Greedy Goblin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The PuG update

Don't make him wait! Join now!

On Sindy kill 5 people got their achievement (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and 2 didn't because they are missing Valithria (1, 2). So don't worry that you won't get spots because you are "noob" or "have no gear". Read the rules, and transfer or roll a lvl1/DK!


nightgerbil said...

Oh I am so very tempted Gevlon believe me. I never played on a Pvp server, but the more I read the noisy rogues blog the more I want to try. I was getting pysched up to transfer to the ganking project though when you binned it.

What happens when you get bored/burned out with this one? Will I be stuck on that server while yourself and your merry men move on to the new server and the new project?

John Newhouse said...

There is no much you can do in WoW beside PvP and PvE and gevlon prefer PvE over PvP and he found a way to get competent people in his PvE raid, so I doubt he will scrap this one anytime soon. Most likely he will quit WoW before that.

And we transfered because Magtherion server was very unstable, not just because we started a new project

TechDeft said...

I'm seriously considering opening a EU account just to join The PuG. It's my ideal guild philosophy and time-wise.

A question...if I read correctly the raids you run are all GDKP. Are there any folks running 'regular' loot raids of lower tiers? I know it's very easy to power gear a toon through the dungeon finder, but that's part of the reason I don't play much anymore. I love the raid gear ladder, and it's much more fun for me to pug the tiers. I do NOT like grinding the same 5-mans with randoms. Some would argue that there isn't much of a different; grinding heroics vs. grinding raids. Heroics just aren't fun anymore, in my opinion.

Gevlon said...

Yes, we are organizing lower tier raids. However some never happen due to lack of people coming. A post about it is possible.

TechDeft said...

I'd be more than willing to volunteer to run those raids when needed, but I'm an EU account and 80 levels + heroic gear from that.

Are the non-ICC raids GDKP? Being a reader of your site, I'm confident that I could build a bank roll, but not big enough to pull gear from established goblins in the guild. Then again, I suppose lower tier bids probably stay fairly tame, eh?

Gevlon said...

usually not. It's simply too much time to administer, and most loot get DEd anyway.

TechDeft said...

Well, you may have the least active wannabe excuse for a WoW blogger creating an EU account for this. At least I play much better than I blog.