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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Morons of the week 2

Undergeared update: we are 85 now, but you can still join. Of course there will be competition. Check Armory for class distribution. You can read the blog written by several Undergeared participants here!


Bonhams of Bladefist-EU passed an important milestone, his first "educating" mail:

Miztickow of Azgalor-US is selling vendor pets. It seems the morons keep his coffers full:

Joeystarone of Quel'dorei met Mista the Death Knight. I don't know what makes Mista a moron. Maybe 0/0/71? The spellpower? The block value? The lack of professions? The lack of relic? Or all together?

Oalev of Wildhammer EU recognized that in the patch Arctic Fur can be purchased for heavy borean leather. He's buying it and selling on the AH. His costs are around 30G and selling for 50-60G. That's way below it's Real ValueTM so it's not a surprise he got "educating letter". An especially sophisticated one:

Pornko of Emerald Dream sold ammunitions in stacks of 100. She got a very simple letter, most probably from a very simple mind:

While random idiots are buying stack of 100 arrows is no longer a valid morons of the week post, this is not a random idiot. It is a capital case found by Alden: I am on a low-population server, and no one in my guild has the pattern for the epic arrows or bullets yet. There is only one person selling the arrows on AH and one person selling the bullets so far. At 50g/stack nonetheless. I buy a stack of 1000, and repost it as 10 stacks for 35g each- so 350G for full. The owner of the monopoly noticed someone else was now selling arrows too- since I was dropping the price to 35g, he tried to buy me out! I have made so much gold, buying his arrows at 50g, and selling them back to him at 350g! I am curious if he realizes he is buying the same arrows he is making.

Did I ever mention how much I love welfare leeches? Not only because they contribute so much for the society, but also because they are so grateful when someone give them and absolutely understanding when someone choose not to give them his hard earned money (by J.P.):

Bobii was also informed that his business practice is socially inacceptable:

Due to the 100 arrows and Winter Veil, I got extraordinary amount of morons. So in Christmas (Dec 25 Friday) there will be an extra morons of the week. I assume most of you have better things to do in this day then reading blogs anyway.


Smeg said...

Santa Gevlon with extra morons on Christmas Day?! I can't wait! It will surely make up for the shit I have to deal with at moronic family gatherings.

That is a great story in regards to that low pop server moron and his own arrows. Pure genius.

Cliff said...

In regards to Mista, I decided to check out what kind of guild would have him as a member and found this gem,

Included are a warlock with dual specs 0/71/0 and 0/0/71, another with the same 0/71/0 build as well as a 70/0/1 (Apparently affliction only has 70 possible places to put points, who knew?). In addition to the 80s is a hunter with 62 points in BM at 71, and an Arms warrior with shield specialization. My money is on it all being one person, though why he would have 2 warlocks (With no glyphs) is beyond me.

Gobbie said...

I love the moron posts.
I'l be looking forward for the winter veil special edition the 25th.

Is there a better way to celebrate consumption, then reading about m&s ?

Anonymous said...

I expect Mista the DK wasn't wearing that cloak for the spell power, but for the intellect, because he sure needs some of that.

Anti said...

J.P. should help Clubgape out.

get him a 3 day ban for racist slurs and when he gets back in game Battered Hilts will have dropped 2k gold.

ps - you morons are posting your ammo in too large stacks. i'm posting it in 1s and sellling by the truckload.

kcs said...

priceless!! the guy buying his own arrows back. I've made 2k in a week doing this. My main competitors keep trying to undercut me... but apparently it hasn't occured to them (yet) to merely break that 40g stack of 1000 into 10 4g stacks and thus put me out of business. Last night there were no shatterrounds up... main producer put up 20 stacks of 1000 at 58g and announced in trade that rounds were available. I promptly bought a couple stacks, relisted at 35 per 100... sold em all in a few minutes. Doh.

Francisco said...

Seeing, profiting and laughing at morons is the reason I play this game.
Then I realise that this is why the World is broken, because this idiots can't even use their brains in a fucking game.

Densu said...

Saronite arrows still sell well on stacks of 100, but for some reason the only one buying my epic arrows is a warrior. go figure.
I wish i had some angry mails to share.

Zeplar said...

The guy buying his own arrows back was good.

As to the 100-arrow scam in general... the fact that you support this has turned me away from this blog. I'm sure there's a fair number of people here who feel the same way.

Your blog, you decide what to support and what to disapprove of. But that's the reason I'm leaving.

Rolinde said...

God, I wish that would have happened on my server! There was only 1 person selling the arrows at the time, for 75g a stack. So also re-listed them, and instead of just undercutting me he lowered his prices all the way down to 20g a stack. Fortunately, I already tripled my investment by the time that happened. No angry mail though, kind of weird considering I sold to 30 different people and nobody noticed?

Anonymous said...

I share Zepla's opinion. Selling arrows in stacks of 100 is clear scam and it's unfortunate this site supports the practice.

It amazes me that anyone would be stupid enough to do that on their main toon. The fact that they would then send evidence of them doing so on their main toon to this website makes them much more deserving of the title moron than the buyers.

If I found out one of my guild mates was doing that, I'd ask the GM to remove them b/c I don't want my guild associated with that kind of behavior anymore than I want my guild tag associated with people who spam silly macro's in trade chat.

Anonymous said...

How is it a scam?

It clearly says 100 not 1000.
When you mouseover it shows price per shot by default. You don't need an addon to show you price per.

It even has a pop-up that asks you to confirm you want to pay X for Y if you're doing a buyout.

Anonymous said...

Indeed how is it a scam?

Just because the normal stack is 1000 doesn't make it a scam, it just shows people's stupidity, they assume it are stacks of 1000 because everyone used to sell them in 1000.

If someone sells me a house and I sign a contract without reading it agreeing on a price (pretty much the confirmation button in wow) and then I get a house that has no roof, is it sellers fault? No it is not, he did not 'scam' me, it was clearly stated in the contract. But because I assume that a house has a roof I sign without reading, just as people confirm buying 100 without looking what they actually buy.

Ok bad analogy, but my point is still valid, just because people are stupid enough to buy it does not make it a scam, scamming would mean that you do not make it clear what they are buying from you. But it is very clear what you buy, hence why Blizzard does not find it a scam.

That you are such a petty individual that you let a fellow guild-member kicked because he thought of something you didn't only shows that you do not belong on this blog anyway

Zeplar said...

If you can't see a difference between making money by selling at low cost, and making money by selling at outrageous prices and relying on people not to notice....

Selling things like pets at thousands of % profit is okay to me because people are paying not to have to go look for the pet (their loss, but they didn't go to wowhead to look where it came from). With bullets it's more like "Okay, I have to go buy more ammo for the thousandth time, sort by price, click click click... crap, scammed."

It's an ethical problem more than a legal one, and while Gevlon may preach that 'morals are for pussies, make the most profit no matter the price' he knows full well that the world would not be a good place to live without people exercising some restraint and not doing anything the law doesn't explicitly forbid.

I would also not be surprised if the seller does not quickly garner some bad reputation; hence the reason a guild would want to kick him. The same way well-known ninjas have a hard time getting guild invites and raid spots, an underhanded profiteer could find himself disliked.

Lorondin said...

download auctioneer. sort by % not by cost. win at life.