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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Morons of the week

They just can't stop believing that the market could support endless amount of sellers without price decrease (by McRaffles):

"1G plz" is so last year (by Bryster of The Venture Co. - US):

Korban of Azuremyst sent us this little story about a very problematic cold weather flying:
A level 70 Hunter, Axechopper, contacts an old acquaintance in the guild and gets a probationary invite. With in 3 minutes of the invite he contacts the inviting guild officer asking for 269 gold. She of course turns him down quickly. This guild officer is my wife sitting right next to me tells me of the shenanigans and tells him gold begging in any form is not allowed especially in guild. He says ok and he won't do it again. He then contacts me and begs me for 269 gold. Wow, great move on his part. I ask him why he wants it and he proceeds to tell me it is for heirloom flying. I inform him he can only get it if he has a level 80. "But I do! Its on another server on alliance not horde. I can still get the cold weather flying tome." Oooookay, I ask for the name and server, just for grins and chuckles, and he tells me he cant remember the name and so on but insists he has one and he needs the cold weather flying to level in Northrend faster.

Steeh, Draenor EU found that politically correct terms are getting into WoW. RUN!

Elfanatior is a great specimen. Not only he has Fiery Weapon enchant as hunter, low level professions, terrible gear but also he looks for 2 more: tank, healer and DPS! On the top of that, he was spotted by the guy who sold him the Fiery enchant scrolls

