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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Darkfall of Maghteridon

We will be cruel to the fanboys, and through our cruelty, they will know who we are.
And the fanboys, will be sickened by us.
And the fanboys, will talk about us.
And the fanboys, will fear us.

The idea I wrote about non-consensual PvP needs verification, and here it comes. Since I have my blue gear completely and my gold coffers also need no further stockpiling, the blue project needs no more attention from me than participating the raids and promoting new raiders. So in this free time I will start another project.

You might heard of the realm EU-Maghteridon. It was the home of Ensidia, but they departed due to lag. Ensidia is (or was before saronite bombs) the world first guild. Their presence drawn huge amount of idiotic fanboys. This lead to a 1:10-20 alliance:horde ratio. In a PvP realm it means insane ganking. "Stormwind under attack" 24/7, and not just achievement raids, but small groups of 80-es, "for the lulz".

The alliance side is practically dead. I found 70-90 people online on the whole alliance side in prime time. Most of them are lowbies. Ally raiding is non-existent. The AH has 30 pages (horde side: 470), only 200 glyph listed (horde side: 3000). Many common items are missing on the AH, the existing ones are terribly overpriced. Horde can transfer away for free.

I had a project (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) on this dead realm once, proving that one can successfully make gold even there. Luckily I still have 6K gold, I'll put it to good use. It's time for a much larger and nastier operation: I will start an alliance PvP guild on the server. And not some "fair competition" guild that does premade BG-s and organize arena matches (though we will do that for gear).

We are going to gank the horde of the server. We will fight the 1:15 ratio. We will turn the horde's gankfest into alliance gankfest. We bring Darkfall for WoW players. And not to some random players, but to the worst kind. The fanboys and to those who rolled on a horde dominated server to gank the 15 times overwhelmed alliance.

I love missions that seem to be impossible to the naysayers. The goal is to make enough hordies to take on Blizzard's offer and transfer away, closing the free transfer. The progression of the whole project can be seen in the ally:horde ratio. Is it possible? Remember twixt! He alone made huge stir on the servers he played. Imagine the impact of a couple-hundred-sized PvP-guild!

The individual progression is tracked by honorable kills in the outside world. It's written in the statistics page of the armory. But here is a catch, that makes it a challenge and not just another grind: every world PvP death counts as -20 kills. Deaths are measured on the statistics/PvP/Total deaths from other players - statistics/deaths/battlegrounds. Someone could write a script to automatize this calculation, or even better, an addon that makes a toplist. Why make "death penalty"? Because if the enemy kills and dies, it's just PvP and won't convince them to take the free transfer, so we must kill and kill and kill and not die. This will make them feel helpless and go away.

I also hereby challenge all "heplfull freindly ppl" to defend the "innocents" from our "evil griefing". Transfer to horde or roll there and fight back. After the guild is formed, I will post on the realm forums, challenging the hordies openly. We won't just appear as full geared lvl 80 raids, they will have the chance to gank us into the ground as lowbies.

What do I want to prove? The following things:
  • I want to disprove Tobold that it's "lack of fairness" that keeps people away from PvP. It's their lack of will to play. They want to get easy status symbols to show off. And they cry like a baby and quit if it gets hard or their sub-par performance is not enough. As PvP cannot be nerfed (as the enemy is also a player), they want welfare-PvE games.
  • I want to prove that the M&S - even in huge numbers - can be defeated, since they are a class, but not a group. A class is a bunch of similar people or things (like the priest class). A group acts together, has common goals. One M&S doesn't give a damn if another one is ganked. Their "help each other" idea is a lie. They mean "working people, help me". They give nothing. They help no one. They are leeches. While the horde will outnumber us greatly, we will outnumber the horde players. And we won't even encounter them that much, after all we can't go gank to ICC25 or the arena where the players are. The horde M&S is just trash, killing 10x more is not harder, just longer.
  • I want to prove that the socials, despite their big mouth will not help the ganked hordies. They will whine and yell and moan and QQ and write blog posts about ethics and how horrible person I am, but they won't do anything. No one will stand and fight!
  • Finally I want to see how can we make a market of items where currently there is none. We can't just make money via buy-low-sell-high, since there is no one to sell low and buy high. The alliance AH is dead. I want to prove that goblinish business ideas are not only ripping of M&S, it's also offering useful services. We will revive this server.
If you want to get in, roll a character and find Gevlon (online mostly every day somewhere between 18:30 and 20:00). I'll inv everyone, "member" promotion is after a BG premade run, where you shall prove not that you can kill a random punk (the ICC trash does it any day of the week on "LFM ICC reprun NEED 5200+ GS"), but you can do your role, defend a position, support/decurse/save teammates. Gkick for those who spam nonsense, speak childish (lol, pwned, owned, ...), or constantly fail in world PvP.

