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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our first ganking event

Besides stealing WG from the 2-10x outnumbering horde we decided to hold ganking events. This time we hit STV fishing extravaganza. We formed 3 groups one was close to our dedicated fisher, at northern STV, one was ganking in southern STV and one on the eastern shore. The results were spectacular both on the measurable level and the social:

(members got lot of nastier tells from lvl1 but until this point slacked sending me screenshots)

We will organize such events weekly. As I already announced, the member with the best idea gets 500G.

We also organized a GDKP raid to ICC which ended with 10500G pot (nice bid war on weapons). 2 more bosses down than last week and significantly less silly mistakes. I only wish that GDKP addons could handle replacements. The current addons assume pot distributed evenly among players present at the end. It's good motivating PuGgers to stay. But in the guild we make replacements as someone has to leave, or someone who wants loot from that boss comes in.

As always, the ganking report is also an advertisement. If you are interested, read rules and come. Yes, we are still accepting lvl1 and will always do! And there is no activity demand (besides 1 month inactive kick). If you play 1 hour/week and don't fail in this hour, you are welcomed!

Special recruitment: the first warlock who reaches lvl 80 (or transfer as 80) will get 500G extra reward. Warlocks are really rare but in world PvP very effective and needed. So warlocks come!

PS: Monday evening we wiped a for the horde raid too. And further evil plans on the way.


Moxter said...

Haha this seems really great I never though the horde would fail on winning that contest when there is so many horde there, GJ and GL on your project Gevlon.

Carson 63000 said...

That's beyond awesome, and exactly the sort of hot salty tears that I hoped your project would lead to.

Unknown said...

It's nice to see both your major projects are "working as intended"!

Anonymous said...

This has proberly been said before, I dunno,

Control the ICC summon stone. Find out when the top guilds raid and then stop them forming up. If you can keep thier locks out of the instance you can put thier raids on hold.

This will generate more qq then wintergrasp as those guilds will lose precious wipe time on lk.

Anonymous said...

hmm...I've been considered transferring one of my warlocks over, that little extra incentive might push me over the top.

Anonymous said...

This was great. Whoever suggested this event definitely earned the 500g.

Baker said...

500 is chump change come on now gevlon. i could run instances for an hour or dick around on the auction house for half an hour and make enough. but maybe ill just have to find a way to be the first person to hit 80 on a trial account and crash all the eu servers. dreamer.

Anonymous said...

@first annonymous;

the problem with trying to control the ICC summon stone is that often people are phased out. We don't even use it to summon as half the time you can't see anyone there.

Anonymous said...

@first anonymous
that's a great idea, but it won't really stop them. they can just zoom in and warlocksummon etc. but it's a start! And if two-three hardcore guilds get ganked by the summoning stones, that will affect the hordeside alot.

thumbs up.

Nilliel of Outland EU said...

Gevlon, why don't you guys try to lock down the Zeppelin towers? That's sure to cause some rage and maybe make a few mages richer.

Gevlon said...

@anonymous with ICC: just as thenoisyrogue said. Phasing.

@Jerky: that can't be done. The zeppelin tower is in horde territory, so the horde can wait 5 minutes until their PvP flag goes off and we can't touch him. Since taxi removes PvP flag, they are unflagged when arrived to Orgrimmar, so they don't even have to wait.

Harakan said...

you could still gank the summoning stone of the weekly raid if it's stuff like Naxx/Ulduar, on wednesday half of the realm will probably go for VoA or for the weekly

Gevlon said...

@Harakan: if you were in our guild, you'd get 500G

BTW we can't gank at VoA stone. Because we HAVE the whole WG, so the horde can't raid there!

Monsieur said...

Me(elemental shaman) and a moonkin friend of mine took over Ogrims hammer in icecrown for a couple of hours yesterday. Gunship pvp :) pushback is a bitch at that altitude.

Anonymous said...

You could gank inside the Grom'gol zeppelin. Simply sit there stealthed or in the lower sections and kill people that try to get to STV. Best thing is that, if I'm not wrong, their bodies should stay on the ship, forcing a repair bill uppon them.

Might also work for the Northrend transports, but I'm not sure of that.

Anonymous said...


ICC stone can be controlled because of the phasing. It actually makes it easier, because you don't have to fight rest of the raid when you kill some of their members. It will actually produce even more rage I think.

Gevlon said...

@Last anonymous: annoying, but harmless. The "safe phase" players keep summoning unharmed. True that in "our phase" some members die. So what? They are already at ICC! They res and run in the instance. Even if we kill them again, they can res at the instance portal secondly. By the time the "safe phase" guys finish summoning, the "our phase" guys are in the instance. Maybe a bit annoyed, but not delayed.

