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Friday, March 5, 2010

Worse than zero

Ganking update: we already have 65 accounts and need more. If you are up to some serious ganking, join!

I had my worst instance. Ever. It beats UK HC by a mile where I did 55% of the damage in blue gear in the presence of a full T9 (petless 0/0/71) hunter. It was Wailing Caverns with an OK tank, and a tolerable DPS paladin. The other 2 slots were rotated between hellspawn retards. We couldn't finish it in 2 hours.

The fun thing is that I soloed the same place on lvl 19 and I was lvl 19 with the group. Assuming I did not forget to play in the time between, what the hell could happen? I mean if I can solo it and we add more players, no matter how small their contribution is, we shall finish faster.

And it would be true if "bad player" would simply mean what it says: bad player: someone who is bad in the game mechanics. A petless hunter. A melee mage. A totemless enhancement shaman spamming lightning bolt. A rogue who does not use finishing moves. A restodruid using no hots. A spirit cloth geared warrior.

But what about the 2H wielder tank pulling 4 packs and yelling "FFS YOU N00B HEALER DO YOUR FCKIN JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"? How about the guy who pulls while the healer has 0 mana and spammed a macro "Please don't pull, I need to drink mana or I cannot heal!"? How about the healer who simply does not heal, and claims "if I hit them too, they die fast, I heal you after combat", after repeatedly asked to heal in combat? How about the guy who jumps up and down around spamming "go lol" while others are discussing the strat and in his merry jumping he falls down the edge into a big pack of monsters? How about the guy who must be put to /ignore since he spams the chat with nonsense about some TV show or IRL or whatever in his stoned/wasted mind?

Are the above (and endless other) activities belongs to bad playing?

These people have negative skill, meaning that the group would progress better in their absence than with them. How can it be possible? A game skill cannot be less than zero. You start the game with zero knowledge and you learn. It can only be a positive number.

Because it's not about playing skill. It's about certain IRL human skills that are so obvious to us as breathing or reading. Oh wait, half of the planet is illiterate. When we imagine a complete newbie, we automatically assume he has the human skills needed to do any group activity, like having a functional brain, being able to read (as the communication is written), exchange ideas, listen to reason, share observations, express opinion clearly and don't be abusive.

The filth in that Wailing run definitely lacked these. They were not bad players. They were simply useless people.

Of course a social would say they were just new to the game and lacked the gear to perform better (see anonymous comment at 11:53). Let's boost them more! I say the game is so simple that no one can be bad in it unless he lacks IRL skills. Those who suck are simply worthless people who deserve rejection and exclusion from our groups. Let's give them the greatest possible punishment: force them to be with similar filth. I would love to see 5 such M&S together in an instance. Or trying to produce food for themselves IRL without welfare.

Opps, almost forgot the most important: how can you protect yourself from such beings? Join a decent guild or at least have a friend list of good players. Go to LFD only if there are 3 of you, so you have the kick ability. While LFD still will give you bad players who are carried by you, at least you can kick those who are worse than zero.


Shannara said...

Ive started a facebook group just to list these idiots so people can place them on the ignore list so that the LFD tool doesn't pick them up into the group ..

Wow Wall of Shame

Listed armory (2 so far) of every idiot (waste of life) that we've ran across so far.

Yaggle said...

I learned about these people from the 8 years or so I played Everquest. Good lord, I hope these are not the same people! I started that game excited about joining groups and figuring out how I could contribute. Now I stay to myself and farm my nodes. I live my life vicariously by reading stories from the souls(like you) who are braver than I am to sift through these...... well, should we call them "people"?

Unknown said...

Fortunately, it appears that LFD will have tracking stats added. Their purpose is, as of yet, unknown. So your dream may one day become reality.

Granted, this is Blizzard we are talking about. And the tools could be just as easily warped by 4 twits with a lot of spare time.

Kaaterina said...

I'm not exactly sure what those 'stats' that will be tracked will accomplish.

Blizzard already matches 1 clueless idjit with 4 good people so they carry him though the dungeon. (BLIZZARD PR CRAP: 'HELP' HIM GET BETTER!)

My cynical side says that people who will get repeatedly kicked out of heroics will be matched with people who deny kicking people for absolutely any reason at all (yes, they exist.). Therefore the chance that they will subsequently be kicked is less. (and will not quit the game by being bullied by 'mean' people as they rightly should, or even, god forbid, L2P.)

