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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morons of the week

Valentis got Jarkor's mail. It seems Jarkor found out how to sell bags: undercut. Good for him. But what the mail is for?

Aleksey got his share of helpful advice:

Entropysteak was warned that he is ruining the market. The fun thing is that even his price is very high:

Caelian is really evil. In his power hungry craze to dominate the bag market he did a really awful thing: undercut poor little Azulana by 1G!

Arceopteryx of Burning Blade seems to be an AH-camper. Too bad for Abomb, who wants to be a monopolist.

The next one might need some explanation. Centuri of US Azshara was asked for a discount, what is OK and not M&S behavior. That part comes when Centuri is kind enough to tell the M&S how to get it cheaper, and despite the mats are 20G and every BS can make it, he chose to buy it.

That's a good one: 2 morons in one conversation. And one of them even sends me the SS! (If you don't get what's wrong with him, read the /2 line at the top). Edit: the buyer claims that he wants to sell it for real $1000. If it's true then he is not a moron but the buyer should be displayed in traveling freak shows.

Impi Maelstrom-US was quite correct when he wrote "I view this correspondence as importantly as my first copper taken. When will they learn about market share and profit? Take what you can, give nothing back!"

Konstantin, Kil'Jaeden US Server got the usual "can u gif g plzz" with the unwanted trade window spam, but answered stylish way. I have to admit, I don't dare to pull this. I have the phobia that I accidently press trade:

Anjasa makes her living on the trade chat. That chat can attract "strange" people who have the idea that leveling a profession and standing in the middle of the city spamming trade is fun, therefore does not deserve payment. We all know guys like the first one. But the second one... How on Earth?


Anonymous said...

The please at the end of Anjasa's SS was the best!

Kevan Smith said...

I submitted one, too, but I have to admit these were better.

Anonymous said...

man oh man your chat screencaps are so funny to read. Please post more. they're the best. How's that guild working out where you paid to join and pay for their repairs, and pay anyone who doesn't like you to like you?

Unknown said...

:> Im shown, up to 9k in the vault per night now, much love Gevlon.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

I'm wondering how the guy feels, who got roasted for sending a SS of himself asking to buy Spectral Tiger mount for 126k?

There he is, thinking he's not M&S, sends the screen shot, and Gevlon pisses all over him.

That was my favorite one.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Morons really came out to shine on this one. Usually its just the guys without a clue on why people are undercutting, but now they don't know why people won't give them free gold or mats or production. This is one of those times when my faith in humanity really fails. Still at least the people sending in the screen shots aren't stupid at all... =P


Belsebub said...

I actually had something similar to the last one happen to me maybe a week ago or so. I saw a guy in trade looking for an engineer so I whispered him and found out he wanted a chopper, after a while trying to get an agreement, that included a 350g fee, he told me he would be right back and logged of.

A few minutes later someone whispers me and says he is the first guys brother and that his little brother that I talked too didn't have the gold to buy a hog.
Of course I had realised this long ago and already left to do some netherwing dailies but I thanked him anyways. He then asks if I can make him a chopper for 300g. I tell him that I wont as it costs at least 12 500g to make.

He then says: "You said 350"

I'd assume it was the same person. That or stupidity goes in the family.

Gary said...

Hey, I sent in the spectral tiger SS.

Please explain why this makes me a moron?

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

@ Gary.
I'd guess it would be your willingness to spend 126K on a bloody tiger.

Rem said...

The "please?" made my day.

The Goblin sayeth: thou shalt not spend a fortune on useless cosmetic stuff! ;)

Kevan Smith said...


A spectral tiger is a _vanity_ mount.

Look up vanity, and there's your answer.

Gary said...

Ah, ok.

Well Gevlon, I'm not intending ride around Dalaran on it, but sell it to a real M&S for close to $1,000

You said yourself in your post on JMTC yesterday that you would sell your account for the right amount, well I'm doing the same with some of my gold.

Belsebub said...

@ Gary
The problem is that you are not allowed doing that. Trading the card for real life money is fine and trading the mount for in-game gold is so as well. But trading the mount in-game for real life money is not allowed.

Gary said...


Neither is selling an account but Gevlon would still do it.

Anonymous said...

Well if you would care to read Gevlons note, it says that if it is true he wants to sell the account for 1k$ afterwards he is not a moron... but the one buying the accound should be put on a traveling freakshow.

There guess that cleared it all up for you moral**gs

Belsebub said...

The diference is that in case of account selling there's almost no risk with getting banned as you will no longer be the owner of the account. But when you sell an item you will instantly get banned if discovered making it a lot more risky on your part.

One said...

