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Thursday, July 16, 2009

LFM: goblin apprentice

Only in a week Ydraisa went from 100G to having her own industry and 3K+G with only half an hour a day. OK, she was exceptionally talented, but the way to be rich is open for everyone who is having problems to repair in raids.

The here is the plan:
  1. You have not enough gold. You are not lazy and don't afraid of learning.
  2. You volunteer in a mail.
  3. I pick an applicant, mostly randomly, keeping it in mind that the story must be interesting to the people. So no "I want to reach goldcap before my buddy, please help reaching 15K/week from 12K/week" please.
  4. I roll a lvl1 on your realm/faction to see the prices.
  5. I give you advices how to make gold but don't do anything myself.
  6. You become rich with less than 30 mins/day work. In the first days you may have to farm seed money or reroll a profession or roll a DK alt or something to get a start, that's a one-time time investment. (I won't ask you to reroll a profession you need for PvP/raiding)
  7. The story gets here, to the blog, day by day.
So if you want gold, send a mail. Be noted that every communication we do, including mails and ingame chat can be used here on the blog, so if you don't want 2K people to see "how could you waste 1.2K on a dragon while you can't repair your stuff?!", don't apply.

If you want or have a Mammoth or bike and don't have enough gold, don't apply since you only need to stop wasting money to be rich. Or do the goblin thing and lie.

While the general rule is that apprentice will be selected by /roll, I may deviate from it if the majority of the people want to learn about a profession. (except if it's tailoring, since I've covered that with Ydraisa).

Sorry, I forgot: only EU English speaking realms are eligible (since I cannot play elsewhere).

You don't have to be 80, but must be main. I don't waste time with some funalt on another server.


OracleMars said...

Now if only this worked with US servers... Where's markco.

vlad said...

"Or do the goblin thing and lie."

Tzi said...

I'm applying for the apprentice election thing:) I am a lvl 80 hunter on Wildhammer-EU. I can't say I'm not making enough money though, I make enough -selling Spices and some leg enchants on AH, pick some low listed items and relist them as well- to pay my repair bills. But being content with I have is not my thing tbh. And usually I don't have enough to make investment to expand the business. As someone has mentioned earlier in comments, Wildhammer has many gold farmers lately and I find it hard to make a good profit without lising many items.
I have 450 LW and 450 Skinning.

Anonymous said...

I believe, you have to send e-mail to Gevlon, if you wish to apply.

Maxsta said...

No restriction to english speaking realms? Or did I just miss that?

Molinu said...

@Maxsta: His last apprenticeship was restricted to English-speaking realms, yes. I assume that rule is still in effect.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know too if there is still the restriction to english realms.

And I'd like to see how you can do money with engineering too.

On my realm the bullet and arrow are not selling well. A,d I don't have the money to start a business with guns. Too much loss if it doen't work.

joost said...

Gevlon, will you check mails that you got before this post and after your first post? If not I can resend my mail :P


Maxsta said...

@molinu that is exactly Why i asked. If the restriction is out of Order i could apply as i play on a German Server.

Gevlon said...

Sorry, I forgot. Only EU-English

Belsebub said...

It will propably be hard to get results as good as with Ydraisa, but it will be nice to read anyways.

Kevan Smith said...

Gevlon, do you have Vent?

It might be an interesting experience for you to "host" a short Q&A session on vent sometime.

Tierdal said...

Doh! I wish you would do this on US servers! I'm dying to learn the Goblin ways right from the source. I have some seed money, and am ready to get started... I'm just hesitant to start without direct guidance. I look forward to seeing the next account with your new apprentice.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to be level 80?

Anonymous said...

This isn't an apprentice-request, but just a request that you post about how you earn such a great amount of money on the AH. I understand how to make a few g's on the AH, but I don't understand how you're making thousands and thousands.

On my server, I monitor the prices of Titansteel Bars, Eternal Belt Buckles, and Saronite Ore, and, in addition to crafting and selling my own, I buy up under-priced items and resell them. I never seem to make much money doing this though; sure, I might see 4 or 5 under-priced Titansteel Bars in a day and resell them for 10g more, but that's not much.

I'm also a BS and sell Titansteel armor, but that usually only about one piece a week, due to the smelting cooldown. I have several Ulduar patterns, but, due to the price of Runed Orbs and the availability of guild blacksmiths to people who actually have those orbs, I haven't sold any of these things.

knife said...

-Kevin Smith-

That's a great idea, except i'm not sure Vent would be the best place for it to occur. People asking questions and talking over each would probably be worse than a raid.

What might be ideal is something like a Web-Ex presentation or something. It's a little cold and professional for my taste, but it would allow Gevlon to "present" information, people with questions raise their hands and then ask. That would avoid people talking over one another.

I'm not sure if there is a free presentation-like thing he could use. If there is, use it. If there's not then it's a problem (i doubt goblins want to pay for utilitarian things, especially real money when we're talking about virtual gold).

Anonymous said...

Since you write that you covered tailoring I went back to see what you had shared:
- choose a tailoring specialization that will produce more mats for an item you plan to craft and level your skill to the point of making cloth transmutes
- Craft level 80 epics
- Craft Cloak of Crimson Snow
- Craft spellthreads
- Craft twink items (probably 10-19 bracket)
- Craft Netherweave bags
- Craft Ebon Shadowbag for warlocs
- Find a 'special market'

Was there anything else that didn't make it into one of your previous posts?

Anonymous said...

I wish you were able to do this on US realms. I have been a miner/engineer since I started playing and refuse to give up engineering (its too much fun), but have had a hard time making money with it.

Aside from selling ammo and the occasional epic gun, I can't find much else that sells well. The crafted pets are OK, but not really all too cost efficient for the amount of time you have to put in getting all the mats and crafting one.