I give 20G to everyone at lvl 19, it's not much, but enough to buy some vendor bags (no cloth in the AH), pay your training and mount. You can transfer some lowbie, but no lvl70+. You can roll DK of course. Let's give the fanboys a chance to stop us before we reach full strength. We will accept lvl 80-es after we have 20+ 80-es ourselves. If you want to transfer, don't just bring gold, rather bring half of your wealth in tradeskill materials. If you are not in the EU and still want to participate, you have to buy an EU account. You may not have to buy the hard copy of the game files, read what Aeonus wrote in the comment section to modify your files. Time zones does not matter, you can gank any time you want. You may miss the huge raids, but there is plenty of blood for you too! Roll any class/spec you like!

The "member" and "ganker" ranked players will form war parties (lead by a "ganker" if available) and bring death and destruction to the fanboys who dare to venture into the outside world to farm, do dailies, or whatever nonsense they waste their time with instead of playing competitive PvE or PvP. And of course the crown jewel: wintergrasp, taken and held from the hordies. They are so used to having WG that at first they won't even understand why can't they get into VoA. How can one be promoted to "ganker"?

"Each and every men under my command owes me one thousand fanboy scalps.
And I want my scalps"

Disclaimer: Blizzard says "Actions that would typically be considered "dishonorable" are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by our Game Master (GM) staff", "GMs will only involve themselves in extreme or excessive circumstances". You can't get honor for killing lowbies and players under the effect of honorless target and resurrection sickness buffs. They are not meant to be killed and - I assume - excessive killing them can result GM action. Players giving honor reward meant to be killed by Blizzard as they reward us for killing them.

PS: why don't I go to arena? Because there are other PvP players there and I see no reason fighting them. Nothing to prove there. I want to fight socials and prove they can't fight back, despite their vast numbers and superior gearscore.

Hot tip from a commenter: roll gnomes if possible. Hordies consider it very shameful and offending to be killed by a gnome.

Business suggestion: have at least one gathering profession. There are simply no tradeskill materials in the AH to level a crafting prof.


Unknown said...

Cho'gall tried this, not long ago.

They failed. Miserably.

As honourable (HA!) as your goal is, it is in vain. You are effectively trying to educate people as to the nature of PvP. You, of all people, should know that the people you're trying to educate do not want to learn. They are sneering, snivelling blood elves, who rolled because the numbers are on their side. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Malexd said...

This will be fun. Good thing you chose my server, we shall have our war.

Btw, there has been some good resistance from the alliance at times, but I think the last PvP guilds moved away. Anyway, the alliance have little trouble taking Wintergrasp when they really want to, I have seen it happen several times.

Glyph, the Architect said...

Sounds like the best idea ever. Sounds like an idea I could stand to implement on my own server, where we only hold VOA on Tuesday night at 7, when the three or so major progression guilds show up and take it by force.

Kaaterina said...

Good luck with that. WG is DESIGNED so that superior numbers and high gearscore wins the game.

Mag is a full server and as such, any reasonably high PvP activity will mean insane lag which makes all PvP there an AoE fest which greatly advantages the defender.

Even worse, workshops are held by numbers, not by kills. 10 players can hold a workshop indefinetly against an inferior numbered enemy, if only by the lemming train from the GY conveniently located 10 yds away from the workshop. Add lag into that and you'll find out why killing a lemming train is harder than it looks.

No numbers = No sieges = No VoA.
A task worthy for Sisyphus.

Unknown said...

Just wondering here, but how many people did you get the join the undergeared project, I'd expect similear results with this.
Also you were somewhat unclear, as with your undergeared project you were being as fair as posible (new classes, bad raid setup, no vent(?)). However on this you are saying that you're basicly wanting to crush the horde, would you require/expect/use the above setups?
Either way how big of an impact would timezones be?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned EU client, where would you get this? I was undewr the impression that you changed tabs at the realm selection screen, but its all US still

isnarn said...

you dont mention dk's? would they be accepted if so im in.

Unknown said...

That is, indeed, most brilliant and evil plan i read in a long time, shame that i now level toon at Arathor, so i can start raiding undergeared, i'd want to attend this project too...

Larísa said...

Yay! Go, go, go! I wish I was a PvP:er. I really love your Mission impossible approach to things. May the force be with you, Gevlon!

Armond said...

If I still had a subscription, I might be tempted to roll horde. Of course, you wouldn't like that, because I'd be a player instead of a member.

Purplezorlak said...

If anyone wants to try this in a US server, count me in.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna transfer:)
BOA items allowed I assume? The Wintergrasp BOA items even have some resilience on them.

Too bad I haven't played any allience so far. Now I'm gonna have to figure out a class to play.

