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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Morons of the week

It doesn't matter if cobalt sells for more, saronite looks cooler. It doesn't matter that it's easier to get, he has time. It doesn't matter if guildies spoon-feed him the information. If someone is a moron, you can't do anything (by Rejuvinator):

It seems Mammoth cutters will be the next crystallized fire: sell them in stack of 100 for a (bit less than) the price of stack of 1000. This time by William:

DreadL and his team had to kick Popootje from their PuG. My guess is he did not reached the softcap of spellpower and Intellect for Death Knights. Or maybe the team was unaware that the flavor of the month spec is 0/0/71.

Spitfire sent me the standard idiot who cannot be missed from any Morons of the week:

Fundra, US-Korgath definitely didn't know that spirit, frost resist and spell power are the most desired stats for a PvP rogue, so he sent me Alveeta. Alveeta is also great in selecting proper gems to his gear.

Finally, George sent me another standard: the "elevate the prices so we all make money" guy. The fun twist is it seems the letters worked on that Toyo guy:

Mirialia, Anachronos (EU) found that the vendors sell Refreshing spring water way below their Real ValueTM. But instead of sending them angry letters (can you send letters to NPC's?) he started posting them on the AH for proper price:

Since that was all the moron collection of the week, no post tomorrow. See you on Monday!


Treeston said...

Always funny to see an example of people's stupidity.

Anonymous said...

couldn't spitfire's post been seen as someone haggling?

I kinda doubt it was, but some cultures haggle all the time. :)

Shatii said...

Lol, finally found one of my guildies here XP

Mastahjames said...

yea, like i was serious about that lol.

Unknown said...

I still van't believe how people can be so stupid!

The stupid water is sold by almost all Inkeepers in Northrend for silver! How can somebody even THINK of buying it in the AH??!

Gevlon, I know you like to make posts analyzing the behaviour of dumb people.
Could you please make a post explaining why there's so much people playing WoW with the IQ of an ameba in vegetative state?

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Mispelled "can't" for "van't"


WTB edit button.

Gevlon said...

@Sidhe: because his friends playing and he doesn't want to be left out, despite he doesn't like the game itself, so he doesn't care learning it.

Yaggle said...

Somebody who's worried about whether a guildie is farming cobalt or saronite surely doesn't have enough things in their life to worry about. I guess some people are not cut out to be trade chat policemen so they have to take jobs as guildchat policemen.

Ladron de la Noche said...

Rogues like that make me weep for our class.

God said...

The Ammo trick is a good one, it's let me make a couple hundred gold since you first put it up. I've tried parchment on my server, but never got any luck with that.

I'm thinking of trying the vendor food/drink thing, but I'm wondering what the success rate has been with that. Can anyone who's done it tell me whether you're relying on freak chance, or do you get people to buy this stuff somewhat regularily?

Unknown said...

So, for you Gev, morons are actually guys who don't like the game itself and only play because their friends play (social reasons)?

It seems that there are quite a few out there.

Anonymous said...

I like some of the gold tips, and your morons of the week can be funny, but I think its underhanded and shows bad character to "trick" people into buying stacks of 100. Thats it, bad show with that, shows a character trait, like how someone treats a waiter or the such.
Otherwise, I am liking your site and am becoming a regular reader.

Anonymous said...

I went trough that DK armory and checked his guild:

" The survivors" on Blade Edge.


- None of them got maxed professions ( at least the guys I checked ).
- Crappy gems
- FR gear all over the place
- Hunters with SP gear, Mages with Agi gems

and I did'nt even checked specs.

Unknown said...

BAHAHAHHA love the ammo moron. Its kinda low from their part to trick people like that as others stated above me but THIS IS morons of the week. Yet my opinion still stands. I would hate to be that hunter purchasing that ammo to realize that on a boss fight im out of ammo after 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

When I first read about posting pets, water, or the ammo in 100 stacks I felt the same as some of the folks here. In reality though, all business and trade is an exercise in making off with the better end of it. Selling a full stack of ammo at 14 gold (today's price on my server) is still more than 2x the cost of mats + time, selling 100 for the same price while more of a profit is still the same sort of business.

In society we agree that those with goods may profit from those without for the sake of time and the buyer's convenience. The buyer of 100 sized ammo stacks is paying a premium for the convenience of being ignorant and choosing the ammo that is listed as "cheapest" in his AH UI.

45 seconds downloading Auctioneer would cure him/her of such burdens.

Anonymous said...

Mammoth cutters... How i love yee!
Selling them regularly and steadily for exactly the same price for 100 as a stack of 1000. Or i undercut by 5 silver - as if they are a stack of 1000.

Man people are dumb.

Elli @ Khazgoroth

Orcstar said...

I still think the selling of ammo in small stacks is more of a scam then trying to be smarter then someone else.

Rymoe said...

As someone selling mammoth cutters the whole of the last expansion (and I've made a over 100k from it too, mind you not so much since ammo changes and removal of bullet machines), I hope anyone selling stacks of 100s for about the same price of 1000s gets reported and banned. I agree with poster above, this is a scam, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

According to

Scam: : a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

There is no deception or fraud in posting 100 sized ammo stacks. It is clear that 1000 != 100 and neither is "000" = "100"

There is no means to scam someone on the AH. I can't post a bullet for 2g and then charge 10g in hidden fees or ship them a bullet that does not shoot.

On the buyer's part there is only lack of knowledge which we call ignorance. On the buyer's part there is lack of effort to search the best deal, which could be achieved with a 45 second download.

I do not feel cheated, in any real sense, from the seller when I buy an apple at the corner store for 99cents when I could have gone down the road to buy 5 for 2 dollars. I feel lazy.

To bring in the moral topic, do I feel pity for these fools? Yes. Do I feel compassion? Well, if you mean "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it" then, yes.

While I trod on educating those who want to be educated, I will still provide an easy ammo fix for those who do not. They are not in distress and have no want for my alleviations.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Mammoth Cutters thing, I used to post a single netherweave cloth priced the same as a full stack (the bid default is 2g 40s, then put buyout to cause it to land in the middle of all the full stacks).

They would sell.

After doing this a few times, I felt bad and stopped. But a true goblin wouldn't feel bad or stop.