Although, come to think of it, it's a good idea. Put all 'freindly helpfull pplz' with one another, and let all the 'mean unsocial people' play with one another.

As empiric evidence, I've found out that the vast majority of LFD in which not a single word is spoken (not even hello or bye) are the most competent groups I've seen.

The fact that socials RAGE AND FOAM against them on the forums are a bonus. I still laugh when some terribad guy claims that he'd rather play with "happy fun PPLZ even if we whipe" than with 'elitist morons'.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who would rather group with 'elitist morons' any time of the day? They know how to play and they keep quiet (when I don't suck), and that suits me perfectly.

Anonymous said...

You're describing my average group here.

Most of the time they are retards, get pissed because they die in the fire, and whatever happens, it's not their fault, even if they pulled with an healer OOM. DPS is usually dancing around 300-1200 dps depending on how much raid gear they have.

But, all of that makes it only better if you get a good group. If you clearn an heroic in 10 minutes. If you can kill some trash in the time a boss is animating before the fight starts. If everybody behaves like people, and not totally stupid apes an heroic can't be easier.

That's the bright side of morons, that you know what is good, by being confrontated with the bad. And when you know what is bad, you can call people out for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is obvious, that it is better to 3 man heroic (2.5k dps tank, 1 decent 4-5k dps + healer), than to carry some deep BM petless hunter and 4/5 T9 gemless DK each pulling 900dps and deathgripping extra packs, dying, then going "FFS HEAL!", dead, "OMG! L2TANK!!!1". Or when the hunter has the luxury of pet that pulls half the instance and wipes the group.

A checkbox "[ ] Put me in group with friendly helpful people" in the LFD interface would not hurt :)

Anonymous said...

Why would you spend 2 hours with those beings in the first place? Very ungoblinish.
Just three-man it or at least kick those idiots immediately when you find out about their "negative skill".
Everything else ist just wasting valuable free time.

Anonymous said...

See the thing is there are those idiots out there who think they are so good that they dont know the difference between sucking and not sucking. Ive been kicked out of groups for "being carried" even though I was doing the most dps/damage or could heal a rogue through tanking a fight when the tank has gone down when something like mind control happens. Some people cant tell the difference and still boot people. Only problem I have is people who think they are better than others when they are not and still think they are carrying the one carrying them.

Mike said...

I've run through 100 LFD groups and I've never had any experiences like this at all. I get people doing 1000 dps sometimes, of course, but I don't care that much as along as things go down.

The last time I had a bad group was in Nexus, and the other two dps were doing about 1000 dps. We wiped on the final boss, and I just said, "guys, we need to do more dps". They both brought it up to 1500 and we finished easily.

Are all these idiots just living in Europe?

Anonymous said...

Trouble is identifying under performers. Who makes that judgement. I have a shadow priest and we were doing pos. I had to stop dps several times to help healer next thing i know is 'dps is doing less than tank' and i'm booted.
That sux but I was happy in the thought they were going to be in trouble. Sometimes it is best not to top charts and play sensibly. DPS that grabs aggro is bad, Healing classes not helping heal when main healer is in trouble (oom), DPS not taking mobs from healer etc.
The main thing is the party and the group and the objective. Having a weak tank, poor dps, Poor healer are problems but can be addressed particularly in the lower instances.

Unknown said...

I would love to see 5 such M&S together in an instance.

I think if that happened their conclusion would invariably be that the instance is too hard.

Like the other week when I was doing a normal Nexus run with my priest and a group member exclaims after wiping on Anomalus "OMG he is too hard!!!" even though I explained beforehand that people need to kill the rifts but low and behold no one except the warrior tank actually understood.

People will always blame the encounter, never themselves.

Andrux51 said...

My battlegroup has been absolutely swarming with these people lately. Clocking in around 900 dps and responding with "what?" when I call them out on it, post recount, and demand that they pull up their dps or be kicked. The removal of vote kick timer can't come soon enough.

I always run with at least 2 friends so we can just cycle through the retards until we get usable people.

My favorite incident involving these type of "players" was in a recent ICC-10 run where we pug'd 2 dps who ended up being lower than the tank. I asked them to leave (had to forcefully kick one) before we engaged the boss, as there's no way we would have been able to defeat him with them rather than without them. Unfortunately they got saved by stepping into the dungeon, but the good news is I may have saved another group from their stupidity because of it. True "negative skill" as you put it.