But I like the idea. Let's see what morons can do against some serious people.

Ladron de la Noche said...

How is that evil? You're making a PvP guild on a PvP server to engage in world PvP... isn't that the entire purpose of those servers?

I do wish I had some free time, this sounds like it could be fun.

Anonymous said...

My main rogue is sitting doing nothing. I am an evil ganker but I am level 80. If you decide that you want a few level 80's to start being really nasty, (and rogues are very, very good for this purpose), let me know and I will happily transfer.

Seth said...

As you've seen, I didn't even have enough time for undergeared lvling (with work, school and my own raiding guild) So it saddens me that my warlock can't attend this project

Purplezorlak said...

If we want to replicate this in a US server, looks like mal'ganis is the target. 7.7 horde to 1 ally ratio.

Unknown said...

This, will be extremely fun, I am actually in your Blue Geared project but I'm inactive due to a recent change of mind about PvP and
PvE(that I find PvE rather boring now).

Gevlon said...

@Anonimous: Yes, BoA (and all gear) are available.

@thenoisyrogue: Sorry, no lvl 80 (or anly lvl 70+). But if you want to start a new rogue, he is more than welcome.

We may open for lvl80 transfers after we have 20+ 80-es ourselves. You may transfer your 80 now, but can't join. Of course you can stay your 80 near your low level to gank those who gank him.

@Larísa: how about becoming one? Arcane mages are extremely good for PvP (have you tried Barrage-PoMPyro-Barrage on the move?)

You overcame every challenge you set. Why not do something new?

Anonymous said...

I don't have the time to level another 80 while still dedicating time to the undergeared project. But I like the idea of being a gank-fest terror to that server. I might transfer and start doig this and then you can invite me when the time is right.

Uya said...

By all coincidence I have a level 69 paladin, who I just have to transfer!
Only bad thing is that I am in GMT+8 :(

Nils said...

Mmh. very nice idea, but .. socials nowadays just stay in Dalaran and use dungeon teleport.. If you're lucky they use a flying mount ...

The WoW world is empty. And Blizzard wanted it this way.

Gevlon said...

@Uya: time is not a problem. It' not like a raid where everyone must present at the same time. You can gank with 1-2 other people online.

@Nils: There is no gold in Dalaran or in the dungeons. They still need gold for repairs, and also tradeskill materials. If they stay in Dalaran, we will gank the goldfarmers. That will kill the horde just as good. Imagine 100G/stack saronite!

They can exist without going out, but they will have no food, gems, enchants, repair money or flasks.

Quicksilver said...

hahahaha... awesome...

still, I see no point in restricting it to leveling characters. Level 80s could be just as good and they will speed up the progress of your project.

By what you have learned in your undergeared experiment, leveling a char to 80 is an obstacle some dont surpass.

Anonymous said...

This looks interesting but you seem to set wrong goals. Here's what I predict will happen:

* you will, of course, be able to kill lots and lots of Hordies,
* you might get some moaning from the ganked on the forums, but probably not a lot,
* you will absolutely not be able to change the Alliance:Horde ratio.

Three first bullets in your bullet list are quite obvious and don't have to be proved (well, Tobold has a different opinion on #1, I will give you that). The remaining fourth point is not interesting. You will not be able to "revive" this server, at least if by that you mean getting the ratio to, say, 70:30.

That said, please go for it. PVP and teamwork is great fun, and you will have lots to report on, with screenshots! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, looking at your replies, Gevlon, you will absolutely *not* be able to lock the Horde down to Dalaran and their cities. You seriously underestimate the amount of effort this requires. (Yes, I know what I am talking about.)

I am all for setting big goals, but if you are aiming to lock the Horde to their cities for any significant proportion of the time (say, 50%), you might as well aim to become a billionaire in a month. That just won't happen. You won't make a dent in prices on the Horde's AH either.

caerphoto said...

Ooohoohooo, I like the sound of this, and it gives me a use for my level 58 rogue who's been gathering dust for 6 months. I shall transfer him tonight!

Quicksilver said...

@Anonymous @09:35

I agree with you. Its a really demanding task. I reckon that in order to be even close to the goal you must have a strike force of at least 5 players(in good pvp gear) on each popular zone.

Plus, flying mounts make ganking even harder as the player being ganked can just fly away to another place.

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: as I absoultely *cannot* raid in blues?

Nothing is impossible.

BaD SPLeR said...

I am very tempted to join, though I feel that I'd only be able to join if I was allowed to roll a deathknight, would this be ok? I haven't ever leveled one before, I'm not big on leveling new toons, only have one 80 and slowly getting my second with only a few levels left.

Unknown said...

I don't understand others' concerns about players sitting in Dalaran in a solitary shell. Don't tell me you can't get the attention of the other faction if you want.

