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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alchemy update

I couldn't find Aosoth online recently but he sent me an e-mail describing his success with alchemy:
  • Earthsiege diamonds and Skyflares still selling well, prices fluctuate a bit. Eternals cost less than 22g and diamonds sell for 34g+, 2-250 diamonds total sold since patch day
  • Frost Oils still dead
  • Arcanite coming back online
  • A few flasks sold at profit, although not too many - Frost lotus is hard to get cheap, a lucky buy from a seller on trade channel helped
  • Epic gems sell very quickly, there was a lucky proc with gem transmute
  • No luck with speed potions or trolls blood elixirs.
  • Fire protection potions and the fel mana potions finally sold, next batch crafted
Aosoth invested most of his Alchemy made profit on his other profession, making it more profitable. Smart move.

As you can see, while Alchemy is not an easy profession it's far from "QQ no profit in Alch QQ"


Anonymous said...

are you keeping a spreadsheet of time input vs profit?

hows that working out?

alchemy can make a profit, so can grinding light leather, i dont see you reccomending making our way to durotar and breaking out the skinning knife at level 80.

Anti said...

ok so i just worked out i dont need to register to give my posts a name. i'll stop posting as anonymous so you can develop a proper disdain for my views.

Anonymous said...

Any profession can make some money. The question is whether the time and effort is worth it for a lower profit. Inscription and JC seem to be easy money makers.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised potions of speed aren't selling for you, I sell 50+ every raid night at 2-2.5g profit per potion.

GrG said...

This is a really bad timing for experimenting with alchemy. Your main income source, metas and epic gems, have just started being super profitable. I've also sold huge amounts of metas since the patch but was not the case before 3.2.

Leeho said...

Well, while site can be good for new players, it still contains some not valid info - cat build is no good at all, enhancement shammy guide contains stat stacking list (with the link to enhSim, but still), etc.

Beryl said...

The large number of Metas is because people can now get a welfare epic helmet. give it 2 or 3 weeks that market will die.

Unknown said...

Have you thought about looking into the various items needed for low level quests? You should be able to sell them for 1-2g each with mats costing very little.

Unknown said...

And just to but some reason into it, i'm talking about these items:;crs=1:1;crv=0:0

Max said...

Sending noobs to this raider101 thing is terrible advise.
I browsed it through on some of my classes - it's outdated and some of advices there will not help but harm begining player

max said...

Oh it's not in post already, and strangely it disapeared from rss to.

Anonymous said...

I must have made about 2k gold last weekend off of just meta gems, they cost about 18g to make and were selling for almost 50, and I probably sold about 100 in 2 days. Probably due to the amount of JCs wanting to get their skill up to cut epics.

GrG said...

That's right Beryl/Anonymous. Right now every item enhancement (leg kits/belt buckles/gems/enchants) sells like there's no tomorrow. That's going to stop soon and alchemy will again be a low profit prof.

Yazilliclick said...

Sorry Gevlon but based on all your posts about alchemy you've failed to show it's a profitable tradeskill at least without spending a lot of time in it.

Your few consistent sellers that are turning a regular profit are all things that are that way thanks to this new patch and are going to die down. Epic gems will probably always sell decently but at least on my server the mat costs soared up as well while the selling price for them has been dropping quickly. I'd be surprised if the same isn't happening for others.

Metas is just a joke as people are trying to level up their skill from. That's pretty obvious. There may be slightly more of a market going forward there but it's going to die off if it hasn't already.

Rat said...

You should do Engineering next. It's probably easy mode compared to Alchemy, but many people (like myself) pick it up just for the novelty, and don't know how to turn it into a profitable profession.

Bell said...

In case it was missed information (as I believe it might have been stealth-nerfed), Fel Mana Pots no longer function on General Vezax. Expect that, as more people realize this, the market for them will plummet.

Anonymous said...

I personally dropped Alchemy back about 3-4 months ago after I had to work hard way too hard to turn a profit. On my server Cho'gall US there was no money to be made on flasks, and little money to be made on transmutes. During 3-4 days of the week flasks and transmutes sold below mat prices, and the other days required lucky timing or reposting on the ah often. I switched over to JC and haven't looked back. As for all those people who believe that the meta gems are only for people trying to level jc, I do disagree with you. As a JC I have been buying up uncut Earthsiege and making meta gems like crazy since 3.2 dropped. I do however agree that the market for them will go down in the near future after everyone has gotten their T8.5 head pieces from Conquest badges. But, headpieces will continue to be upgraded as more of T9 becomes available, so I am not too worried about the meta market.

Right now the best profit from a profession is probably enchanting as everyone replaces their gear, but again that will diminish somewhat over the next few weeks. The big profit seems to be in many of the ~ 400 enchanting recipes such as icewalker, assult, and of course enchant chest +8 stats (if the undercuts don't kill the market).

Green Armadillo said...

I would like to echo the first anonymous comment. How are you valuing the opportunity cost of the time spent watching /trade for a "lucky buy", going to make the transaction, etc? It seems like this profession is faring a bit worse than the others you've tried.

Unknown said...

For those of you thinking that the meta market will die soon, object lesson incoming.

I pay a jewel crafter to cut my metas based on what is selling. I even dropped a few hundred gold to get the one I use most often to buy a couple of recipies with jewel crafting tokens. Upshot? I make 3-5k a week from cut metas, and that was before "welfare epics" Be smart about your market, keep Auctioneer updated and profit, not that hard.

I still think engineering would be more of a challenge.

Unknown said...

Sorry for the Double:

We all make the assumption that every one is just buying gems/epic for their BiS gear. This is not the case. Most people are buying things up for their until they get the BiS stuff. Will Emblems of conquest make a difference? Sure, but at 58 emblems for the helm it will be a while before every one has all they need. And then they will begin collecting badges for their off spec. Keeping my profit high.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, I'd like to see more about profession synergy.

