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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Morons of the week

They just can't stop whining (by Breevok).

Please stop sending pictures about morons buying Resilient Parchment for 10+G. They were fun once, now a legitimate market niche, practically on every server. If I'd post all pictures, the post would be 30 pages long. So I post none.

Sarainy of sent a picture from his site. It's the same as the resilient parchment trick, but since it's different item I let it in:

Ouch! James sent me this fine specimen:

Extremebank really plays extreme. Glyph industry on 3 servers? Double goldcap? Why? However it doesn't make the request of Necare less stupid:

Once upon a time 5 potions fit into one stack and the only way to save slots in your bank is to find an engineer to create you injectors. It was patched and now 20 potions fit into a stack, so injectors are no longer better and should sell for exactly the same as the potion. However Rob of Kil'Jaden-EU found that Blizzard forgot to send the patchnotes to the M&S:


Iiene of Kul Tiras said...

Oh for the love of god.


These screenshots are FAKE!

Not even M%S are this stupid. But any retard looking for 15 minutes of fame can log on as an alt to stage these absurd shots.

You are being used.

Look at the punctuation in the third shot... Exactly the same on both actors.

Smashie said...


Anonymous said...

"Grevlon". I must say the readers of this blog has a hard time spelling your name right.

Iiene of Kul Tiras said...

Oh, and Ollowain, the level 43 Warrior on Kil'Jaden EU really has no reason to buy Mana Injectors at all, does he? You know... being a WARRIOR and all.

For the love of god, at least do a minimal fact check.

mike said...

i was curious how you were dealing with the mmo-champ post on glyphs. My moronic guild leader thinks that the post will/had no effect and makes jokes about me discussing it. But as some one who has been in the glyph business since the start of wrath (thanks to you!)I can see a drastic change in the market in the last few days.

I unfortunatly dont have the bank roll to force these new people out, but with prices droping so low i doubt they will stay.

I see you are trying to drain the market, but what do you plan to do to bring it back once the mmo-champ's leave the market?

Yes, you could go the monopolist route, but with the cheap cost of production on glyphs, it would be easy for some one to take advantage of it and bleed you. But then again, you have a much larger bank roll than I do.

Ive never treid to "dominate" the market, just post enough to make good profits to never have to farm.

and who are you selling the snow fall inks off to? i dont mean names, i'm curious who is interested in it. I can see maby people making cards, but on my server at least, even greatness decks are selling for 3kish now.

any ways, still love the blog, and with this mmo-champ crap im trying to get creative again as i had gotten lazy off the glyph market as it was.

Iiene of Kul Tiras said...


I realize you're not asking me those questions... but I'll respond anyway. Because I'm not shy.

Yeah! Here on US Kul Tiras, It's been horrific! Glyph prices have been dropping like a rock, herbs have been drying up in the AH.

My profits are way down.

There are two basic issues that I see:

First: Morons. These are people that just don't think. (And hey... I really can't blame them... we don't all have IQ'a over 125) These are the guys that still use Auctioneer and think that 'Market Value' is somehow relevant. They post blocks of glyphs at wonky, low prices.

Second: The "Profit Minimalist Strategy" people. They post glyphs at a flat rate of 3 to 12 gold, irregardless of it's current price.

There are 2 courses of action for us, the long term Glyph sellers...

1) Bail. Step back... fill your ink reserves. Load up your glyph stockpile... reenter the market when it recovers.

2) Fight. Post glyphs! Buy (or make) ink! But be prepared to spend a LOT of time doing it. The reward? Knowledge. You will have a better understanding of the glyph industry for surviving this.

Ephemeron said...

Actually, Injectors have one advantage over stacked potions: Engineers receive +25% mana/health when using them.

Anonymous said...

hehe i sold that rod for like 6.99g...but i am to lazy to send something in :p ....same with 12slot herbbags from supplier (25silver) sell them sometimes for 12.99g buyout ;)

Fawr said...

A warrior buying mana injectors sounds to me like someone has just noticed that mana injectors for much less then their "old" price and picked themselves up a bargan.

Poor them...

Rob said...

@liene - I've taken that SS of the injectors and it really is not a fake - I've sold quite some of them during past weeks, I don't know why people buy them. My theory is that they either missed out the injectors before they were patched and now read the 'improved for engineers'description (curiosity) or simply think it's a stack of 20.

I also do not look up who's buying my potions - might be a bankchar anyway.

SiderisAnon said...

Liene of Kul Tiras posted: "These screenshots are FAKE!"

Hi, I'm the "James" who submitted the one with "Leame" begging for flight money. Unfortunately, it is not fake. I think the only reason the person stopped begging was because I hearth stoned out of the DK training area where they were.

Maybe they assumed that since I was playing a DK too, I must be dumb enough to just give them the money? :)

Once I realized they were begging and not asking a question, my second thought after "Moron" was, "I gotta send this to Gevlon."

Anonymous said...

I am necare and I sent in the screenshot. Extremebank was the one complaining about the low prices of glyphs on the market.

Also I did not accomplish that feat by undercutting 20 times a day. Just once in the morning and once after work.

Sarainy said...

Sarainy here with the first screenshot. Again, as the above posters say these screenshots are not fake.

I've actually ended up selling quite a lot of copper rods on the AH now. As Gelvon says it is just like the parchment trick, it just relies on stupidity.

Try it yourself, at most you lose a couple of silver at most.

RaveLine said...

necare & extremebank are both stupid in their posts

"i sell my snowfall so IoS doesn´t cost anything"

OMG, thats nice understanding of opportunity costs...

Anonymous said...

"Opportunity costs" are meaningless when you have 20 new scribes in 2 days on the server(Thanks MMO).

The fact that I have a supplier of Northrend herbs for 14G a stack in bulk and that I sell snowfall ink's for 14G per means allot. On a server where Northrend herbs sell for 30G+ it allows me to drive people out and still make a huge profit.

As I stated I sell glyphs on 3 server's, so I do not log on 20 times a day to undercut. If I see I have 10-20 new competitors then I will undercut by as much as 50% the goblin way.

RaveLine said...

ye, that´s all right & true and i´m happy that there´s nobody new on my server.

but in fact you would even make more profit to sell the inks for 5g / each to all the new MMO-C - wannabes and after a while you regain your market when the babygoblins are gone... because without transfer costs you have to check every single step in your chain...if a single step doesn´t make profit - skip it :)

Wildhorn said...

Omg, I am on the interweb now!

Anonymous said...

@ Ephemeron, yes they do, however, buying a stack of 20 potions, crafting injector yourself and then clicking to combine them is a great deal cheaper for an engineer then buying a ready made stack.

The recipe is extremely cheap to manufacture and its learned from a basic trainer.

Buying them in AH is dumb.

Nick S. said...

I thought the MMO-champ crap would ruin my business, but it seems to have driven up demand, which my server sorely needed.

I'm making 500g/day by posting once around 3pm, waiting to be undercut at 6 or so, then canceling and reposting. I find that I have to bait out the undercutters before I can start making money for the day.

What sucks is the sheer number of competitors now... prices are down, which is fine, but the undercutting is CONTINUOUS. My "min" price of 5g gets reached by multiple glyphs every day.

Anonymous said...

500g a day is low if you're doing that much work. The whole draw of playing the AH is being able to spend as little time as possible making as much money as possible. If you're putting up and cancelling on the same day then you're spending too much time to make 500g than you should be.

Anonymous said...

Two morons in every screenshot - problem is one moron thinks he is a Goblin.

Greatgazoo of Kul Tiras said...

Hi Ilene!