Someone fancy setting up a forum for this maybe?

Amithrar (Doomhammer, EU) said...

Good idea and PERFECT location. I have a L53 Druid already on Magtheridon (Anileth) that I havn't touched in a while. Druid would be the class I'd pick for this at any rate. Might give it a go, see how it pans out.

Anonymous said...

Downing a boss in blues is far simpler than ganking enough Horde for hours day in and day out so that you are noticed, yet alone contended with enough to change the faction ratio. That's grinding at its worst, more so than getting an old HWL title. Try it...

Anonymous said...

I'm all for this and would like to take part. I find it really disappointing to read all the comments saying "it can't be done". At least Gevlon TRIES to reach his goals, instead of the many here who seem to give up before even attempting once.

Let the games begin!

Zach said...

Damn, things like this really make me wish I were on an EU server... perhaps it is time to pick up a 2nd account and get up and running on EU servers... hmm - well - good luck with it Gevlon - love the idea!

gandzo said...

Leveling as alliance again would be too tedious, but if the project lasts 'till Cataclysm release, i'll most likely join (though leveling through only BG's is also an option, even if it would give me shitload of negative points :))

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous from 9:27, 9:35 and 10:40 (yes, time to get a real name). To the Anonymous at 10:46:

As I said, I would really like Gevlon to go for this, it should be great fun regardless of whether or not he will achieve his goals.

There's, however, nothing particularly audacious about setting unrealistic goals. That Gevlon seriously talks about altering the faction balance or locking down the Horde to their cities shows his ignorance, not his braveness. Again, I know what I am talking about. Join Gevlon and see how it will play out. In a month (or whatever time period you will deem to be long enough for that), come back to this thread and re-read what I said. You will see my predictions come true. You will be fighting to get noticed.

A couple of realistic goals which one might want to consider:

* successfully raiding all Horde cities on a set day and time of the week, every week, for as long as you can manage,
* winning Wintergrasp 5 times in a row (quite doable with the Tenacity buff),
* denying the Horde a holiday achievement that involves traveling to an Alliance outpost or old raid (eg, a particular Elder) for 5 to 6 hours, in prime time on Sunday,
* denying the Horde access to Icecrown Citadel for any number of hours, in prime time on Wednesday (start with ToC),
* denying the Horde access to the "Threat from Above" quest for an extended period of time on a particular day of the week,
* locking down Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord and Dragonblight for the evening (be sure to gank on the graveyards),
* mind controlling Hordies with a priest and running into packs of mobs, or throwing Hordies from elevated places, with the intent of them losing gold on repairs,
* mind controlling Hordies and teleporting them into Alliance cities for public execution (RP, choose members of well-known guilds, bring lots of CC).

Some of the above goals sound more evil than others, it's up to you as to how far you'd like to go. :-) All goals are aimed at getting attention as that's the only thing you can realistically do. All are fun.

Every time - take screenshots, provide colorful comments, post on forums.

Good luck.

Gevlon said...

There has been a bug or I pressed the wrong button and censored some comments. Sorry for either case. I try to remember the answers for their comments and write here:

- Of course DKs are allowed.
- To have an EU client, you have to buy a new WoW game with "EU" on the box. Maybe Blizzard store in sells it too.

@Mongarver: No it wouldn't give you negative. If you read the article, it says that BG kills/deaths (that are listed on the statistics screen) do not count.

Guderia said...

I will make a character on for your project when i come home after work.

Sadly I cannot afford to transfer any of my lowish level alts at the moment.

One little idea though; Have as many people as possible roll gnomes.
They M&S fanboy brigade will surely take offense to be ganked over and over by a horde of gnomes!

Quicksilver said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fun to creat a rogue/druid team?

I can imagine myself the fear of the Hordies when they are walking somewhere, and out of nowhere 10 rogues and druids appear, stun them and gank them to death.

Looks awesome to me. Especially when the rogues are not even half of their size.

gandzo said...

Sigh, need to learn to read more carefully. And gnome mage you say, interesting. Or maybe even finally learn to play a DK?

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, what proffessions are better for PvP, same as raiding, BS/JC? Imagine it hard do, with empty AH and insane prices. Maybe mining/JC first. And why your DK is tailor, to make bags?:)
Rolling gnome DK this evening:D

Gevlon said...

@Last anonymous: I added a line to the text suggesting at least gathering prof.

My DK is crafting bags and will not be my PvP char.

Flamelion said...

I'm considering applying as a mage, but I think arena is good fun and I wonder if it will be allowed in the guild? Even though you stated that you don't want to do arena.

Gevlon said...

@Flamelion: of course. It's not the guild focus, but you can do it, just like instances or raids.

