Greedy Goblin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blue raiding update 2

It's not the real post for today, you can read it here.

There is a huge class imbalance in the guild currently. However in the age of "bring the player, not the class" I don't see it tragical if there are many from some hybrid classes. Paladins can be tanks, healers, melee. Shamans can be caster, melee, healer.

Obviously it wouldn't be optimal to go with 15 paladins 10 shamans. I'm sure that as more people come, the ratios will equalize. I wouldn't turn down a paladin though simply because we don't have 15 RAIDING paladin. We have 15 (actually 8) lvl 5-25 paladins. We don't know how many will reach 80. We don't know how many will be able to raid.

Remember, there was no pre-screening, everyone were accepted, just like in the dreaded "DaRkHoRdKiLlAhZ lf ppl whisper Leggolass for inv" guilds. There surely are some people here who belong to the DaRkHoRdKiLlAhZ. We can't know how many until they pull 800 DPS on the dummy or say "lol I pwnd som n00bs lol".

So if you'd be a GOOD paladin, there is still a place for you. It's simply easier to get into raid with DK or hunter or priest. Especially priest as we have 1. Update: now we have 10. Check armory

We have 1 DK. I'm honestly surprised. I thought there will be too many, due to easier leveling.

Information for US players: an independent group started the same project in the US. I wish you luck guys!