People need to start being honest with themselves and others and knowing whether they are going to be a useful addition to the team or if they just need to play by themselves so they can't hurt anyone by their failure.

Winter Seale said...

You assume that their loserness in WoW carries over to RL, but I dunno, my experience has been that people who are in horrifyingly powerful positions RL can be complete morons in game (or online in general).

It's like the let loose their inner drunk frat boy when they go online or something. I'm talking, 40+ executives chatting in text-speech and behaving like idiots.

These are people who act like adults in RL only because they're forced to, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Calm Down!
Wailing caverns is a low level instance. Perhaps the other players have only been playing wow for 4 hours. Trouble is to get to lvl 19 requires no/very little knowledge or skill. You even get shown where to go/what to do the quests!
Some classes just ooze lazy play.
The older instances I find more interesting than most/all of the newer instances which are so 'linear'. The older ones you could get lost in.

Tonus said...

"I would love to see 5 such M&S together in an instance."

I think that it is predictable. They will fail badly, and each one will insist that he is playing well, but the rest of the group sucks. That is the essence of the bad player, someone who doesn't improve because he is convinced that he is not the weak link.

You will find people like that in real life, they screw up frequently but always blame someone or something else. It was the other driver. It is this lousy steering wheel. This car sucks. The traffic light is conspiring against me. And so on.

I do think that a lot of them are competent in real life but with the less-relevant consequences in video games, they are sloppy when playing. The same type of person that trolls very badly when they are online, because the perceived anonymity makes them feel safe. When there is no real penalty for failing, people line up for the chance to fail, it seems.

Cinnamon said...

I had a similar experience recently in WC..

I'm a long time hordie, and have been in WC a lot. Suffice it to say I know my way around.

I rolled alliance recently and took 2 hours+ to finish a random WC too. Nobody but me actually knew the place, and I went through at least 10 people due to them quitting along the way.

People didn't know the place and due to carelessness regularly made bad pulls.

At the time I attributed the bad run to the alliance being WC-ignorant compared to horde.. but after reading your post I remember that back in the day I had some pretty bad horde runs too.

I pretty much blame careless idiot noobs now.

Not knowing a dungeon is no excuse for failure if you can prevail by simply listening to someone who knows and not being a Leroy Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

These people are the common denominator, and while I am a bit of a social and all for helping out someone who appreciates it and knows they need help (the level 69 rogue in a UK pug, doing less than half the DPS of the tank), I will not support these types of jackasses. I can't. My head would explode.

And DPS isn't even a factor! Jackass Warrior, pulling nearly 6k dps in a pug, but he's pulling ahead of the tank, not waiting for the healer to get mana, bitching when he (dps!) doesn't get more heals than the tank... He's still what I would consider a negative. I would rather 4-man a dungeon with my friends (and lose the 5% buff), than put up with that kind of utter lack of common courtesy. (Or, utter lack of knowing how to do their job!)

@Shannara: <3

Anonymous said...

Hahaha the argument "they were new" is invalid. You can be new and reasonable, or new and stupid.

New and reasonable players will admit they might not know everything, they will listen to advice and try to improve, if they do a mistake they try to avoid it next time, and most of all, if they are dps or a healer, they will stick to the back, not run ahead of the tank. They don't know they way through the instance, they don't want to get lost, so they just follow the "more experienced" people. They will ask for tactics on a boss and follow it.

Stupid people are those "gogog" people who run ahead of tank in random direction and wipe the group. I remember having a cloth-dressed shaman with staff in the wailing caverns who played like that, ran into mobs, meleed them with his staff and yelled at us we didn't save him.

And yes, back in the old days of no LFG I remember doing Blackfathom Deeps, we had 5 people, 2 out of those were annoying as hell, luckily they soon left because "they don't want to spend ages here" and we finished it with 3 more easily than we had with full 5...

Because yeah, I bet when you under-man the instance you don't pull too much. That's the key, it doesn't have to be BFD, did the same in SM Cath later on my Priest and once again in Blood Furnace. They key was always the same. Be cautious. Pull 1 pack at once, away from other mobs. CC if it helps and you can. Help each other.

The reason people wipe is usually assuming "this is easy, we have more manpower and arms power than ever needed to nuke the place down".

