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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wintergrasp report

Another week, another WG report. Red is prime time (18-22 weekdays, 14-22 weekend) loss, green is prime time win, black is off-time result.

10:35 Assault won
13:15 Defense won
15:45 Defense won
18:10 Defense lost
21:10 Assault lost

23:15 Assault lost

11:30 Assault won
13:45 Defense lost
16:45 Assault lost
19:10 Skipped due to raid
21:45 Assault won

17:30 Assault won
20:15 Defense won

22:45 Defense won

13:35 Assault won
16:00 Defense lost
18:35 Assault won
21:15 Defense won

23:45 Defense won

17:40 Assault won
20:15 Defense won

22:40 Defense lost

17:00 Assault won
19:40 Defense won
22:10 Defense won

15:40 Assault won
18:05 Defense won
20:40 Defense won

Oops! Horde did not raid VoA prime time this lockout! Also, we saw a huge change: tenacity dropped from 10+ to 1-3, despite the alliance number have not increased significantly. Also, the hordies don't even seem to try nowadays. They do one zerg, after it fails they just try to get honorkills. We barely see sieges, some punks are running around with stupid catapults, but no serious attempts to win. Also, weeks ago after a win I logged to horde alt and asked them what happened? They cursed us for being "jerks" and cursed the horde n00bs for failing to win. On this friday I logged again and asked on trade. The sole response was: "we lost again". Their spirit is broken, they now queue up for honorkills and the losing mark. If you look at Archavon's log, you can see they are used to very different WG:

The only exception from our victory march is the weekend, when lot of casual players queue up and zerg with 10+ tenacity. But soon they will learn too that WG belongs to us.

We are recruiting more players, including lvl1 rerolls! Read the rules and come!


Anonymous said...

I'm an anonymous, but long time reader of your columns Gevlon, and I would like to let you know I'm rather impressed with this project of yours, particularly with a milestone like this one.

Congratulations to your guild! Clearly group organization, while not your 'magic skill' is sufficiently advanced to the M&S of the world that it appears magical. (Apologies to Arthur C. Clark!)

Zeran said...

I wonder if a milestone like this might hurt your cause. Clearly you've lost the selling point of "come fight and win where the odds are 12:1 against you." Anyone else have thoughts on how this'll affect recruiting?

Gevlon said...

@Zeran: actually, it should help. The "fighting for survival" phase is over. Now comes the "kick their ass" phase. If we had more people, from more timezones, we could extend the WG ownage period, practically lock out the horde from VoA. Currently, with some annoyance they can do VoA. The kids can do it 4PM, the adults can do it 1 AM.

Jowl said...

If there was something like this on US servers I'd definitely be down. Can't play on Euro though. :(

Unknown said...

Gevlon, congratulations to you and your guildies for all the progress you have made!

It's really encouraging to see how a handful of serious, smart and dedicated players can make the difference in a world (server) full of retards, and fighting against all odds.

Have the conditions of the server changed because of this? (economy, AH, population, etc?)

John Newhouse said...

US players are welcome too. I have 11 lvl 80 on US servers, I dropped all that to make a EU account and play here and it is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wildhorn, how did you make an EU account from the US? Or did you actually move to europe? If there is a way to create cross-continent accounts please tell.

Unknown said...

On one hand, I sort of feel bad for them.

On the other hand, I remember Quel'Danas on Kel'Thuzad. The Horde used to rule the server, back when Exodus was the local superguild. After they left, all it took was some "gentle" prodding to the Alliance's strategy and now the server is completely unbalanced, in our favor.

Feels good.

...though, it should stand to reason that the situation could very easily be reversed on you. All it takes is one cunning general to find a weakness in your strategy.

Jowl said...

@Wildhorn - The timezone difference would kill me. Being -6 would be crazy.

Anonymous said...

@jowl: we have "funny" hours raids because many are americans.
We also always need more for the night as our goal is to, i suppose, have wg 24/7 for at least one week.
So the difference is good, rather than bad