For example: The Meta gem market. To market metagems for the lowest possible overhead, you need both a JC and an Alchemist. As an aside, JCs need Mining and Alchemists need herbalism. So this synergy takes 2 toons.

Everyone goes around acting as if you can have only ONE freakin' toon and that you have to go pay off someone to do secondary tasks. Whereas the ONLY people I know that have only one toon at level 80 are M&Sers.

Alchemy is easy to level up, and produces raw materials for Jewelcrafting. Raw materials for Enchanting can be made from level 76/77 greens from almost any profession. Enchants can be scrollified (Is that a word?) with Inscription.

Dust off that alt and put it to work!

Kohaku said...

Epic gem transmutations.

I've been doing it for the past two days and they don't sell THAT well. I suggest finding a JC to cut em for you for 10-30g payment, then sell the cut one for 100+g more than raw gem.

Example: The blue epic gem. Market price for raw gem = 160-180g per. I found a JC to cut it for 13g. Sell for 320g. I say selling it cut makes more monies.


Cristobal Cardona said...

I am an altaholic. I love playing the different classes, etc. As a side bonus this lets me also try all the different professions to see what works well.

My main (resto druid) is an alchemist / leatherworker which I did so I would get the fur linings and double flask time.

My DK is a miner/JC and he is now level 77. I have been making steady profits off of 3.2 as My JC makes Icy Prisms which will net some blues and occasionally epic gems. I send the blues to my alchemist which makes them into epic gems and then I get epic cuts I don't have from other JC's for a nice tip. I have been making quite a bit of profit from this and I've been quite lazy. :)

Another side thing I found. In dalaran engineer's store, the vendor sells 2-3 32 slot engineers bag schematic for 7 gold. I buy them when available and sell on AH for 9 gold start 10-11 gold buy out and make a meager but constant profit from MS engineers who don't know it's in Dalaran or "new" 70's who want the bag schematic but can't get to dalaran yet.

Fricassee said...


The Synergy you're talking about is not productive. The idea is to make a single profession profitable.

Jewelcrafting is no more profitable if you have alchemy, because you could just buy the gems instead. Overall profit increases, but that profit is attributed to the alchemy profession for making the gems. In addition, taking gathering skills just trades time for money.

This is about taking what profession you have and turning a buck. It uses the standard rules like buying your mats instead of farming, playing M&S, and profit by volume. You could grind out all professions on many toons, or you could just make your money with 1-2 professions.

unnamed said...

"Metas is just a joke"

Perhaps crafting the raws might not be an entirely amazing way to cut a profit, however for some inexplicable reason on Thrall US Austere Earthsiege Diamonds are selling like crazy for more than 90g. Any aspiring goblin could easily set up shop here transmuting metas and then contracting to a JC to chop them all up.

Despite the fact that this recipe is taught by the trainer for little cost, despite the fact that many JC's are supposedly leveling their JC skill to 450 via meta cuts, there is still significant demand for these gems.

Every server economy will be different. Any naysayer moaning about Alchemy not being profitable at its core needs to properly consider the fact that goldmaking tactics in their minutiae are not universal as each economy is subject to its own internal forces.

MyName said...


>Jewelcrafting is no more profitable if you have alchemy, because you could just buy the gems instead. Overall profit increases, but that profit is attributed to the alchemy profession for making the gems. In addition, taking gathering skills just trades time for money.

I completely disagree. JC is more profitable with an alchemist to do the meta transmutes (esp. if the alchemist is transmute spec).

While some JC can make money from buying and recutting gems, the more profitable route is to buy the raw ore in bulk when it is cheap and then prospect it. The end result is a few blue (or epic in the case of titanium) quality gems and a large number of green quality gems. Since every JC has these gems, and no one wants to put such gems in their shiny epic gear, what you are left with is alot of waste that will sell for very little.

Fortunately, for the cost of a single eternal, you can turn this waste into a meta gem if you are an alchemist. You can also take some of them and make cheap BoE JC greens for an enchanter to DE, so between the two, you can get rid of every kind of green quality gem except for the purple ones.

The bottom line is that as long as the price of an uncut meta gem on the AH is more than the price of the eternal and the green quality gems, you will be more efficient pairing JC with alchemy (especially if the alchemist is transmute spec).

Leeho said...


For sure, noone will put green gem in his epic gear. But you can also be sure that noone will put epic or even blue gem in his alt's 60-80 lvlling blues and greens.
I couldn't buy +str green gems for my dk on high populated realm, so i decided to check AH for like a week. And I found that most of time there are no +hit, +sp, +ap, +str, +def green gems available. I guess from row ore you can sell this gems for al least +100% profit (who cares about 5-7g for a single gem or glyph? :). And don't forget to always put some uncutted green gems - one by one - they will be bought by desperate JC who wants to do daily or prism but needs a single Chalcedony (dunno why, but it's always Chalcedony being asked in trade :)

Anonymous said...

I dunno...on my server Earthsiege and Skyflares are still less than 15g right now, which is less than the appropriate eternals usually cost.

So that makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

As I said in my blog yesterday (or, as Grin'dal said), the meta market on my server is actually pretty good. I made money in my first batch (and transmute mastery procced enough to get my JCer from 445-450 JC). When I get home, I'll see what my second batch is like.

The best part? Northrend metas no longer have a cooldown on transmutation. Have at ye.

Sybilia said...

The thing is that buying a meta-gem pattern is costing 5 marks, which is worth about 800 gold on my server (if they are converted in dragoneyes and crafted instead).