Greedy Goblin

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Undergeared update 3

As always, it's not the post for today, that is here!

We have 3 mages, 3 warlocks, 3 DKs and 4 rogues, out of 54 players. It seems that everyone rolled tank and healer.

Of course you can still come as other class, just expect higher competition to get into raid.

Note: since we don't equip epic gear from raids, missing the raid doesn't decrease your chances. So if you are not good enough for the first raid, you are not lost forever, you can fix that by getting better blues and mostly by increasing skill.

Engineering self-head, despite colored epic is considered OK as being profession bonus like the JC epic gem. Of course profession-crated epics that have no profession demand (like tailor made Merlin Robes) are no-go.

Zaeni, member of the Undergeared project started his blog about leveling and the guild.

BTW we had our first ninja. He joined with a second char (of course without telling it's an alt) for a second starter pack (100G and 4 lowbie bags). /guildinfo revealed the imposter.

Another one of the project members is a blogger too. You can read his blog here.