Matt sent this chatlog from trade about a new attempt to stop undercutting: "it's a bannable offense"
13:59:20] [2] [2:Poěfect]: its your existing ah whores that will hate me
[13:59:46] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Fun fact. I vendor Saronite Bars.
[13:59:57] [2] [Kinoppally]: me to O.o
[14:00:40] [2] [35:Cromlin]: But, if you want to risk it bro. Enjoy the "Auction house exploitation" ban.
[14:00:47] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Not joking it's happened before.
[14:01:02] [2] [2:Poěfect]: posting auctions is not a bannable offense
[14:01:13] [2] [2:Poěfect]: i can post at whatever price i want
[14:01:14] [2] [Lethalshot]: "auction house exploitation"?
[14:01:32] [2] [Zanduppy]: basically they'll suspend you for anything shady
[14:01:57] [2] [2:Poěfect]: you all talk about things that you have no clue about
[14:01:59] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Let say.
[14:02:07] [2] [Zanduppy]: like you're doing now.
[14:02:09] [2] [35:Cromlin]: You buy all the AH's greens.
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ............./´Ż/).............(\Ż`\
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ............/....//..............\\....\
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: .........../....//................\\....\
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ...../´Ż/..../´Ż\............./Ż`\....\Ż`\..
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: .././.../..../..../.|_......_|.\....\....\...\.\..
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: (.(....(....(..../.)..)....(..(.\....)....).....).)
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: .\................\/.../....\...\/................/
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ..\................. /........\................../
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ....\..............(............)............../
[14:02:13] [2] [80:Xeroxicide]: ......\.............\.........../............./
[14:02:21] [2] [80:Indígo]: lol
[14:02:23] [2] [2:Poěfect]: unless you have researched what you can /can not do on the ah.. you are just spewing
[14:02:24] [2] [Zanduppy]: I have a friend who was suspended for power leveling tailoring
[14:02:24] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Like, all the weapons, bam, resell them for higher prices.
[14:02:36] [2] [Zanduppy]: by buying a lot of runecloth.
[14:02:37] [2] [35:Cromlin]: That would be under exploitation.
[14:02:38] [2] [80:Marrylie]: LMAO TAILORING !
[14:02:39] [2] [2:Poěfect]: sure ya do.. not unless he hacked
[14:02:55] [2] [2:Poěfect]: if he told you that and you believe him.. you must be about 5 yrs old
[14:03:01] [2] [2:Poěfect]: he was probably botting
[14:03:04] [2] [Zanduppy]: I saw the email
[14:03:08] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Go buy all the enchanting mats on the AH.
[14:03:11] [2] [2:Poěfect]: mhmm
[14:03:12] [2] [35:Cromlin]: And resell them bro.
[14:03:34] [2] [Zanduppy]: :)
[14:03:37] [2] [35:Cromlin]: You can be temp banned, and it's under exploitation for some damned reason.
[14:03:46] [2] [2:Poěfect]: so you are telling me that its illegal to buy all the mats and relist them?
[14:03:53] [2] [Zanduppy]: no.
[14:03:54] [2] [35:Cromlin]: If you do it enough times, yes.
[14:04:06] [2] [2:Poěfect]: which is it? yes or no?
[14:04:08] [2] [Zanduppy]: I'm saying blizz can suspend you if they think you're doing something wrong on a whim
[14:04:14] [2] [Zanduppy]: both.
[14:04:18] [2] [2:Poěfect]: and whats wrong with buying and relisting?
[14:04:18] [2] [Lethalshot]: thats just effecting the wow economy to make a profit if u have the money go for it
[14:04:28] [2] [Drakcanheal]: I buy and relist all the time
[14:04:35] [2] [2:Poěfect]: as do most of us
[14:04:38] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Lethalshot, they don't want you doing it like that.
[14:04:43] [2] [Zanduppy]: I don't know how much you buy. he bought....
[14:04:46] [2] [2:Poěfect]: oh really cromlin?
[14:04:47] [2] [Zanduppy]: gobs of rune.
[14:04:53] [2] [Drakcanheal]: if I see something going for a lower then market price I buy it and repost at a higher price
[14:04:58] [2] [Zanduppy]: 100 stacks or more
[14:04:58] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Not like that.
[14:05:00] [2] [35:Cromlin]: In mass.
[14:05:06] [2] [Drakcanheal]: I have made thousands of gold that way
[14:05:09] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Like, all the illusion dust, for example.
[14:05:10] [2] [2:Poěfect]: why would they give us the tools to be wow economists if they didn't want that happening?
[14:05:15] [2] [Zanduppy]: blizz thought he was buying gold
[14:05:20] [2] [2:Poěfect]: think it through for 5 minutes
[14:05:26] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Sigh.
[14:05:29] [2] [80:Marrylie]: ALL be quiet and u can buy gold from me
[14:05:33] [2] [Drakcanheal]: lol, I buy all the green items below a certain price (I mena a lot) DE them and resell the mats
[14:05:34] [2] [Lethalshot]: y theres nothing wrong with it most of the time u will get screwed anyways because ppl will underprice their AH items to sell and then it would balance itself out
[14:05:39] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Go buy all the illusion dust, nay all the enchanting mats.
[14:05:41] [2] [35:Cromlin]: go do it.
[14:05:48] [2] [2:Poěfect]: indeed lethal
[14:05:57] [2] [2:Poěfect]: why would i waste my money?
[14:06:05] [2] [80:Marrylie]: then why u talking for
[14:06:14] [2] [2:Poěfect]: granted infinite dust is about 25% below the 2 week average atm
[14:06:21] [2] [Lethalshot]: thats just dumb ppl would just list them for the proper price in 5 minutes
[14:06:25] [2] [Drakcanheal]: I have bought all the runed orbs (pre-ToC) and reposted at a 20% mark up
[14:06:40] [2] [80:Mukluc]: exactly. so go for it Poi
[14:06:48] [2] [35:Cromlin]: No, I would then buy it, and resell.
[14:06:49] [2] [2:Poěfect]: no thanks
[14:06:51] [2] [2:Poěfect]: not my market
[14:06:56] [2] [35:Cromlin]: While I make a massive profit.
[14:06:59] [2] [2:Poěfect]: i just like to watch it
[14:07:04] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Dominate the market, so to speak.
[14:07:08] [2] [80:Mukluc]: yea, me too
[14:07:14] [2] [2:Poěfect]: you guys are ignorant
[14:07:21] [2] [35:Cromlin]: If you post 100 illusion dust, i'll buy it all, and resell it double the price.
[14:07:28] [2] [2:Poěfect]: you realize there are people out there with bank bags full of stacks?
[14:07:32] [2] [Lethalshot]: well then poi tell us all how it is teach us
[14:07:37] [2] [2:Poěfect]: the second you buy out and relist.. they will undercut you
[14:07:42] [W From] [80:Mukluc]: You're right. It's how my main made 1/4 million gold!
[14:07:49] [2] [Lethalshot]: exactly thats wat im saying
[14:07:55] [2] [35:Cromlin]: Yes and no.
[14:08:00] [2] [35:Cromlin]: I buy it, and then sell it.
[14:08:02] [W To] [80:Mukluc]: these guys are retarded
[14:08:10] [2] [80:Plekanec]: welcome to ignoreland
[14:08:12] [2] [35:Cromlin]: I will sill turn a profit, while you get whatever you posted it at.
[14:08:15] [W From] [80:Mukluc]: yeah, afraid so
[14:08:33] [2] [80:Holychix]: Obvious trolls are obvious today
[14:06:05] [2] [80:Marrylie]: then why u talking for
[14:07:08] [2] [80:Mukluc]: yea, me too
[14:09:07] [2] [2:Poěfect]: wow economy
[14:09:23] [2] [80:Obellix]: wow economy fall after anti twink patch
[14:09:27] [2] [Celerebella]: did***
[14:10:28] [2] [Lethalshot]: i just bought all kinds of tin ore and copper ore to make bronze bars when they were selling at 25g a stack i put them on for 13g a stack and now they r selling for 6g a stack
[14:11:07] [2] [Lethalshot]: even if u do buy all the matarials theres always going to b some one that will undercut u
[14:11:07] [2] [80:Mukluc]: Gotta love the free market
[14:11:13] [2] [2:Poěfect]: and there is nothing you can do about it because there is always someone with deeper pockets
[14:11:22] [2] [80:Mukluc]: yup
[14:11:46] [2] [Lethalshot]: doesnt really bother me and it shouldnt rly bother anyone else because u have all the same oppurtunities
[14:11:48] [W From] [80:Mukluc]: well, you go dude. just don't try to corner MY place in the market!


