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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dalaran Gardens

If you don't know already, Ydraisa has her own blog now. Let's wish her good luck.

Now back to business shall we. After deciding to keep mining, she leveled it to 395, so she can mine in Northrend. She already sold all mined ores, of course some sold as bars. She knew alredy what lot doesn't: check bar price before list ores.

Her tailoring is now 426, meaning she can create ebonweave, spellweave and moonshroud time to time. She makes netherweave bags daily, creating a steady income.

She found a special market for her. She asked me not to reveal it in the blog, but there is no great secret. Just roll your tailoring list with LilSparky and craft the items that are significantly above material prices and you find similar abandoned items.

She turned her previous income into materials for further crafting without any hint from me.

And, of course against my judgement, she bought a mount: the flying carpet. She is right that she can spend her G the way she want, but it's still a waste. As you know I don't have any mounts besides a Frostwolf and the Swift Flight form, although I could buy all mounts. However she is damn right that she can spend a small portion of her wealth for vanity. She could also enchant her back now.

She also made the long term plan to level tailoring higher to be able to craft ilvl200 epics. While they are not as expensive as they were at their heyday but still 50-100G above their materials. The point is that many people lack the money to buy 400G materials to be able to sell an item for 500G. She has gold, she can do it.

As you can see, Ydraisa was always reluctant to do what I told her. I'm sure she had more money if she acted promptly. Am I sad because of it? Not at all. A robot is more effective in a static situation than a thinking human. But when things change, a robot just run into the wall. I have no doubt that Ydraisa will adapt when a patch turns the market upside down and last weeks top seller is today's "lol look at the noob!".

While there are some more things to do, the first apprentice project is closing to its end. Ydraisa is ready to find her success by the AH.

PS: anyone knows how could blogger be changed to give 19:00 instead of 7:00 PM? It's not the first time, that I set the time to 7 PM instead of 7 AM and notice I don't have the post up later.


LarĂ­sa said...

I think you did a wise choice about your first apprentice. No sheep there. She thinks for herself and is and a newborn blogger as well, who can benetfit from a little bit of encouragement and linklove. I really wish her all the best and I'm looking forward to see who's next in turn to get some coaching!

Thunderhorns said...

Little Ydraisa is riding a flying carpet even though her financial adviser advised her not to get it. She's a willful little gnome. Good to hear she's doing well.

pippen1001 said...

Hi gevlon i just made an account and tried it out, actually when you post you can write the time with the format 14:08 etc it worked for me.

Grayz said...

I really liked the whole apprentice idea. And i'm glad Ydraisa started her own blog and that she's developed her business and doing it the way she feels like, which imo is an important thing. Do what's fun :)

My first time posting here and i just wanna say that your blog is a great source of inspiration and altho i don't always agree with your opinions, it makes me think, and that's a very good thing.

Keep on writing, man!

Wooly said...

Hey, do I notice a before not yet detected sense of humor in Gevlon on Ydraisa's blog. Acting like a bunny :P

Mike said...

@Gevlon: on your blog settings, hit the formatting tab, ensure your timezone is correct and change Timestamp Format to the top one, it's the standard 24 hour format.

@Ydraisa: Glad you survived the week - enjoy your carpet, and hope it improves your mining speed!

Ilikegold said...

@Gevlon - You should get an apprentice on a US server :) Dont just let the EU people have all the fun :D

Orgalia said...

Nice job Ydraisa. I hope all continues well for you.

Anonymous said...

" @Gevlon - You should get an apprentice on a US server :) Dont just let the EU people have all the fun :D "

Gevlon IS european , his WoW is the EU version

Yazilliclick said...

I believe he can just use the US trial to connect over here and see the AH (though wouldn't be able to trade).

Mongmong said...

Gevlon... your whole apprentice idea... is pretty social! =)

Well done Ydraisa and Gevlon!

Catalin said...

Gevlon, words cannot truly express the amount of gratitude towards the efforts you've put into this project.

A week has come and gone in a second too early, and I will surely miss our late night discussions.

If I promise to keep the underbelly elixir away this time, will you come over from time to time to share a drink and a tale or 10?

To everyone else, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragements.

If you feel so inclined I've started today a series on my blog that describes the goblin's teachings as I've perceived them.

Anonymous said...

So I'm assuming that she already had a fast flying mount? Because if you are implying a fast flying mount isn't worth it then try doing storm peaks and icecrown with the loaner. Or try doing the winter's edge in the tournament with the loaner.

If she already had fast flying mount you may have a point. I personally feel though its a waste of your profession to not partake on profession specific items if you can. Besides it doesn't cost that much. If you already have a flying mount are at max level what else are you going to do with your gold? Having it just sit there isn't good either.

Catalin said...

When I started working with Gevlon I pretty much had all big expenses nailed out. I had epic flying and cold weather flying, as well as dual specialization.

My problem when our training started was that I needed gold for enchants, and to gem any new gear that might drop, as well as a safe amount of money (say around 20K) for unexpected events.

Even though I had most pieces of the puzzle, Gevlon helped me see the big picture and arrange them into a pattern.