Tenko said...

Bah... too bad I don't have an EU client. This looks a lot of fun, and I already have a good amount of experience in PVPing as a rogue. I'd love to roll the classic pink pigtailed gnome and down some horde fanboys.

Anonymous said...

I think coordinated attacks to kill auctioneers/bankers/flight masters in all cities would get attention quickly.

It would be even better if you funded the whole project by selling cross faction vanity items like pets to fanboys you are killing.

Anonymous said...

I seriously like this idea.

Here is another pro tip you could add to your list at the bottom of the post:

Refer a Friend (yourself) and just keep a char from that new trial account with you while doing quests, killing stuff on your way to level 24. You will get 3x XP for this all the way to level 24.

Costs nothing, just need to have one extra WoW-window up on your computer.

(If you want, you can install some sort of multiboxing software to control both characters. It's fairly easy to do, but a bit to much to get into here in this comment)

Good luck with the project!


Anti said...

as for US servers i'd suggest Cho'gall or Thaurissan (oceanic)

Thaurissan was H10 : 1A last time i checked. even after free alliance only pve -> pvp server xfers. (before pve -> pvp xfers were allowed wholesale).

zi said...

Meeeh. Gevlon, face it. The Alliance side on the server is dead. In the end you will be annoyed and you will quit (Not saying it is impossible, But it will be... hard.)
But at the other hand, everyone says something like that when you're trying something diffierent.
Good luck with it.

Jack Shot said...

It is an interesting idea. I'm not certain though, that it can succeed.

You can teach idiots to mash buttons in a certain order (raiding), but you cannot teach people to think if they don't want to. And for mass PvP, you need to be able to think to succeed.

However, you may succeed anyway, simply by the magnitude of the challenge, encouraging others who can think to show up.

Certainly you are to be commended for not seeking the easy path. That way lies stagnation. I will follow this project with some interest. While I have no interest in rolling alliance on any server, I find myself wishing for your success.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you afraid that with all the publicity you won't even be able to level? A level 80 moron can still easily gank a skilled level 20...

Greenhell said...

Good luck on your new project Gev. A few months ago I made a toon on Cho'gall (US) because that server faces the same dilemma. Unfortunately it seemed the Alliance guilds that formed to put an end to it were just a gang of socials and epeen strokers or just never enough toons on to do anything. For the Alliance.

Willowbear said...

I really love this idea. Gotta hand it to you G. When I run into whiners about not having the gear to do X I gladly point out the clearing of Ulduar in blues. This sounds like another impossible scenario to beat. Something more to throw in the face of the whiners that constantly complain about losing WG to the horde.

@Anonymous 11:41:
Great comments, points and I love some of those suggestions. Is this:

.* mind controlling Hordies and teleporting them into Alliance cities for public execution (RP, choose members of well-known guilds, bring lots of CC).

really possible? This has enormous RP cache. We have this one horde belf paladin that terrorizes Stormwind and it's AH constantly. Would love to teleport her to Ironforge or Dalaran into the arms of a 'torture' squad. And to all of you who say that what Gevlon has proposed won't be noticed, you are dead wrong. Everyone knows the name of that Paladin. That pally even forced me to move my AH/Banker alt to Exodar so I wouldn't have to deal with the constant deaths of the auctioneers.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for a bunch of LolHordeloL joiners, but I hope that it works because I too am on an under populated faction that is outnumbered 7 to 1. Lucky for us it is a Pve server and the biggest problem is getting vehicles to the walls of Wg - and the CC chain even with 20 stacks of tenacity. Wg is designed for the higher populated faction, but you can get in a win once in a while if you catch them on an off night. Also, training people how to Pvp since most of them think they can charge into 20-1 odds without a plan. One thing that works well is start with 8 cats and the rest of the team on foot to take down defenses - those that die get siege engines and take down the walls - unfortunately siege vehicles are not really affected by tenacity as players are so they are the weak link in the chain and must be protected all the way to voa. Good luck.

Aeonus said...


You can fix it by changing a simple file in your WTF folder.

In the folder
World Of Warcraft\Data\enUS you will find a file titled

Open this with your favourite text editor.

Change anything with "us" to EU.

Here's an example text.

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal eu

The Don said...

Damn. I got super excited for a second. My original server was Maghteridon,but US side.This sounds fun. Wish I didn't have to buy an EU account or I'd join in for some Disco support.

Are there any real efforts being made on US servers? I wouldn't mind doing this with an actual PvP guild, ie stfu in gchat unless you have something intelligent to say.

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous from 11:41 (yeah, I know, I am stuck for the rest of this thread).

Mind controlling Hordies and teleporting them into Alliance cities for public execution is absolutely possible. We did it more than once.