To the guy who wants to sell the Tiger. I know someone irl who bought the Card for the Tiger for 300€, 1000$ sounds a little bit much, but i'm sure you can sell the tiger for real cash :D

Zamboni said...

I'd probably pay that much just to have the spectral tiger as a mount. I can replace the gold in a couple of weeks, and it's certainly cheaper than paying for the card.

(I still want the chicken, too.)

N said...

I tried to sell a couple of Mechano-Hogs early in Wrath. It usually went about like this.

"WTS Mechano-Hog, 15,000g!"
"LOL noob those are only worth liek 200g"

I gave up.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know the occurrence of getting banned for selling your account is negligible, sue me.

I make a living off selling accounts I power boost with raf and instance boost to 80, takes me only 26 hours for 2 accounts which sell at roughly 160$ each.

Coupled with 6 hours to quickly deck it out alongside old guild mate alts, i can then raise the price to 250$ each account. Haven't received a ban notice (for refunds) nor and complaints. 500$ for a measly 30 hours avg every 5 days is nice for someone who in the off-time runs a separate business for game development.

So there really is very little repercussions to selling accounts unless your the dipshit in trade doing the trade spam.

If morality to breaking a games contract is hurting you, talk to the gold farmers and see how long before they just blatantly ignore you =) .. after all it is only a game.

Ewber said...

Just go do an Ebay search for Spectral Tiger loot card.

Many things are vanity items yet I'd still buy one (in real life or in WoW) if someone was selling it for cheap (only to resell for a profit).

The 'M&S' is the person who buys the mount from him for actual money, not the guy who spends gold on it to resell for cash.

Buy it for 100k, sell it to someone for 750$ (roughly the going rate, my friend sold an actual card of one on Ebay recently) and server transfer/faction transfer to whatever server they are on, and you just made $7.50US per 1k gold (less transfer fees of course).

Anonymous said...

It's cute to see all the goblins socializing. They gather around some screenshots and laugh and tell some stories and all have a great time discussing why is better to have virtual money that serves no purpose over a virtual motorcycle which... serves no purpose but, hey!, at least it makes some noise!

Raiding, training people, organizing screenshotting parties, making arguments which contradict themselfs. All ape sub routines from a different tribe.

This blog is getting too social and Gevlon knows it. I guess that having a girlfriend and not just simply masturbate to avoid social interactions had something to do with it.

Unknown said...

Loved the "please"

Noak said...

@ previous anonymous:

What point does bitching serve?

Wooly said...

That last one is funny as hell. I'm even getting a bit annoyed just by reading it. It's an extreme version of the conversations I have on regular basis. How can people that stupid even play this game? I'm surprised they get passed the loginscreen.

Vedast said...

Ha, ha, ha! I love this blog.

Molinu said...

I've never really quite understood Gevlon's hatred of luxury items. If you're having trouble affording armor repairs and consummables, then it makes no sense to buy a red dragon mount, tundra mammoth, etc.

But if you're already sitting on hundreds of thousands of gold, why not? What else are you going to do with the money - give to beggars in Orgrimmar? Pay to put young orclings through college?

Acquiring 'cool stuff' might be an ape-subroutine, but it's an enjoyable ape-subroutine. If you've got the money for it, why not indulge it?

Vedast said...

That's really interesting. I have more than 100kg liquid and a lot more in items, and I also know how to make a lot of money per week without spending much time (my server is ridiculously profitable).

I'm the Guild Master of a guild with about 180 characters (35 80) and I'm wondering what can I do with all that money that I easily get. What would you do, Gevlon?

I'm thinking about ways to make my guild more known, so I can get some profit from the web page. Does that have any sense?

Is there really any "dead money" (real money I mean) to get in this game? There's a lot of people playing this game, so there "has to be" dead money.

I'm winning more and more gold but I have no idea of what to do with it, and, of course, I'm not going to waste it in stupid things.

Do you think this game can be profitable without directly selling gold?

I'd really appreciate your opinion about that.


Anonymous said...

As always, hilarious.

This might interest you.

Tonus said...

"I've never really quite understood Gevlon's hatred of luxury items. If you're having trouble affording armor repairs and consummables, then it makes no sense to buy a red dragon mount, tundra mammoth, etc."

I always consider that the comment is directed at people who want to know 'the secrets' to making lots of gold and whine that they never have any, but they spend money on vanity items as soon as they have enough gold to do so.

If you have the gold to spare and are making thousands per week, it's not really a big deal to spend it on a vanity mount, even if it goes against 'goblin ideals.' If you are always complaining about how you never have enough gold, but your Pet tab is overflowing with unnecessary items, then you are the person who is called "M&S".

Anonymous said...

With Brewfest coming up, what mats should I be stacking? Thanks.