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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Over a million

I was too busy with ideas, comments and sometimes even RL that always gets in the way, that I managed to pass another milestone. I passed it on Nov 9, but didn't notice it back then.

This blog is beyond 1 million visits, also 1.6M pageviews and 220K individual visitors.

Of course it means that an average visitor has seen only 7 pages, many of them came here just by misclick or even following such search terms as "blood elf porn".

Still, over 1 million times someone read something I wrote. If I multiply it with the 2:38 average time on site, I get 1960 days. That's the time people spent reading this site. That more or less guarantees, that - despite the often "this blog fails /unsubscribe" trolls - I'm here to stay spreading antisocial, unfriendly and greedy ideas, calling "unfortunate" people morons and useless (tomorrow's post will be really nasty).

On the graph you can see a symmetrical wave, that's because of weekdays. People mostly come on workdays, on weekends the visitor count is 50-60%. The 4 peaks are:
  1. The aftermath post of attacking
  2. The post with the screenshot of my inventory when I transferred to Stormscale to participate in a HC raiding guild.
  3. Blue Ulduar, the pinnacle of my high-end raiding
  4. Catching a shady figure.
The country distribution of visits:

I hope that most of you enjoyed and some of you found useful what I'm creating.

Finally, a request: many times my bad English is pointed out. Everyone is very much invited to correct mistakes in comments. Don't waste time with apologies and "I know it's not your first language" stuff, just write "Mammoth are useless" -> "Mammoth is useless". I'll fix the post ASAP. Will delete the now expired comment, but you can see the fix in the text.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Germans stay almost twice as long as everyone else. What's up with that?

Will - WowConfidential said...

Congrats Gevlon, took me over 3 years to hit that milestone.
It is great how you can keep doing the same amount of posts/effort every day but the visitors/subscribers keep growing.

Dillon Welch said...

Oh, and congrats on the milestone.

Pasky said...

Grats on a million, Gevlon!

People point out your "bad English" but frankly it isn't. Your mistakes seem to be mostly the not paying attention kind, and minor syntax. You are understood very well all the time, and I don't think you've ever written something where what was understood was different from what was meant.

Morons and trolls are the exception, of course.

Brian said...

Congrats on being that popular, but I'm not sure I'd take it as a sign that your anti-social ideas are "spreading". After all, visiting your blog doesn't imply agreement with your philosophy. A lot of people probably come here for the same reason I do, to use your point of view to help refine their own. Reading your posts supporting the goblin viewpoint have made me more sure than ever that I disagree with the goblin ideal, and more than that, they've helped me better understand WHY I don't like the goblin approach.

Still, your blog is thought provoking and interesting, even if the thoughts you provoke aren't the ones you are intending to.

Jens said...

Wow. Congrats. I've read you for a while and I find it very interesting how many people read you.. and how many people are still dumb as hell when it comes to auctions on wow.

Kevan Smith said...

I think one of the keys to this success is you post something every day. With your controversial views, people come to check out what you've done this time.

matt said...

Congratulations. Most of the time a nice read.

And: we germans actually read the stuff thouroughly. Or take short naps in between.

Chris said...

Congrats on the 1 million.

Would it seem pretentious to say that your misspellings is part of the charm and style of the blog?

Carson 63000 said...

Congratulations, Gevlon. I know a bunch of those visits came from me. For what it's worth, what makes your blog always worthy of a visit is (a) you have an excellent frequency of posts, something new almost every day, and (b) sometimes I agree with what you say, sometimes I don't - the blog would be a lot less interesting if I always agreed, or never did.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

@Will-WowConfidential: Is Gevlon part of the German demographic? Because the analytics is recording his own time spent on his site, which can offset that average.

Yaggle said...

To be honest, things like "Mammoth are useless" is a big reason I was interested in this blog. It's interesting to read from somebody who is learning a new way to write, and also to me it indicates a higher probability that the person who is writing may have different ways of thinking from myself and people I know, since they have used a different language their whole life(not to mention probably lived in a different part of the world their whole life). I remember a friend from Everquest from France who once told me, "My buffs have fade", among may other oddly-worded things. I smile whenever I think of my adventures and conversations with that person.

Anonymous said...

Hi from France, and congrats !!

Quicksilver said...

meh... you deleted it... might as well delete my comment just above.

By the way, a question: I was wondering how much time per day you spend on preparing the blog ? (new material research and writing time)

Gevlon said...

@Okrane About 2-3 hours. I used to play more. Playing video games is much less productive than communicating with thousands of people.

Unknown said...

I actually enjoy the somewhat wonky English. It gives it a... flavor.

Of course, this is probably the part of me that enjoys foreign accents for stupid reasons talking, but that part of me is alright.

DarkKnight said...

@first anon:
It's because Germans are slow.

/runs very fast to the west.
Anyways... Dutchy here that sees that the Netherlands are represented quite alright.

Lite said...

Gevlon likes being productive.

Communicating with thousands of people = productive.

