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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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A few days ago I visited relatives. Someone plays WoW there, so I took the great opportunity to get away from the horrors of family diner and talking about "who said what about whom in the family".

The guy was lvl 80 without cold weather flying. No money, although "I make every daily I can". "That's why you have no time for making money" - I've replied and although there was no Auctioneer, tradeskills were low and did not know the server prices, in half an hour I made 400G for him. The amazed guy asked for further info, and I proudly presented my blog as endless source of information... except I found not much such information.

I found my posts about making couple thousands with a complicated industry (something he cannot dream of as the starting costs are around 5K). I also found lot of businessmen-thinking post that would help him a lot on the long run, but he needs gold now. While some of my old posts had useful info for him, he already knew them as I used them for making 400G in that half an hour.

Out of ideas, I shown him the grinding and basic auctioning posts of JMTC. It was quite shocking to notice that my blog is not really useful for a guy who starts making money. I was thinking a lot how could I fix it, and I found several great ideas... except I would hate making "grind storm reveneants" videos and picture explanation of "which button does what in Auctioneer".

I found that with huge hateful work I could turn my blog into JMTC-2. Great perspective.

On the other hand I have increasing number of subscribers despite I write less and less basic moneymaking posts. After all not everyone are starting with 100G. There are 3000G/week goblins out there wanting 5000G/week. Such cases the techinque is already great and the lack of goblin thinking is the barrier between being rich and being shamelessly rich. I'm here for them and those who don't like goblin thinking at all but would like to know it.

So if you are here to learn of being rich, please look at the picture below and decide if this blog is for you:


Anonymous said...

There are a number of players who still have no idea how the AH really works. Today, I had to show someone (a level 80) two partial stack of Runecloth in the AH, both selling at 55% of market value.

"Buy them and sell them back at full price, the highest price you've ever seen for Runecloth."

"But how does that make me any money?" The stack sold 20 seconds later for three times what he paid for it. "Oh..." It was like a giant light bulb going off.

"Welcome to the Auction House."

Shark said...

I don't play WoW, or any other mmorpg, but I follow your blog because its interesting.
I skip posts which aren't interesting to me, which tends to mean the ones about WoW. I skip less then half of your posts.

Siobhann said...

I came here for gold-making tips and figured out pretty soon that I'd have to do a lot of AH grinding to make gold. If I want to put that much effort into following prices of something on a computer, I'll daytrade for real money. I stuck around for your totally unique attitude. Some days I find it refreshing and other days I just want to throw something at you. It's always a fun read.

Seth.onecopper said...

once I was rich, that ain't enough anymore....
Your Blog helps me with that
(talking about pixelmoney though)

Anonymous said...


My inscription bags resemble half of you inks storage (most of them are ocean ink and in mail though...)

I am in :)

Yaggle said...

I thought your best moneymaking advice for everybody, even poor people, was the one where you talked about not spending money you don't need to spend. I mean, this advice alone will get you cold weather flying before lvl 80. Only thing I hate about advice is that it sounds like what my Grandfather told me when I was about 15 years old. Damn Grandpa.

Valdas said...

picture explanation of "which button does what in Auctioneer" - would love these :D JMTC posts only basics, but I would love to learn use batch posting, price matching and other advanced Auctioneer stuff.

We Fly Spitfires said...

I'd guess that quite a few people just plain enjoy reading the blog and seeing your opinions and don't put a lot of the money making advice into practice. Would you be able to poll this? Would be interesting to find out. Personally I don't use any of your advice (yet) although I'm sure it's good.

Nakrull said...

I started the reading your blog with 5k gold, I'm still leveling up inscription and have bought a whole whack of cheap mats that I could resell, but i'm waiting for a good reason (really good tip or something like that) I mean what else am I going to do with 300 pieces of frostweave and 30 so pieces of eternal earth?

In any event your blog is entertaining and your industry is inspiring just not as helpful to the goblin-in-training as JMTC.