@Previous anonymous: that would be a pretty boring thing, as the ship is nearly empty. Killing 3 lowbies/hour doesn't worth the effort!

Tonus said...

As I understand it, on that server the horde outnumber the alliance by a huge margin. So it's even funnier to see a horde (who had it easy for so long due to population imbalance) cry like a baby at being ganked in a contested zone.

I don't know if that will cause any of them to transfer away, but it should provide some amusing screenshots in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

you CAN gank VoA stone, or more specifically the entire room. its extremely annoying and very doable due to the nature of the the bottleneck that room creates.

For some reason sometimes the gates are closed though (I guess after successful defenses when opposing side didn't get anywhere near the chamber and in those cases, ganking is no happening) but when they are still broken? Go to town. I've seen people make running VoA completely impossible for the entire stretch between wintergrasps as they wouldn't let anyone get anywhere near the instance portal, making it impossible to lock summon from the inside, let alone use the stone.

The only thing that worked to stop it, was organizing a counter raid

Anonymous said...

Cheers for your ganking project. It seems you are starting having impact on the server.
You may do not know that, but there are some bs talking in /2 (horde side) about you and your guild already.
But for me that's not enough yet. With the potential of your guild, you can have devastating impact, to the degree of mass transfers.

Have you considered a "stealth" project?Rogues/druids ganking @ Orgrimmar between the road from the point the portal leaves you to the AH.
Or even better, get low lvl bait in orgrimmar to get bankalts pvp enabled and then mass gank them?

I know these are not so brilliant ideas, but
it's more threatening to them to gank them at their "home" than on the faraway STV which is already a known gank-zone.
It's like you said on another article, they are not affected so much by things that are happening away from them than from things near to them.
(kids in Africa/beggers in the streets)

Your friendly Anonymous

Chopsui said...

Perhaps "owning" the Chillmaw spawnpoint would be a nuisance as well. It's a pretty small area where mostly M&S go to to do their daily quest, plus you can get them to aggro the elite and gank em, or just keep all the spawns to your own group.

Unglar said...


One other issue you forgot about when responding to the 'gank at the icc summon stone' suggestions was that when the project started your aim was not to annoy the raiding guilds, but to annoy the M&S. I haven't kept up to date with your rules and aims, has that now changed?
The weekly raid summon stone is perfect for that, I can imagine the complaints already.


ProZac said...

I don't know how feasible it is, but you could attempt to lockdown the bank/AH in capital cities. The Horde like to use Org almost exclusively, get a group and control that section of town. They won't be PvP flagged, but killing their AH/Bankers is enough to make them try to get rid of you (hence becoming PvP flagged). We did this with 6 of us to Stormwind, and spent nearly 2 hours there with only 2 deaths during that time (someone LoS'ing healers). Might not be as easy since there are so many more Horde on that server, and they Horde tend to be much more dedicated to keeping Alliance out of their cities. It helps to bring a tank as well, to keep all the guards under control.

Harakan said...

if i won the weekly ganking contest you can give the 500g to lethore, he's a poor noob and still needs my help even from a different realm XD

John Newhouse said...

Some PvP ganking suggestion:
- The weeky raid summoning stone
- The daily fishing zone (like the one in SB)
- The daily coliseum questing zone
- The most popular fishing zone for Saturday fishing extravanga
- The auctionneer of Orgrimmar
- The portal exit to orgrimmar (in the mage trainer hut). Often horde are flagged because they just exited a BG and want to buy new pvp gears.
- Get a hunter level 10 with a pet to bait unflagged players to kill it to get flagged.
- Use hunter pet to make players dueling outside org to hit them with AoE while dueling to flag them.

Anonymous said...

I almost want to move my lock over /sigh.

Anyway, you should do the stealth + control AH.

On Moon Guard I was reading where a group of rogues and druids killed all the Alliance AH npcs at the same time and effectivly shut down the Alliance AH for almost an hour.

Lethora said...

Haha, Harakan.
Was doubting whether it was you or not :>

Bruski said...

"I only wish that GDKP addons could handle replacements. The current addons assume pot distributed evenly among players present at the end. It's good motivating PuGgers to stay. But in the guild we make replacements as someone has to leave, or someone who wants loot from that boss comes in."

If you are using GoldRaidManager, the most common GDKP addon I think, and the one I use, you can change the number of looters from 25 to any other number I think, 26 or 28 or 20, depending on how many ways you want to split the pot.

However, this does kindof go against one of the reasons I use GDKP. Distributing the entire pot at the end only to people who are in raid encourages people to stay and not leave. Having a 150k pot helps when you need a 24th person to down BQL or Putricide, and you have 9 bosses dead already. And if people don't get paid unless they stay till the end, "disconnects" and "sorry I have to go" after they get loot becomes more uncommon.