Also, with the upcoming changes to ammo, it is hard to establish a business around it, and the guns are all over the place in prices on my server. I have sold the Nesingway 4000 for 1300G and 2 weeks later could only get 500G for one. Crafting one takes anywhere between 300-500G. The one that sold for 500G took almost 2 weeks to sell.

My character may be a hunter, but he is not a hunter/gatherer despite having mining maxed out. I want to earn money the goblin way, not by mining nodes 2 hours a day; but mining did compliment engineering well while I was leveling.

Since you can't do a US realm, could you post some tips for us Engineers, or maybe when you /roll for the next apprentice, maybe "/roll" in favor of an engineer?

Anonymous said...

EU only :(

But I like these apprentice programs it shows anyone can make gold if they put their mind to it.

or your mind to it :)

Rambus said...

I'd vote for a person trying to make money with alchemy or any of the crafting professions other than inscription or jewelcrafting. It seems that blacksmithing in particular is problematic for many, so maybe that would be a nice challenge.

Me, I'm working my first alt up in mining/jewelcrafting to go with my alch/herb main. The alchemy is going well, but I'd do better with a steady supply of frost lotus. Maybe I will start farming wintergrasp...

Unknown said...

I don't think (and I would love to be proven wrong) that engineering will ever make as much money as the other professions. Almost everything you make with it is "Requires Engineering xxx". The few things that aren't are either getting nerfed (bullets, injectors) or fairly useless (ez-throw dynamite).

You've already touched on one thing engineering should be able to make money with, guns, but apparently that isn't working too well for you. There are also scopes, and I think there are some pets that non-engineers can use too. But by and large engineering is just a way to replace one of your profession slots with a lot of random utility abilities.

I would be interested in seeing if thee are some opportunities I'm missing though.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of quest items you need i dont know if there is bulk money to be made but
Target dummys
thorium widgets

Ive sold quite a few adamantie frames, (buy them in neterstorm but when i had an engineer i could craft them)
Mitheral casing for a quest. look for those things

Anonymous said...

Yay, I look forward to The Adventures of the Next Apprentice.

Bigjimm said...


I'm on a US realm. I'd like to be your apprentice, but since I can't, I won't waste your time with an e-mail. Here's hoping you see this post.

I'd strongly second the push for Engineering. I'm a max Eng/JC and I only keep Eng because I like the mount and the ability to use transporters. It's almost totally useless for money making, and will (I anticipate) become even worse with the upcoming ammo changes.

I don't think you have to prove anything, but to the extent that you want a "challenge" with the next apprentice, I think Eng is the hardest crafting prof in the game to make money at.

-Bigjimm, Anetheron US

Gevlon said...

Yes, resend old application please, since I wouldn't know otherwise if you are still interested.

No, lvl 80 is not required.

Yes, the tailoring list is mostly what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Really looking forward to the next installment, it was fascinating to read the last one.

Anonymous said...

@icedtrip and other trying to make money:

Iced--- good job realizing that mining is a lousy way to make a living.

If you can manage to stockpile 500g or so, I would drop mining and pick up inscription. Follow gelvon's guide in "my business" and just sell the glyphs you level with. If you are careful to level off of glyphs that sell decently, and you are a little patient, you can easily level this to 450 with 500g starting with.


Stop just watching the AH prices buying low and selling high. thats a pain in the next, unreliable, and can really get you nailed with some useless items sometimes.

my 2¢.

And my comment on the article: Man. I wish I had an EU account. Then again, I have plenty of gold with my inscription business. But I might lie about that just to get to talk with him.

Orgalia said...

I can't wait to see this next adventure. It has inspired me to continue working on my glyphs and tailoring I have on two different toons. I am still working at making money at glyphing but it is picking up exponentially.

Engineering would be a great one to see. I have tried to level it but every time I start I give up eventually lol. But all I hear is how engineering is a money waster. I want to hear how much of a money maker it is.

Lets see it Gev if anyone can do it you can.

Unknown said...

Hey Gevlon,

I've started the Glyph Industry process described in your January 4th business report. The addons whohas and possessions have not been updated and are not working for me currently and I was wondering if you (or anyone else for that matter) have a work around for the problem, i.e. other addons or disabling everything but the necessary addons.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

A tip with Tailoring, I have an alt with level 300 tailoring, and I make a small amount of gold off her each week crafting Dress Shoes and the 3 piece tuxedo set.

Each items cost around 5g in mats, and I sell them between 11g99s and 29g99s dependant on competition.

Tordenflesk said...

Do you take on "teams"?
I have:
80 Miner-JC 450
80 Insc-Ench 450
79 Miner-BS 450
01 Rogue Banker.

Zan said...

Mr. Goblin,

I see several people who have expressed some interest in US servers. I know very little about the rules regarding US players and European players, or if there are any.

If there isn't any real big hurdle except for getting a US copy and paying for it, what's to stop someone like me from going to our local store and grabbing you a US copy of the game, and e-mailing you the codes?

You probably have a wide enough range of viewers that there's a few who'd throw real money at the problem to get you a copy and a few months worth of game cards.

Orgalia said...

That sounds like a decent plan not to mention it would be free for your goblin nature. :) Or you could even host a web consult service and pull in some real money. I bet there are peeps who would pay you for their interest. lol. Good luck on your ventures of course.

Darraxus said...

@ Martin: Have you tried loading out of date addons at the character selection screen?

I really dont see why people have so much trouble making money. I think it is mostly the fact that they dont want to spend time doing it. Professions take time. Even inscription.

Sven said...
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Unknown said...

Come to Shadowsong, alliance, and add Axu.. :D help me out, i have 900g -_-

Anonymous said...

Why must it be an English speaking Realm? I play on EU but its a german speaking realm. I use an English WoW Client, so what's the problem?