Aluska said...

I read your post and love it, although a more detailed and profession based guide would be desired. I have most of the professions and the luxury of many many characters at my disposal.

Please, Gelvan. Post a detailed discription for setting up an inscription empire on our own servers. :D


Zneq said...

Hey Gelvon.

Just a quick qustion regarding your ink/inscription industry. I'm having one myself, making about 1000g/day with 300g coast or so. My qustion is how do you acquire your inks, do you(or any other Goblin out there, with a similar business) only buy Northren herbs and then trade them in at the "Ink Trader" for the needed herbs. I found that Azeroth and Outland herbs, are pretty overpriced, but maybe I'm missing out on a trick somewhere?

On another note, 1/3 of my income or so, comes from selling Snowfall Ink, does anyone else have that kind of situtation? Bare in mind, I do only sell for 1000g (or less) / a day.

Cheers Zneq.

Unknown said...

@Zneq, he's already stated numerous times he buys ink, i think 2 posts back he said he found someone on his new server that sends him ink directly and the other guy makes his 1k profit off the snowfall ink and the ink of the sea is just a wash for him.. the "other" guy see's his "profit" as the snowfall ink.. win win.. GG saves time (not milling / crafting ink) and "WashMan" makes a nice profit off "ZOMG NOBLES CARDS" ink..

Carra said...

You made him 400g / half an hour. That's 800g an hour. In one evening of 5 hours he can have his 5k gold starting capital.

And yeah, you have to think big. Bank alts filled with nothing but inscription stuff.

But the bottom line is, most people don't enjoy auctioneering or creating a mass glyph industry. They have more fun killing a few elementals or doing a few dungeons.

Anonymous said...

I've never been compelled to leave a message on your blog before (I don't think I have any way), but I really enjoyed the conversational format of this post.

I don't always agree with a lot of your theory posts but I actually thought I was reading someone else's blog on my reader until I scrolled back up and realised it was you.

I really enjoyed this self-review of your blog and I would definitely be interested to see more in a similar vein.


Anonymous said...

I've been following the blog for months and the only thing I've disagreed with is his anti-mammoth policy. After awhile you don't need the huge amounts of gold that accumulates. Spending 20k on a mammoth to me is no biggie because there's always another 20k to make in the AH.

Anonymous said...

I have zero interest in making money in WoW. I don't play it so irregularly (a couple times a week to do arena matches/WG & BG dailies) that the amount of money I get from doing those dailies covers the cost of regemming/enchanting my gear.

I still enjoy reading your blog though, it's interesting.

Ron said...

I'll probably end up echoing someone else earlier post but here goes. I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago. There were some gold making tips here and here but mostly it seemed like you talking about your beliefs on the WoW society.

While I don't always agree with what you say, I do like reading about a point of view other than my own. Plus it gives me a glimpse of what I might be able to do given enough capital and some AH-savvy.

When I want an auctioneer tip or an idea about what to sell I usually go to JMTC, but when I want to read about someone's perspective on the wow economy I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Gevlon, never quite know what to expect from you. I think you're wrong about needing more information about starting up though. After reading your blog I have my own inscription business, I clear around 1k a day - sometimes more sometimes less. I used your basic idea, and adapted it to my server. You have said everything that someone needs to know, the rest of it is up to them to research the ah prices on their own server and work out their strategy. My server has active undercutters, with 3 large segments of glyphs being reposted 3 times a day, and they are happy to put prices below material cost for extended periods to drive out competition. So I list only 2 glyphs at a time, and only 170-200 glyphs in total, but I watch competitors and relist well - it makes me a ton of money and I dont think they understand how much I make.

TL,DR You supply the idea and attitude, it's up to individuals to make it work for them - no such thing as a free lunch!

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify - how many Gevlons could 1 server support? Making 8-10k G per week is significant for the amount of played time he puts in. What if there were 2 or 3 folks doing the same industrial glyph process?