It's also a group syndrome, when people stop thinking on their own and just go into mobbing mode (mob in the definition of angry crowd, not game creature).

Tantow said...

Clearly a case of the Dunning-Kruger effect:
- Incompetent individuals tend to overestimate their own level of skill.
- Incompetent individuals fail to recognize genuine skill in others.
- Incompetent individuals fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy.

So when they refuse to take your advice and improve themselves, I'm afraid a kick might be the only good option. Real beginners and/or smart people would appreciate the advice and improve (if that advice is brought to them correctly, not: "OMG nOOb L2P")

Vulpina said...

"I would love to see 5 such M&S together in an instance."

Everyone seems to be commenting on this, but I've actually been in a group like this. I was on my rogue main, and was pulled in to a H:Oc with 4 such M&S. Apparently everyone in the group besides me was expecting to be carried. The tank threw down some half-hearted concecrates, the other two DPS weren't doing anything and the tank was almost dead before the healer did anything. The group broke up wordlessly before the first boss. It was extremely pathetic.

Eaten by a Grue said...

I am kind of with Mike, I have run countless LFD's and have yet to run into even one person this bad. (Petless BM hunter? Melee mage?) I am not sure where you get these people.

Nielas said...

I remember a Deadmines run I did way back when the game came out that worked similar to this. The important difference was that all of us back then truly were new to the game and had no clue what we were doing. However, by the end of it we figured basic tank/healer/dps mechanics and it was one of the best learning experiences I had in the game. We were bad players but we did not want to stay bad and did not sabotage the others in improving.

Learning to make the distinction between someone who is merely 'bad' and a 'saboteur' is one 'life lesson' I will always remember. It was in grade 2 and I was trying out for some track and field team. I was horrible and did not belong anywhere near that sport (ie equivalent of doing 500 dps in H Nexus) but one guy in the group was there primarily to sabotage others. He was not a bad athlete himself but his mere presence lowered the performance of the entire group enourmously (it is hard running as fast as you can when the guy behind you is trying to trip you).

Anonymous said...

Did you have any indication of them being not new to the game (like heirlooms or expensive items/enchants)? I'm asking because I currently level 4 lowbies (resto-druid, hunter, ret-pala and prot-pala) through the LFD and I'd estimate that 70% or all the players I played with had complete heirloom-sets and all runs were smooth (only two arrogant healers that pulled additional mobs to my tank, obviously not knowing that a paladin gets BoS not before lvl31 and Spiritual Attunement not before lvl41 if he purely specs into prot).

If not, think back what you were doing back when your played-time was 1day and your items were of white quality at best.
I know that my first dungeon was BFD when I was lvl25 or so and the experience was so frustrating that I never went into a dungeon again until I hit 57.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't blizzard create content for these players if they were forced to group together? Would this not impact other players in an even more negative way?

Tanelor said...

Actually, it's clear what they would do if there were 5 of them in a single group - blame the healer for failing to keep them alive and/or the tank for failing to keep aggro. In either case one or more people would ragequit after the first wipe. Of course they would never work out that they were all personally to blame.

haylie said...

Gevlon, it's like you read my mind exactly! I'm currently leveling a priest through the LFG system, my first healing character. I cannot even begin to tell you what kind of retarded, moronic, idiotic, illiterate, immature, irresponsible,... people I've come across. Be it tank or DPS, they somehow ALWAYS have a way of screwing things up.

I've seen them all. The tank that rushes through without letting me drink ONE time. The DPS that thinks he's a tank and pulls 6+ mobs at a time and calls me a bad healer (I refuse to heal those who pull when people aren't ready). The tank that can't keep aggro on more than one mob (BUT I'M WARR LOL I DONT HAVE AOE!!!11). The hunter that doesn't buy ammo cause he spent all his money on vanity pets. The 3 rogues spamming recount after every pull and always pulling aggro. The retards that go left when you tell them to go right. The morons that refuse to CC claiming AOE is faster then let running mobs pull the next room. The alts that think these are level 80 faceroll heroics.

So how do I survive? I just stopped caring. I tell the annoying ones they're retards and leave/vote to kick. If I found a good tank, I /w him asking to do more randoms. I spam my "let me drink" macro. I don't heal those who intentionally pull when we aren't ready. I also try to tell people when they're doing something wrong. Sometimes they listen. Most of the times they /lol.