Communicating with thousands of people = being social

Gevlon likes being social? :)

Bernard said...

Congrats Gevlon.

It's hard to find such a "unique voice" in the blogging community.

Larísa said...

Look out for my post at PPI tomorrow. More Gevlon love incoming!

Elaine Marley said...

It's really interesting, you made me think that yours is probably the only blog (leaving web comics aside) that I don't actually read on my RSS agregator. Be proud of that.

I think the reason is that your blog design is very readable, using a very big font and I don't like reading a wall of text on my agregator so I just click the link and read the whole post after I'm done with the rest of the blogs I follow.

Also, I'm from Spain if you'd be curious about that.

About your English, well, not being my first language either I don't usually find many mistakes I wouldn't make unconsciouslly. The one that sticks to me is when you use "than" instead of "then" because you do that a lot. Or is it me mistaken here? Who knows.

Keep posting, your frequence and your style will get you more and more readers and then you'll have to be careful because the percentage of M&S reading you will be greater than ever :D

Unknown said...


Than is used to compare things.
Then is used to signify order.

"Gevlon has more views than some other crappy blog."
"Upon discovering this, he then flaunted it a little because one million views is a lot."

Wooly said...

And there I thought you meant gold!

Anyway, congratulations are in order.

I wasn't around for some of the posts you mention in your top 4 of peaks. Funny to see that the mentioned "mining dead elementals in Dun Niffelem", is actually what I used to do before I stumbled on this site and learned that the crafting professions weren't just money sinks, which a majority of people (even large blogs) had convinced me of.

@First Ano
Because it takes them more time to make sense out of google's translation /jk

Mudge said...

Congratulations Gevlon.
I stop by every day to take a peeek inside your mind.I might not always agree with what you have to say but it always leaves me thinking.I think that is what draws alot of people here.You post your ideas in a straight foward manner and make no excuses for your beliefs.Some folks like you and some hate you but they all join in the conversation at the end.Anything that forces people to start thinking again is a good thing.
Keep it up.

p.s. - Don't worry about your english.You have a better grasp of the language than some people I know who grew up speaking it.

Anonymous said...

Correcting English: Its not PS2 PS3 - its PS, PPS, PPPS etc. Post Scripy, Post Post Script.

Bronte said...

Over a million? Why that is like OVER 9,000!

Seriously though man, I for one thoroughly enjoy your rants. So keep 'em coming!

Gollum said...

Hello from Ukraine, last place in your charts :)
Keep up the good work! Your blog is a pleasure to read (glad you're updating this often, that's a major part of success).

Unknown said...

Brian said: ..."visiting your blog doesn't imply agreement with your philosophy. A lot of people probably come here for the same reason I do, to use your point of view to help refine their own. Reading your posts supporting the goblin viewpoint have made me more sure than ever that I disagree with the goblin ideal, and more than that, they've helped me better understand WHY I don't like the goblin approach"...

This ^

Anonymous said...

Well since you want corrections, the 2 I noticed were:
"Of course it means that an average visitor *seen* only 7 pages"
either 'sees' or 'has seen'
"That's more or less guarantees"
either 'That's [that has] more or less guaranteed', 'That's [that is] more or less guaranteeing' or 'That more or less guarantees'.
Hope this helps,

Sven said...

Congratulations, Gevlon.

I may not always agree with you, but your posts are always interesting and they make me think - it's good to have your preconceptions challenged.

I've also become a whole bunch richer in-game, so thanks!

JJ said...

Woot for Canada with the Bronze. We're used to not coming in first. lmao

Nees said...

A bit disappointed because it wasn't about gold ;)
Anyway, congrats and thanks for the great read so far!

Anonymous said...

Grats Gevlon ! You certainly always have something interesting to say

Liam said...

wow . congratulations on the the 1million visitors. i hope my blog becomes that successful one day :P

Kro said...

Hey there ! First of all, congrats on your statistics ! I just wanted to mention i discovered your blog through the podcast "The Instance" (episode 169 if i'm not wrong). I don't know if you were of it and how much of a "bump" it could give to your blog. Cheers !

We Fly Spitfires said...

Awesome achievement! Grats dude!

Strutt said...

and he admits once again what a social he is, from the "Communicating with thousands of people" to showing off your charts to your peers to show how proud you are of 1 million.

Keep it coming

Carra said...

Congrats :)

The amount of comments posted per post have been growing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gratulálok! :)

Kuolematon said...

I also discovered your blog through "The Instance". The peak resulting from that is not shown on the graph though, it would be on November 8-9. I'd be interested to see how much weight they pull :P

GeorgeBailey said...

Gevlon said: "I passed it on Nov 9, but didn't notice it back then."

Gev, any chance that you noticed that it has been even longer since you posted WoW gold making techniques? I'd say Nov. 3rd is your last post that qualifies.

GeorgeBailey said...

@Gev. It seems very un-goblin like to even care on hitting the million mark milestone. Your post reeks of 'social'ness.

It's not like you are being paid for each visitor - at least not yet.