Our first attempt at this was repeatedly mind-controlling a level 80 tauren warrior and dragging him from the edge of Elwynn Forest (he was fleeing after having desecrated a fire) into Stormwind by walking. This consumed half an hour. Thankfully, he was man enough to play the hand he has been dealt and was repeatedly trying to escape (and later, kill himself) instead of just logging off. We dragged him to the square in front of the cathedral, gathering a large crowd, which came to look at a "a fearful beast of the Horde, alive, but in chains", then executed him. Me and several others saluted his death and prayed on his dead body.

Love RP...

Anonymous said...

It was the home of Nihilum. Ensidia was the name of that merge between Nihilum and someone else.

World PvP really just doesn't exist anymore and I am from the battlegroup Magtheridon is in and it's not a fun one.

Probably best to try Emeriss.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, in TBC I was ranked 1 on my realm in 2v2 and 3v3 arena and was well known, I took a group of stealthers to ironforge pretty much daily and used to terrorize anyone who had pvp on and post screenshots on the realm forums to berate those I killed, I also offered a reward for killing me to get more action and started what we called "the assisination game"

The aim was that you got a "hit" target usually from a friend of a player on IRC and they would send me gold through the neutral AH to kill their friend and take a screenshot to put on the realm forums.

The Alliance then retaliated, I kept /pvp on at all times no matter what I was doing and we had a constant state of madness in ironforge/Ogg as alliance and horde parties of stealthers attacked people while they collected things from the AH or left BG's

Karial said...

Makes me wish I had an EU account. Also makes me think about my own complains on my US server that there's just too many horde.

Good luck with this, I'll be reading to see how it goes.

Mike said...

Changing that file seems to work for the client, but you still need an EU account to log in. Or is there something I'm missing?

Yaggle said...

Good luck. It sounds like it will be very challenging. I predict you will succeed in the end and the ally auction house will be overflowing with wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

ok m8 you want to come to maggy and kill us all....
do sooo... i want to see that...
but keep in mind how cool your reform of the bastard text is, we are not a bunch of dumb nazi´s

you will come... you will die... you will leave...

Orithia, Player vs. Pillar Magtheridon EU

Tegoelf said...

Sir I salute you and your effort, may you bring death to many while seeing few fall. Makes me wish I had an EU account

Patricio said...

If the evil thought you have in mind with mages is air ganking, combat rogues are very good at it too.

Aabrahm said...

"ok m8 you want to come to maggy and kill us all....
do sooo... i want to see that...
but keep in mind how cool your reform of the bastard text is, we are not a bunch of dumb nazi´s

you will come... you will die... you will leave...

Orithia, Player vs. Pillar Magtheridon EU"

Big words, good thing you posted anonymously huh?

Taemojitsu said...

1) Yes, gnomes are awesome
2) sparta lol
3) Please encourage frapsing of world PvP battles for later editing & release

Haomarush was considered the 'world PvP' server of US original WoW, but they didn't really have a defined goal. Whereas you do.

evil plan was worth waiting for.

Enthion said...

I am interested and I want it to succeed, but why do you expect higher participation when undergeared is stuck running 10 mans?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to try something like this on (US) Mal'Ganis alliance side. I've always been Horde there but when the PvP server faction restrictions were removed I transfered a human warrior there.

We haven't had WG in weeks as far as I'm aware.

Purplezorlak said...

Well gevlon, I've placed my money where my mouth is and got a new EU account. As I upgraded from a trial account, the communication in my toon will still be handicapped for 72 more hours, after that I'll contact you to join the guild.

For the ones that want to get a EU account and already have a US account, go to wow-europe site, get a trial account, when you are asked for your email account, use the same one of your us battlenet and it will redirect you to eu.battlenet to get the trial account, then upgrade it and you'll be able to download the EU version of WoW.

I tried changing those settings in the file someone mentioned before and got a version error when trying to logon, so you have to download the EU client.

Before installing the EU client, rename your current WoW folder, or the installer won't do anything. Install on a differently named folder, then rename your US WoW folder to it's original name.

I made a NElf rogue, and leveled it a little. I might roll a gnome mage as you suggest, it's the same for me as I haven't played any of those 2 classes before, so it will make the leveling a little less boring.

No pink pony tails for me BTW.

Kaaterina said...

This whole Idea still seems to me like the two step plan to stop world hunger.

1) End world hunger.


2) Grow more food.

Your goal of reviving Mag alliance side (ending world hunger) is vague, non-specific, and unmeasurable. Your method of doing it (growing more food) is roughly right, but ignores all, and I mean ALL kinds of logistical problems.

Also, you're planning to starve an entire faction? REALLY? I thought you were being realistic, not silly. What does a character need? Gear, enchants and gems. What does a character might want but can be put on hold? Flasks and pots. What is Luxury? Everything else.

