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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morons of the week, part 2

There is almost no week without someone making a thread in the official forums about undercutting. (by Denethal)

People beware of Kellibundy's powers! (by Fifththird)

Buying a single strange dust for 100G is bad enough already. Don't make it worse by begging the gold back from the seller! (by Lemontree, Ysondre-US)

Craig got his first angry whisper. Congratulations, you are doing it right! And trolling him by playing stupid is just hilarious:

Ouch! I doubt if Shipwreckad really meant to sell for that price! Or maybe he's one of those "nice ppl" who want to sell low to help out others. (by Adrian)


Nick S. said...

I love the threatening mails. Instead of trying to be intimidating, why don't they just *actually do something*?

Oh, right, because they never had any intention of doing anything.

Wooly said...

That one from Craig is hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

The Chopper is an obvious typing error when placing the item for sale. I have done a few times. just I noticed it straight away.

I little unfair I feel

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above

That was my submission :)

You would feel much different if it was you that found it for 15% market price :)

(It's Adrian btw) :)

Anonymous said...

No, I was saying the guy made a typing error not that he is moron.
No one is beyond a genuine error. Now if he begged you for his money back, then that would have been worth the entry

Tonus said...

If you're putting something up for auction that costs ~12,500 gold to make, you really have to double and triple and quadruple check to make sure you entered everything correctly. It's not the sort of thing you should post hastily.

And I agree with Nick, the threatening emails are one of my favorites of these posts. They just sound so impotent. "If you keep undercutting me then I will sell all of my inventory at a massive discount and everyone will benefit except for me!!!" Yeah, that'll teach those nast goblins not to mess with you...

Nathan said...

I can't wait till next week when Adrian can send in the "I didn't mean to post it that low, please give me more money" letter. Those are really my favorite.

Forreststump said...

Kellibundy appears to be as vapid as his/her fictional namesake. "wait ur turn"? Are you serious?

Nielas said...

Frankly I am quite dissapointed in Gevlon posting the 'Strange Dust for 100g' picture. The guy is not 'begging' for his money back and in fact is very 'goblinish' in his mail.

The guy made an obvious mistake in buying the dust. It might have been a very stupid and/or careless mistake but that itself does not make him a 'moron'. He realizes the mistake and then does one of the only two reasonable options: he swallows his pride and asks for the transaction to be reversed. The only other reasonable option is to eat the cost of the mistake since anything else might make him a 'moron' to the public.

Note that the guy does not threaten or even try to 'sweet talk' the seller. He simply says that he made a mistake and asks the seller to reverse the transaction. The only appeal to 'social talk' I can see there is asking if the seller can 'help him'.

Sending an mail like that only takes like a minute. If the guy gets his gold back that is 100g/min profit. The only other 'cost' is that the seller go 'social' on him and try to shame him on the internet.

I would argue that it is the seller who sent Gevlon the screenshot who is the 'social moron' here. Making a mistake does not automatically make you a moron. It is how you handle it afterwards that determines that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is exactly right.

Guys sending Gevlon screenshots and stories are definitely socials. I mean, why else send a screenshot if not to become famous. Make the world better in some sense of the word? Come on.

Guys appearing on the screenshots may or may not be socials.

This is where you end up if you split the entire world into socials and non-socials.

Anonymous said...


He never actually asked for his bike back. Struck me as odd, as I was fully expecting him to send me some hate mail lol.

Anonymous said...

Actually the bike could be the real price. Hackers will often dump stuff dirt cheap because they want the gold and they want it now before they lose access to the account.

I suspect that's why you never got an e-mail begging for the money back.

Anonymous said...

So now you went from bashing people to plain cheering on scammers (putting up one piece of a stackable item in the middle of full stacks for the same price so careless clickers buy it)? Awesome.

I guess you will now go and say it's a goblinish thing to scam the "M&S". Maybe it'd be a goblinish thing as well to offer crafting ilvl 245 items and when people trade you the mats worth of thousands of gold, you just mail them to your bank alt right away and put them on the AH for profit.

Seriously, you could call this feature "Assholes of the week" in reference to the submitters instead of the submittees.

Bronte said...

Your website, my friend, is pure gold!

Pun intended!

The Gnome of Zurich said...

I gotta agree that posting strange dust for 100g is a sleazeball move. It reminds me of a guy who was famous for posting stuff like that on my server who got such a bad rep he is no longer around under the same name.

While once in a great while you will make a real sale of some item for a crazy price because you are the only one left on the ah, most of the time you will sell only to misclicks, people who thought they were buying a stack, or thought they were buying the one right below you for 1/20 the price.

Maybe goblins like getting the gold by any means necessary, but this gnome finds that kind of direct aiming for the customer's mistake to be distasteful.

Lemontree said...

But while strange dust for 100g could probably be called overpriced by almost the entire WoW population, it is an entirely free market, so there is no real price. In fact if you look at my QA2, the threshold was 50g, which is still quite overpriced. This means either that all strange dust was overpriced, or there was no other strange dust on the market.

And the unfortunate truth is I'm not sure why I even have that line in QA2, I don't even remember making it, I found it more hilarious that someone would buy strange dust for 100g.

One other thing, a sale is a sale unless there is a return policy. My boyfriend competes in the same market as me, and I was looking at an item we both sold while talking to him. I accidentally bought (with shift-click and no confirmation box Auctioneer setting) 2 of his items out that were priced above my currently listed items. He is my boyfriend and yet I laughed, knowing that he would never return my gold for those 2 items, and that it was my mistake and not his.

Anonymous said...

Anti-socials don't blog.