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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wintergrasp report

At first I'd like to start with the news that we now have 100 accounts, and none of them is 1 month+ inactive (actually only 18 have not logged in 2 weeks). Obviously we are recruiting more. Read the rules and come! In Wintergrasp the hordies lose more and more often. The report is red on prime time (18-22 weekdays, 14-22 weekend) loss, green on prime time win, black in off-time.

9:30 assault won
12:20 defense lost
14:45 assault lost
17:15: assault lost

19:30 assault won

13:15 assault lost
15:30 assault won
18:10 defense won

20:30 skipped due to raid

14:05 assault won
16:40 defense won
19:10 defense won
21:45 defense won

17:35 Assault won
20:15 defense won

20:10 WG assault lost

18:30 assault won
21:15 defense won

15:00 WG assault won
17:15 WG defense lost
19:45 WG assault lost
22:00 WG assault won


John Newhouse said...

It is always awesome when you deny them VoA 5 times in a row.

Anonymous said...

just a thought but shouldn't you focus on Wednesday, since that's the day to pug voa and the weekly?

Anonymous said...

On monday it seems hordies couldn't into Orgrimmar :(

Anonymous said...

This is what makes it fun.. we do better and better for every week and the hordes are getting frustrated as the time goes:-)

Anonymous said...

i am impressed, starting to look like a balanced WG.

Unknown said...

Congratulations for your progress Gevlon!

I wish I could read the Horde's trade chat every time they lose a WG.

Anonymous said...

I hope when you lose one you still spend the time farming them as they try to go into the instance.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else missing a forum for the guild?

I miss a place to discuss Wintergrasp strategies and to find arena team mates etc.

Not to mention a place to put up screenshots of horde trade chat ;)

John Newhouse said...

We also deny them For The Horde pretty often and they get made in their trade channel.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: I'll look around for free forum providers.

Squishalot said...

I agree with Anonymous (1) - a bit more focus on Wednesday would be better evidence that it's making any difference.

Worldefense on said...

Arator is a PVE server, and

Lvl 80 Alliance ppl 2100
lvl 80 Horde ppl 3380