Gear is raid-gotten. Save from VoA, everything else is not dynamic.

Enchants can (and often are) be gotten SOLELY from dungeon drops.

Gems can be bought for BG honor.

Gold is inconsequential. Enough gold for repairs can be gotten from 10-manning BT or something else every week.

How, pray tell, are you going to 'starve' anyone? Short of anyone who levels alts all day, or does nothing BUT daily quests or gathering circuits, your exercise will do nothing. (Scratch that, druid herbalists are practically ungankable.)

You want success with this project, start small. Set CLEAR goals (saw some nice ones in comments) not outlandish 'revive alliance' and 'starve horde' propaganda. Both of them are unmeasurable. You may be content with no proof of progress towards your goals, but many, many, MANY of your guild roster will not.

I have no doubt that 100 Gevlons could make a difference. Unfortunately, getting 100 Gevlons together is the hard part.

Anonymous said...

One player can seriously upset a faction. I give you Angwe.

Imagine what a bunch of these could do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how practical it would be to try to shut down the Horde auction houses on that server?

4 Capital cities you hae to raid at once, ganking 4-5 NPC's that respawn every 10mins or so?

Probably doable with a decent core of experienced pvp'ers.

Anonymous said...

Man, seeing Larissa is in is making this a very tempting proposition for myself. why can't you EU guys be in the US!!! grumble grumble

Anonymous said...

While it sounds rather amusing and I do feel like joining, I have no time to play much WoW (my account is inactive for about a year now). I believe it's totally hopeless though, reasons of sheer numbers: There are thousands of horde people online at any given time, while even a big gank-guild will not manage to have more than a hundred people on during peak hours, but only a dozen or so during off hours, where there are still a couple hundred M&S. And frankly, one hundred M&S can still take WG from 5 very good players. You just cannot gank efficiently in off-hours without serious dedication. And I don't think you plan on being online 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I play on US realms. I tried logging in like Aeonus mentioned, but i get an "unable to validate game version" messaged after typing in my password.

also, the enUS folder is in Data, not WTF on my computer

Fenryr said...

I joined as soon as I read this.
Just a small question;
How will you track World PvP deaths and kills?
For deaths there is a statistic for deaths from another faction which includes BGs but no solely world pvp deaths. And for Kills it is possible to track world HKs but not world killing blows (on only players - that stat tracks NPC killing blows also)

Thanks in advance. I'm sure the solution is something obvious I have overlooked.

Fenryr - the special Shaman

Sadaros said...

Im gonna make a Alliance tomorow, now i just need to get playing often

Anonymous said...

"I want to disprove Tobold that it's "lack of fairness" that keeps people away from PvP."

Hmmmm... actually, I thought the premise was that it is "lack of fairness" that makes PvP not fun for people that keeps them away.

Your 'test' will be self-selecting for folks who consider the challenge fun. Up to the point when it becomes frustratinlgy boring and they move on.

Personally, I don't see the "fun" in PvP play; the "challenge" doesn't appeal to me, so I won't go out of my way to engage in such a project.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

What has not helping to do with being a M&S ?
I wouldn't help either, why should i? I have no reason to invest time in helping people i have no connection with and who most likely cannot return my favour

Also i found world pvp really frustrating, most people wont come back for a second round, they just log out after the first kill, so as a pvp-player its just not time efficient to look for pvp outside arena or bg

More flaws: instant respawning guards and the fact that you can't attack 90% of the players in a town due to the missing pvp flag

Ou and another fun fact:
got a gm warning cause i let players die at mobs after getting them on low hp -gave them repair costs -according to the gm i was exploiting - fucking carebears...

Unknown said...

I'm intrigued, but I have limited experience with world PvP, and I've never played seriously on a PvP server. (That said, PvE is quickly running out of challenges and so maybe it's time to learn something new.)

Does anyone know of any good web resources with advice/information on how to level on a PvP server? (My impression is that on a server with a high Horde:Alliance ratio, it will be a challenge for Alliance to level without getting ganked by level 80's.)

Unknown said...

@Gevlon: i think the people that follow you there will be just as much fanboys as the ones that followed Ensidia. Furthermore, you can't teach people to pvp and win. At least not in a way that is worthwhile in a effort put in: benefit ratio. You can only introduce them to the environment and hope that they have the ability.
The masses, most likely yourself included, can't see why a mage on 20% hp with no hypothermia and ice barrier up is a worse target than a 100% hp priest with no shield/PS in a 1 vs X battle(rogue perspective). They see "ooooh 20% hp easy kill" and will follow that mage around while he blinks, iceblocks and generally lays a serious beat down on you with his friends.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest post I've ever read on here. I will be there as soon as I get this whole EU thing set up!