Sadly, none of my friends/guildmates have alts in my level range, and I find questing too tedious, so I'll just have to survive until level 50 or so. It's also my first healing character, so I want to get as most practice as possible. Until then, I always tell myself they're just some drooling retards I don't even know, so no use ruining my day for the likes of them.

I can't wait to be 80. Ugh.

The Gnome of Zurich said...

I still remember when I was first going through northrend, doing one of the dragonblight group bosses with my wife. I think it was kreug. She was a tree and I was a mage. I've since soloed all of these with my protadin at level, but this was a challenge for us because we didn't have a tank or even a pet-tank. There was a hunter around in the area who wanted that boss also, so we figured extra dps couldn't hurt even if they sucked, right?

Well three or four wipes later due to them having absolutely no clue how to either kite, or use their pet as a tank, plus pulling random extra mobs into the fight, then feigning death right next to my wife -- it was clear we were wrong.

We finally sat the guy down and said "Ok, why don't you just sit over here, don't touch the boss and whatever you do, just sit here and don't aggro anything, and we'll see if we can do this ourselves, ok?" Fortunately, this guy was actually reasonable enough as a human being to accept this rather harsh assessment of his playing skill, and we downed the boss without too much trouble.

Yes, we were social enough to carry the moron, but we also made a point to him. It's pretty clear that your play is worse than useless when you plus two people wipe all over the place, but those two people alone can beat the fight once you just sit your ass down and stop making it harder.

we had the exact same experience in WC leveling horde on our main (alliance) server. Her ele shammy, and my prot warrior probably could have, slowly and carefully, done WC at lvl 20 in non-twink gear without too much trouble. Certainly it woudl have been trivial to do it with another healer or dps who was useful.

But it was hard to get through it with other people. My favorite was people pulling groups and then telling me "just tank goddamn it" on my lvl 20 warrior. Oh yeah, I have *so* many ways to generate rage and threat when mobs aren't attacking me on a lvl 20 warrior.

This was before LFD, and after a few of these experiences we basically refused to run anything unless one of us was leader and could kick.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.The arguement that they were new is valid. People are comparing them to people in endgame content. Is that fair?
In the article someone with a large amount of cash >6000g and alot of experience is saying I did so much more dps. Is that fair?
Experience and equipment make alot of difference. The lvl 19 characters will get better people who mess up endgame content have proved they are unable to.
+30 sp chest,crusader, fiery, etc do help low level characters as do hierlooms. These all require gold/experience.
Also the game also only balances at the endgame so is it fair that a good player could under perform a bad one solely upon the class he chose.
But I do not think the group could have been has bad as indicated. Because why continue with such a group.
A hunter without a pet must not have done the quest (if u still have to?) I'm sure after he had been told how to do it he would go rushing to do it to get a pet.
A healer dpsing even at higher levels that is possible but not at the cost of healing the tank or was he using a wand inbetween heals. At low levels all classes functions are to dps. A lvl 19 does not spec to heal.
The fact is they are learning to group and do instances. It is way too early to call the failures does anyone know whether they listened to any advice given. no!
To be inexperienced and badly equipped at lvl 19 is not a cardinal sin they have huge potential to improve unlike people at lvl 80.

Isac said...

In my opinion Blizz could do a quest each ten levels, and by so making you learn some of the most basic stuff, one quest where a experienced player would just burst thtought it and a new player get's to learn more about the class they are playing. Kinda a hard solo mob where you would have to use all the skills of a class to make it trought and only after its completed let you lvl up to 10/20/30 and so on. But then again it will mess up Bliz € as the M&S would probably get to 9 get stuck on the quest and quit.

Just a random idea.

Andrux51 said...

I can't believe people are defending the obvious morons in the blog post as "probably just new".

If people are new but interested in learning how to play the game, they won't continue to suck for 2 hours after being schooled by an experienced player.

@Anonymous 17:54 - If a Hunter doesn't have a pet by level 10 or MAYBE 12, they missed the entire point of the class. The trainer who even a new player should realize to make a habit of visiting has a quest starting at level 10 that appears as an exclamation mark over his head and now even on the mini-map.

The people that the post refers to are complete retards who can't figure anything out for themselves yet still expect to be treated with respect.