Even when really good friends have to leave 20 minutes before the end oft the raid because their kid is sick, real goblins will not make an exception. Rules apply to everyone.

JustinAndrewJohnson said...

I'd have to second the ganking VoA idea. Just go in when the Horde has successfully assaulted the keep so that the wall will be down. My pally arena partner and I (as a DK) locked down VoA for about an hour. We would fight until the odds got 8-1 or worse, then portal out, and immediately fly back in from Dal before the horde could regroup.

Surprisingly, no counter raids got formed, and instead the horde just slowly gave up. Zero VoA raids happened that period, despite what looked like a 2-3 raids trying to form. For maximum carnage, exploit the stone yourself, by having people about to die portal out to Dal, then summon them back instantly.

Ladron de la Noche said...

I am so far beyond entertained by this. Nicely done.

Mike B said...

I am a US Player with 3 80s, and am very interested in joining. I made a trial account and my latency was 250 ms, so I can probably be effective. I'm willing to create a new account on a EU server for this. Some questions:

1) I'll be starting a raw level 1 with no alt help (no transfers possible for me) and no gold. How is the guild working with lowbies to get them leveled up quickly? NOTE: I am a goblin reader and want no handouts, just curious as to help, as that slog to lvl 80 without a RAF or Heirloom gear is L-O-N-G.

2) What kind of PvP activities are the low-levels participating in -- BGs, world PvP, etc? How well does the Guild protect it's lowbies in places like "Gankerthorn Vale?"

Members of IG, please post and let me know how much fun you guys are having.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as much as I hate ganking in principle... complaining about it happening in stranglethorn vale, on a pvp server, during the fishing event, is a bit like going swimming in the ocean and than complaining that you got wet.

If you (like me) don't like ganking, don't roll on a PvP server. It's really just as simple as that. If you roll on a PvP server, expect it to happen, and be prepared either to deal with it or fight back.

Anonymous said...

As your target is M&S AH lock out on a big scale could be a way to go. Lock out all Horde AH (incl Silvermoon) for at least 2 or more hours during peak time.

And the cream of this project list all popular AH items eg. Eternals, furs, orbs, etc in the neutral AHs...AND during lockdown period create alt char and spam Horde trade that items are available at neutral AHs.

Not only do you dominate their home cities, you also get their money!

Gevlon said...

Mike B: At lvl 19 everyone gets 20G so you'll get mount. There are other lowbies in the guild so you can go dungeons with non-retards.

We don't boost or protect lowbies from ganking, but gladly share tips that greatly increase survival (where to quest without horde)

Pangoria Fallstar said...

@Mike B: Also, it will be about $20 a month to play there.

InsomniaWalking said...

Every time I read an update it makes me wish I had a toon on the EU servers to move. Is there any chance that something like this is being set up on any US servers?

Anonymous said...

"1) I'll be starting a raw level 1 with no alt help (no transfers possible for me) and no gold. How is the guild working with lowbies to get them leveled up quickly? NOTE: I am a goblin reader and want no handouts, just curious as to help, as that slog to lvl 80 without a RAF or Heirloom gear is L-O-N-G."

Back in 2005 we had no thottbot/wowhead,no heirlooms,no buff in xp taken(20% in a last year patch), no experience in the game whatsoever,near-zero economy, epic mount only when we reached 60(1k gold any1?), extreme longevity in dungeons, many bugs, no questhelper, broken class mechanics, bad itemization, bad talent fillers, tons of fewer quests etc...
However i still remember we had our first 60's with epic mount in 3 weeks since the release of the game!

Unknown said...

For your problem with GDKP mods not doing pot distribution well with replacements, have you considered distributing the pot after every boss kill? I know this obviates the incentive to stay to the end that standard GDKP systems build in, but if you have a group of trusted regulars this might not be an issue for you.

Unknown said...


As an avid reader of your blog, I sincerely hope to have more than 20G when I hit lvl 19!

I understand the "no boosting," but when IG lowbies get ganked/camped and call for help from their "big brothers and sisters," doesn't that lead to great world PvP fights over there? I remember turning STV into Wintergrasp by starting gankfights that would last for hours on my old server.

And I have some great ideas for you, but I'll save them until I can earn gold for them!

Does IG have a website?

Mike B

Phil Ullrich said...

@ Sojourner:

Word earlier in gevlon's posts was that some folks wanted to try a similar effort on Cho'gall.

Have heard no updates.


Phil Ullrich said...

A word about possible US-side version of ganking project.

Cho'gall is 90% horde, as are a number of other servers. There is a guild on Cho'gall, The Resistance, that has, in the past, conducted gank events or coordinated WG efforts. I am unsure of interest in such things currently.