Anonymous said...

I do not understand the 20-1 requirements versus the goals. If the goal is to disrupt the Horde, then adding 200 additional people who bat 3-1 would be more disruptive than adding a few 20-1 "players". Especially since one of your problems is coverage. If a few dozen new people are going to be on your realm during the time you play, then it taking an extra 5% longer due to the occasional gank is just a cost of doing business. The more you emphasize the "we are l33t with high kill score" the more you reduce effectiveness; you are incenting guild to not do fair fights. Thus, fight less and thus have less impact; A high kill ratio is trivial to achieve when you get to select your fights.

Most people do gathering with their toon that has an epic mount/flyer so it will be a while before you are at a level to even be noticed by farmers.

I also do not understand your comments about materials. Alliance has access to the exact same materials as the Horde, they just may have to pay a Booty Bay commission more. A cost disadvantage but not a supply problem.

This is only world PvP; it serves the same purpose as Achievements or Bejeweled; keeping people occupied when they don't want to play WoW. It will take a certain critical mass before you have much of an impact.

Anonymous said...

Darn this Eu/US realm thing!
This sounds like fun

Gevlon said...

Fenryr: BG kills/deaths are also listed on the statistics, so simply subtract BG death from all death.

I don't care about the killing blows, just think of poor healers. HKs matter.

Raymond Luxury Yacht said...

I was intrigued by this post and made a toon on this server (a hunter, never played one). From my initial impressions, it's not going to be the pvp part that is the hardest, it's the economy part. The markets are so thin we are basically going to have to quest our way to gold for buying riding skill with. Since noone in their right mind seems to be leveling alts, any profession you pick up will not be worth much until level 80 where the only people with money are. Our best bet would be the neutral AH - I bet alliance vanity pets go for a decent amount of gold.

Still, there is now a lv12 hunter ready for action if this project starts to show promise. If it goes really well, I might even roll a healer to be somewhat more helpful - I always wanted to play one in pvp but the thought of having to rely on other people who could potentially be unskilled is turning me off.

#freakhill said...

I'm really interested in your idea.
However I've got a little problem, I'm playing from Japan (GMT+9). Are there other West-US/JP/KR players interested in your project?

Unknown said...

So in...Creating character tonight.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm having issues getting blizzard to let me buy an EU account. They won't take my US credit cards, so I might not be on there. I'm going to create a character on The Forgotten Coast US if any others that can't join this would like to also. Not quite going for the same project, but a similar world chaos inducing pvp guild. Horde side. Character name is Patrol.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous (post following Persequi):
I'm surprised that you're having trouble getting an EU account. I purchased a digital copy of WoW classic from the EU store yesterday and had no problems paying with an American Credit card.

After making the purchase, they sent me a serial number, I logged onto my account (same one I used for North American WoW), entered the serial number, and I now have both an EU version of Wow and a US version of WoW tied to my same account. At this point, I just needed to use the hack that Aeonus described (changing my WTF file) and I was able to log on to the EU servers.

If you're having problems, it's possible that your credit card company has blocked foreign purchases. In this case, you should call your credit card company, tell them you're trying to make a purchase from a foreign merchant and they should be able to un-block it. (Many credit card companies block foreign purchases by default as part of there anti-fraud measures).

Additionally, if this is a Blizzard problem, you can go through a third party vendor. For example, I have had good experiences in the past with OnlineCDKey (though not for WoW). They allow you to purchase legitimate serial numbers for a variety of games which are delivered via email.

Don't give up, we need all the help we can get to succeed on EU-Magtheridon.

Drew Shiel said...

I'm willing to give this a shot. It'll be Friday before I can roll a character, but I'll talk to you then.

Anonymous said...

- This project looks really fun !

- But I think that you shouldn't kill isolated hordys, because then they just will log off and wait a few hours and then come back...
But if you "gank" a hole city (if possible a neutral one : neutral AH) or a capital like Thunderbluff (because lots of players don't even have the flight-path).
You should try to seek for strats to siege a city days long with a rotation of guildies.

- I remember on ally side a guild off low level druid (15-20) that just stayed on the bank, ah, flight-path npc so nobody could target them, and isolated ironforge and stormwind for hours !!!

Anonymous said...

server transfer inc! the hordes will taste my gnome steel!

Teloah said...

I'd like to join, but I mostly play sometime between 23:00 and 3:00. So I have 2 questions:
1) do you want/need a late night players like me?
2) How to get invite, if you're online between 18:30 and 20:00? Are there other people who can invite too?

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome. Even though I respect ensindia, funboiz make me sick in the stomach.
Additional suggestion: make a horde toon there and manipulate their AH so it becomes ruined on purpose (aka either prices are way too high or way too low)