Carl said...

Within hours after I sent you the Elfanatior screenshot, he appeared in my ony10 pug, upon which I alerted the raid leader.

"Meh we'll just carry him," was the reply until the first wipe, at which point he got the boot for sub-tank dps.

Unknown said...

Elfa-whatever is a strange one. His gear isn't so bad, now... but those fieries; what is up with that?

N said...

I actually got a 3-hour ban once for "exploitation of in-game currency system" or some such thing. It was strange, because I hadn't started playing the AH at that point, and certainly have never bought gold.

So yes, there is SOME kind of ban with that name.

Zeran said...

Well, it seems that one guy in trade was correct. Blizzard can and will ban/suspend you on a whim for any shady dealings they feel violate the "spirit of the game." However, they're usually correct about it. Last guy I knew of that got banned for shady dealing was camping the ah 24/7. He must have been automated or account sharing because no one can camp the ah for more than about 200hours straight (world record for staying awake without drugs). I don't know if they pulled his logins and decided he was account sharing or botting, but he's gone and the rest of us are happier.

I would bet that blizzard would ban for exploitation of the in game currency, but price setting (and even gouging) wouldn't fall under this clause. This trade chat reminds me of the official forums suggestion that undercuttering not be permitted (simply, /point /laugh).

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tisador, that hunter is strange. His gear is not that bad, merely outdated/ not enchanted and for the most his choices are sound. Spec looks good to, but those fiery enchants. weird.

Almost makes me wonder if its someone who bought an account and now has no clue how to use the character they have acquired.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gevlon,

In a few of your previous posts and comments you have said that the reason you continue to make gold in the game is because it is necessary for the blog.

What do you think of people who are gold-capped and continue to gather more WoW gold, but do not use it to support a blog or do unusual things like Ulduar in blues or seeing how far they can manipulate the WoW economy with their money?

Since they can already buy everything that gives them a gameplay advantage the gold they continue to earn is of no more use to them than mini-pets or extra mounts. Do you believe that they are sliding into the Moron category of M&S because they are using their life in a way that neither gives them a material advantage nor new experiences?

Tonus said...

