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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morons of the week

Since so many people claimed that it's bad to call them morons as they can play the way they want to, so I shouldn't put them to pillory here. So no more morons.

Instead here is a perfect specimen who is a perfectly smart person with little flaws like (by Panasi):
  • Have no idea about deep undercutting strategy and its benefits
  • Wants to tell other players how to play
  • Doesn't know that you can't talk the competition out of his position
  • Cannot type without extreme amount of mistakes
  • Keep calling fellow players "fukin idiots"

PS: I want to be "proper ppl" so please send me shining examples of their awesomeness so I can learn to be like them. I need lot of examples though, so keep sending!

Cranberry (Runetotem) summarized perfectly the vendor-stuff reselling market: "I just stick em on AH for 48 hr auction and relist is low price, so just keep putting them up. At the moment, i have pretty much every vendor item related to professions on AH x10... This doesn't make me a lot of money granted, but the markup is huge, time spent small and it always makes me giggle to myself :)"

Please note that selling stuff or remote vendors (like the goblin in Alterac mountains) is not M&S bashing just transportation business. Fair and viable, but don't belong here, as the buyer pay for your time getting the item.

Poer of Garrosh got a mail from another genius.

He didn't stop at sending me the letter. He engaged conversation with Gaeldar, came to a cartel agreement... and instantly violated it on an alt. That's the way!

I'd like to ask all contributors to send better quality pictures. If you really don't know how to make your picture fit to 800x600, send me bigger and I'll resize it properly.

Joethecanoe - Dragonblight EU, like most of us is unable to understand the M&S axiom: you can farm it, so it's free!

Tim St. Clair found a "great" advertisement:

You can buy a guide for real money to get 150!!! G/hour. I guess a bunch of random dailies give more.


Jamie Walker said...


I want to complain about the morons who said that you using the word moron to describe morons was moronic. I remember when men were men and morons were morons, and more on that later.

In summary, morons are morons, don't be put off by the morons who say that it's moronoic to say morons, and just make sure there are more morons at the weekend.


E. (I'm going to lie down now.)

Matthew said...

My faith in humanity continues to diminish.

Klepsacovic said...

@Matthew: Keep in mind the current sample of humanity should not be taken to be even remotely representative of the species as a whole. I imagine your faith in humanity would increase if there was a "Genius of the Week", but that wouldn't fit well with Gevlon's disdain for anyone who isn't a mental clone of him.

Anonymous said...

Every time I'm in a battleground I pray that it isn't a sample of humanity. If they can't even manage a computer game how do they do their IRL jobs???

Anonymous said...

Nothing can pave a "ty kindly" the way better than a few insults.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing can pave a "ty kindly" the way better than a few insults."

I don't know if it was moronic but if was my WTF moment for today.

Wicklow said...

Yet more examples of the idiots sending these screenies being the real morons. Hint: Educating direct competitors and improving their business skills is *bad for you*.

It's clear that these people only do this to boost their egos by demonstrating their superiority and humiliating the people that make them rich.

That aside, a dozen screenshots of enraged players sending 'OMG Y U UNDERCUT so much!!1' is getting old, fast. We get it, people are stupid. I would appreciate more posts on your own WoW activity or interesting business stories by other readers.

mike said...

i have been at in the glyph market since the start of wrath (it just so happens to be when i stumbled upon your blog) and I have yet to get any of these nasty tells. I makes me sad. But then again, until this MMO crap, I never had any serious competition either. Glyph prices were happily above 20g per glyph on most glyphs for my server before MMO.

I spent frivolously (I have a Girlfriend who plays, and while she does enough goblin tactics to supply her self with repair costs, she dosn't do enough to get the nicer things)

Well, soon i hope to give you a flood of tells to post, once i hit my desired gold amount, Im gonna carpet bomb the crap out of the market and drive some more people out. I've built up some suppliers recently that will keep me under what my competition's cost are on the AH. Im almost positive they buy from AH, there is currently only 1 other scribe even close to posting the volume that I do, the rest are small time by comparison.

Kotamundus said...

Not this week, but you have sometimes posted shots of people buying multiple glyphs of the same type. It is likely that not all of these are M&S. When glyph prices are low enough they can be viewed as a consumable not an equipable. For example (warrior) for the Vezax fight I wnat my shield wall on a short cd to get through his special enrage ability, so glyph of shield wall, on the next fight (Yogg) mobility to pick up the adds is more important, go changing back to a glyph of charge works better. Having a stack of the glyphs I use commonly is valid - they can be a consumable.

Of course having a glyph-maker of my own, I dont need to buy them. But I have seen purchases of multiples at low prices often enough, by toons that do not relist them, that I am sure some serious raiders do treat them as consumables.

Apart from that keep the morons rocking in on the weekends - I love the laughs.

mat said...

Gevlon, this is your blog, and in your opinion they are morons, so call them morons.
To be honest, I never expected to see you adopt a PC attitude towards something like this.

ZacharyPruckowski said...

Yeah, the advent of 100g+/hour dailies sort of puts the hurt to gold-making guides. And blogs that dispense gold making advice sort of put even more hurt on them. Problem is, gold making is only a few simple tricks that aren't hard to sort out, so selling that information isn't going to be a money-maker.

Anonymous said...

Should be named Idiots of the week imo but okay.

xeno said...

""One of my professions is Inscription and I used to make gold out of selling the decks that can be handed in for trinkets at darkmoon faire. However, since the introduction of more gear in ToC and now Onyxia the value of the decks has fallen through the floor. Is there any chance Blizzard will give these decks/trinkets some sort of boost or is inscription now a complete waste of a time?"


Thought you gobs would get a kick out of that.

asd said...

I may be mistaken, but a little while ago I believe you yourself stated that undercutting by 1 copper was the way to go. I see in this post you stated "deep undercutting" has benefits. I may be reading incorrectly, but if I'm not, why the change in marketing strategy?