

Automated 'Snatch' lists are a very good idea just use an addon you like.

Norte said...

To people who say that it's buggy and ctrl+alt+shift doesn't always change the purchase button to 'purchase all': I'd bet that you have clicked in one of the price boxes - press a number key and that number will probably appear somewhere on screen. Press escape and try again :)

nonameform said...

Been using Auctioneer probably since the second week I've started playing WoW. Though I have my own issues with it (too many functions that I don't need), Auctionator is simply not enough, though it's a good addon on it's own. If only Auctionator had support for Informant and it's database, things might have been different, but until then I'm sticking with the "bloated" Auctioneer as my main AH tool.

sha said...

You know i use snatch all the time but i never knew the ctrl-alt-shift. Makes sense but thanks for posting that, will have to use it. Have to love learning something to start the day.

Eaten by a Grue said...

Mt problem with snatch is you have do run the damn scan first.

Anonymous said...

The fastest way to do a scan with Auctioneer is :

/aadv getall

It will do a global scan with paging and paging.

Neil Cerutti said...

I get irritated when using Snatch to help me grab low supply items like hides and spider silk.

Is there a way to add an item I'm not carrying to the Snatch list?

Bobbins said...


yes. there is probably a easier way but i go to ah open chat click on item i want in snatch and say item name. i can then enter the item in snatch.

also there is a video in about using snatch

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell my why in that screenshot there are three entry's for some items?

How does that help more than one?

Gevlon said...

Those are not entries, those are different auctions worth buying.

Alex Cresswell said...

Thanks again, yet another time saving method for the Glyph market. This was really the last piece of my whole process that wasn't automated. I'm now using Advanced Tradeskill Window to craft glyphs, Enchantrix to mill, and Auctioneer to list my auctions.

Bobbins said...

Just an update. Ok its a back peddle! Snatch in auctioneer has a place correctly setup up it supplements the bulk buying feature of auctionator and does not conflict with my current setup.
While I still think auctioneer is bloated the more I use it the more I think the extra features aren't bad. So I suppose the message is give it a go and take time to configure it to your needs.