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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Morons of the week

Another Saturday, another set of samples of the awesomness of the humankind, that make the Spartan solution looks good.

After Nicciter of Smolderthorn-US set up a really small glyph industry, the hate mail and tells have started to roll in:

Geforce got his share of "lol I tell you how to lol" class tells:

Yureina - Wyrmrest Accord-US found something that seems to be just another punk. But the last line is is the very best summary of M&S phylosophy I could imagine:

Xellahmai, The Scryers-US found that successful businessmen are always found by wannabe partners:

Jeff chatted with a pretty upset competitor. He also sent a screenshot about 3 full inventories of glyphs, so I'm afraid our friend has to hold out for a long:

Tooni at lvl 14 got a so awesome guild offer that would make an Ensidia member leave in an instant. Or not.

Goldenshare of Nagrand-EU crafts Mammoth mining bags for 20G, listing them for 40. It seems that it's not enough for someone who did not just sent another mail, but also bought his bags up!

Bearcowcat of Gurubashi (US) was lucky enough to be informed the meeting of the greatest people in WoW:

During raiding ToC, I found a good reason why Blizzard made a mistake with creating general channel, especially for instances:

If you find similarly wonderful specimen of the human genius, let Sara's kind words guide you: "Yes, yes, show them no mercy! Give no pause to your attacks!"


Anonymous said...

"that will show me how to make gold? I don't like reading though." has to be the most hilarious thing I have ever read.

Culden said...

The simple fact that the world is proof of concept for "M&S" ( I mean, watch Judge Judy, or heck, any of those daytime judge shows) just makes this all the more hilarious... and at the same time troubling. I kind of wish there weren't so many M&S, though I can't say I'd shoot them, I don't think any of my "solutions" could work, because you'd have to change society... which can't be done in a meaningful (true to the philosophy or goal), lasting way by just a few people.
I guess all I can do is sit back and laugh at them. And feed off their tears. Auction House here I come.

Anonymous said...

There are some pretty funny pictures. "I don't like to read" /facepalm.

I don't know why people dislike vanity items so much. C'mon it's a game. It's fake money. You might as well get some enjoyment out of the gold. Oh noes, I spent 10k on a chopper, that must make me an M&S. Mammoth parties ftw! Never let the old geezers who spout "Damn skateboarding punks, get off my lawn!" ruin your day

8====> is the proper way to draw it

Zach said...

Had a great one the other day... wasn't able to get a SS of it :(

had some guy try to explain to me how I am too undergeared to tank ULD10 because I ONLY have full naxx25 gear... he spent like 15 minutes trying to explain to me how I need ULD10 gear to tank ULD10...

it was truly a funny conversation

Wooly said...

Where is mine? Damn you! It was a good one this time! ..Better then the mammoth party and the dick joke at least :)

The don't like to read is excellent though.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a screenshot for it, but a few months ago, in Trade chat:

"Looking for more for OS10. Need 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps!"

Not too sure where the person posting that message expected to fit in, though...

Mel said...

hum What a lot of these folks (and i suppose plenty of poor RL Buisness folks) is a simple thing called the Supply/Demand Curve, Simple econimics 101, i raise my price i lower the demand, some where there is a happy medium

Armagon said...

As much as I normally agree, 2g per Glyph *is* ridiculous on most servers. Herbs are expensive enough that you make less than 1g profit per glyph. That's really so low that you shouldn't bother if you "only" want to sell 50 per day.

Blackwolf said...

"I don't like reading" made my day.

It's impressive how some people think about gold making. Agree with Culden there, I also can't say I'd shoot them, else there would be no moments like this! :)

Anonymous said...

i never sell my glyphs for less than 3g and change because of the average price on herbs and the (rapidly dropping) price of snowfall ink, any less and i am losing money. in fact the only time i post for less than 5g a glyph is when one of my competitors has one posted for 3.5g. any less and i won't post, just let them lose their own money.

best reason i find for deep undercutting is most people won't bother to undercut YOU, hence the profit profit rolls in.

Mallika said...

Oh god, the screenshot of that "business partner" who tried to get into the "AH guild" was hilarious -- "I have 1,000 gold! And abyss crystals! Let me in!!!"

Zerotorescue said...

I love my Je'Tze's Bell... Used to be BiS before I benched my Resto Druid.

Our Ulduar General chat is a better version of the Barrens chat, it can be quite entertaining :) No M&S crap, just some fun of high level guilds.

A few weeks ago some random dude bought all my Eternal Belt Buckles while I was online and relisted many at like 70g each. I then posted more (hoping he would buy these aswell), but he whispered me why I was crashing the prices instead of not undercutting by just a couple silver. I should have screenshotted the conversation.

When I left for a week vacation I posted all glyphs I had at that time at the AH for 3g each. No matter what the price was at that time I posted them all at 3g to empty my inventory, make a few gold in the process and restart on another char when I got back (with 4000 inks waiting in the bank). I expected to get a comment on that, but it remained silent though.

Anonymous said...

I wish I took a screen shot last night. Someone started lamenting in Trade about why would people post borean leather under the vendor price.

I'm not sure who's a bigger idiot - the one that loses gold by posting under vendor or the one who blabs about it in trade, instead of quietly taking advantage of it.

Unfortunately, I was not the only one who had the same idea (I was at a training dummy in TB, testing a new spec, so it took me a minute to get to AH), so I missed out on the lowest listings, but I still made a killing on buying up some of that leather and converting it to armor kits :)

Joe Nothin' said...

I've said it before and i'll say it again: Statisticly speaking, since most people are m&s and socials, these little talks can and will make them change strategy. Why fight off a competitor in the AH when you can make him back off by using social threats?
Isn't that the goblin way?

Geforce said...

On a note to the screenie with the "2g" my treshold is 6g so I don't really know what he meant with that but anyways he put me on ignore after my first reply, heh

Joon Pear said...

Heh, i love this blog :)

Sten Düring said...


Funny how the people ask you to be decent and agree upon an activity that is explicitly illegal in most industrialized nations :D

Why did you never bother to educate them why the anti-trust legislation is commonplace?