There's a huge difference between people who just wander into a game without caring about it and people who actually want to know how to play. The former have absolutely no business in a group setting, and should be honest with themselves about their mental ability.

Krytus said...

Im pretty sure that WC is not the best option to rank player abilities. Probably WC could be the first instance in your life if you are truly new to the game. Every lower instance would be a "walk in the park" for an experienced player no matter the gear. However I recall that in my first dungeon I didnt have the slightest idea of the simplest game mechanics (tank, healer, DPS) or the abilities of any other class.

Unknown said...

"New people ask for boss strategy"

I can see the problem here, as where elitist jerks (not goblins) just auto-kick anyone that does not know the fight. The fear of asking/revealing your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

LOL sometimes it goes beyond people needing friends who play or w/e to be able to play better...

I got an RL friend of mine to play the game... he decided to roll a warlock because my main is a warlock, and he decided he really liked demonology, etc. I even give him a leveling spec to use. So here he is at level 68, telling me that his dps is 800, and he's so happy with himself, etc. I'm thinking, "what is this shit?" and I ask him what spec he's running. He launches into a spiel about how he *really* liked demonology but he thought that the affliction tree was cool, too, so he was putting points into both. I told him to go respec, and after he whines to me about how he liiiiikes his spec etc, he finally does. I get a message from him the next day that "omg my dps went up so much!" He's now doing 1k at level 69.

He thinks he'll be able to do ICC when he hits 80. He has a rude awakening in front of him.

Anonymous said...

Some of the responses here are laughable....

What was I doing when I had less than 1 day of played time on my account and was in a group? I sure as monkeypoop wasn't hopping up and down and telling other people in my group how to do their job. I wasn't thinking that my skill was better than everyone elses'.

Reading comprehension, or a little more experience with the sheer rudeness of Internet Anonymity really needs to happen here.

Gevlon is OBVIOUSLY not talking about "new" players. He's talking about people who are so rude or stupid that the game world is better off without them. They negatively impact the things they touch.

There's NOTHING about comparing them with end game leveled people (though, when you start this way in WC, most of them end up just the same in UK).

RFC. Clothwearing Paladin Tank. I'm healing on a level 16 shaman. Really no big deal, but I have 1 spell and a small mana pool. I've talented to do what I can. He pulls several mobs beyond what he can control. We only survive because two of the DPS in the group know how to assist and get the job done. When it is suggested "Could you pull fewer mobs? I can't heal you if I run out of mana." "lol l2heal we're fine"

See? I started out nice, instead of jumping on him and saying "learn to tank"...

The two good DPS and myself both left, after the third time he pulled this stunt. He was unwilling to listen to any kind of input. I am willing to bet that he ends up a deleted character, or ends up behaving like that on through endgame.

Some guild will pick him up. Somewhere along the line, he'll go Retribution, and he'll do just enough to skate through. When someone criticizes him, he'll reply "lol we lived". If you haven't seen this behavior, I want to know where you live, so I can come there and escape it too.

The Gnome of Zurich said...

I agree with Avaryse. this is not because people are new.

I remember being new, and I did lots of stupid things, but if someone experienced was there, the run would work. They would tell us what to do, and we would mostly do it. Maybe fuck up this or that and misunderstand things, but then get better.

The problem is people who *aren't* new, but somehow are just as ignorant as new people about what to do. But unlike real newbies, they don't apologize for fuckups and *want* polite advice/instruction. No, they want to tell everyone else what to do and ignore instructions even though they have no more game skill than the person on their first character at lvl 19 who has never read a guide or been tutored by a friend.

New, I can deal with.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Bill Hicks "Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then remember that 50% of people are stupider than that."

Anonymous said...

I love the humor laced into this post and the comments.

One guy said it right and I'll relate; my first instance was Dire Maul. I only went because there was a Hunter quest to get a trinket in the library (as I recall). I followed! I was the last to shoot and didn't initiate anything. It was totally fun to run with others and soon I was addicted.

I heal heroics a lot. I enjoy it. Now I'm glad that I can heal through almost any bad group. Having read the comments in this posting, we've met them all.

Chastity said...

Speaking as an avowed social player I just thought I'd say that hyperbole aside I pretty much agree with all of this. As the Goblin observes, people who are this much of a drag factor aren't bad at the game, they're just *dickheads* and there's nothing us socials hate more than a dickhead.