"at least I told u the truth the 2nd time"

That's probably the best example of a real M&S I've seen in any of these posts. How old is Axechopper? Three?

Brent said...

Funny thing is that last chatlog, the guy wasn't totally lying. But what he was describing does not fall under "Auction House Exploitation". When my account got hacked by some bastards(fuckin key-loggers... On a side note, Mobile Authenticator -> best thing I ever got, free with an iPhone/iPod Touch; or I think it's like $10 normal and a better investment than the pet) I received a ban from the WoW admins for various reasons such as "In game exploitation" and "Auction house exploitation" and something that was along the lines of violation the TOS and EULA by selling in-game gold and spamming gold selling websites. I eventually got Blizzard to redeem my account, but not before I lost all of my gear on my 2 mains and all of my gold. They refunded my gear but the gold was a different story. On my 80 main I had around 5100g(trying to get at least 6k before I bought epic flying) and he only received 2500g back; And on my other main(who was 72 at the time) had about 2300g from outlands/old world stuff and he only received about 1000g. Pure bs imo.

Anonymous said...

The only AH exploitation ban I've read about involved someone with massive gold reserves manipulating the enchanting materials markets.
It didn't look like a profitable scheme but did annoy other players.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the definition of moron is pretty stretched anymore. I happily would buy milk for 89s if I didn't know where the vendor was. 89s saved me the 30 seconds it would take for tabbing out and searching for the vendor's location. 89s * 120 30 second increments = 120g per hour. If you can make more than that, then your opportunity cost of tabbing out is higher than the price.

The only moron here is the person who somehow ignores the cost of alt-tabbing (and then proceeds to make fun of the purchasers).

Also, Gevlon, what is your response to the person who asked about the "vanity value" of unused quantities of gold? I think it's a pretty good point that gets to the heart of this all.

Anonymous said...

That's probably the best example of a real M&S I've seen in any of these posts. How old is Axechopper? Three? You didn't expect much from someone named "Axechopper", did you?

And the guy who wanted to buy the bike... At first I thought it's his mats + 283 gold tip, but seems I was wrong.

Vyr said...

Actually the last post on AH exploitation wasn't totally untrue or true. I heard of guys getting temp suspended for playing the AH, so as to say. He went on and controlled the market for weeks by buying out everything and reselling at his price. I think a few guys made a complaint and his account was suspended.

And there are tons of other ways you can get suspended. Like if you happen to purchase something on the AH from some hacker or gold seller even thou you totally don't even remember their names when you purchase their goods on AH.

Or during times in which they are trying to clamp down on gold selling activities, transferring more than 3k gold between accounts will warrant as suspicious gold activity.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, this is Strykes of Velen here. I'm new to this blog. lol i didn't realize how much of a moron I was until i was put onto this by some Leatherworking competetion. I was wondering, how do i send in Moron pics? i was inspected random people in org and i found a pretty good one. plz tell me, thanks! =D

Zach said...

Didn't get a screenshot - but I started a nice argument in trade the other day when someone was spamming: "LFM Heroic Nexus, no PVP gear unless you're the tank"

apparently according to this guy - PVP gear is perfectly fine to tank in because it has stam, which is the only stat a tank needs...

Dàchéng said...

Over at one copper, Seth blogged last month about his friend who received a ban for "controlling the market". It can happen to any of us. Just remember who the GMs are. They're just kids on near minimum wage.

Athyra said...

Had an annoyingly long conversation a month or so back with somebody who wanted me to loan him the money so that he could buy a mechanohog I was selling.
The conversation went as long as it did because I couldn't understand what he was asking - that a miscellaneous non-80 would want me to give him a mechanohog worth of mats and hope he pays me back. Or for that matter go through the process of giving him money so that he could buy the mount off the AH.
'Course there seems to be a negative profit margin on the Mechanohog .... but that's a different issue.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is months old, but I looked up Axechopper on armory to see if he lived up to his claim of "watch me get to 80 in 2 weeks", but nope, he's still 70. He's also wearing the Jenkins title, totally not surprised. I accidentally got it on my rogue the other day while doing BWL attunement, I was pretty pissed. It's the one achievement I didn't want.