JC would be a similarly great profession to do this kind of production IF the deposits costs weren't so astronomical.

Dillion said...

I started reading your post with only 500G in the bank. I'm currently up to 9k. My suggestion for starting out is two-fold.

Bids - Avoid buying out auctions if you can. Find auctions ending soon and bid on them. If you don't get them you get your money back but most time you will get something.

Find out what you can make that sells - Glyphs, enchants, potions or whatever:

Tailors - Spellthreads
LW - Armor Kits
Alch - Guru's Elixir

You can make money if you use your brain. :D And always always always add up the sum of the parts versus projected income. Don't craft something that you know you'll take a loss on.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster:
If i read Gevlon right, he plays at monopolisation, there isnt room for more than 1 or 2 people who post like him on a server simply because his way is to post for long periods without undercutting simply by driving the prices down to the point that undercutters make little money. The person who wins such battles is the one who gets his materials the cheapest.

At least, I think that's what he does^^

Anonymous said...

I read your blogs because I need the business man attitude. I'm usually a too nice of a guy. Thus a bad business man.

JMTC is an awesome site, but like you said grinding revenent might make you rich...but it won't make you filthy rich...and in short thats my goal.

With your help, I took 100 gold, and now I'm sitting on 4k gold.

Bottomline I think from other sites I get the tips to make money, and from you Gevlon I am learning the skills to make money.

AtonalMonk said...

Gevlon, it seems to me that your heart isn't really in blogging about goldmaking tips anymore. There's a lot more passion in your posts on society.

However, it is interesting when you discuss the parallels and differences between WoW and real life.

I'd suggest you continue as you are now, with philosophical posts and otherwise cpost only in general about goldmaking ideas and policies.

Yaseen titi said...

My dk alt bags are starting to look like that, but his business is on halt right now till he gets to level 65, I've always wanted to avoid the glyph market but your 10k/gold a month is quite tempting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gevlon,

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and it has always been interesting to me.

On some of your "viewpoint" posts I have to disagree, since I am not a social person, but at least more social than a goblin. Nevertheless the postings are always a good read :)

Considering the gold making:
I've recently started a horde char, gained 300 gold at level 25 without making any affort.
Just went outside of silvermoon, killed the level 7 creatures to collect eggs. sold for 1g each.

Put some of those small tips together and everybody should be able to get enough gold to proceed to the advanced postings.

By the way, I'd love get some suggestions on "how to find fast and easy items to sell for profit", that's my biggest annoyment currently.

Anonymous said...

Occassional reader (define?), first time poster (defined!). I felt compelled to post for some undefined reason. Perhaps it's your subconscious need for attention in your post (thus making you sociable) or my conscious need to console (thus making me sociable as well). Sorta sickening on both our parts, I agree, nonetheless, what's done is done.

Enjoy your consolation!

Anonymous said...

What makes me keep GG in my reader over all the other warcraft economy blogs is that you actually teach the skills.

The other people tend to say "buy this", "sell that", "grind these", "farm those". It's like the old parable about teaching a man to fish.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

They are just giving people fish. Maybe even pointing people to good fishing holes. It's reading GG that teaches me how to find my own otherwise-unused fishing holes and teaches me how to catch the really big fish.

It's all about a way of thinking, and that's not something the other blogs can teach.

On to the obligatory personal example: I had just dipped under 5k gold after buying artisan flying and cold-weather flying for an alt. I found your blog and spent an afternoon reading the old posts. That evening I hopped on WoW and went on to my jewelcrafter. Without any specific advice from you I had made 2k by the end of the week. I later started an inscription business and branched into some engineering items and I made it to 50k total gold in about two months, at which point I decided I really didn't need any more money and have been living comfortably.

Of course, I think your goblinish ideals have infected me, as I still find myself wanting to make more...

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog everyday for about 2 months now. I was initially attracted through your WoW gold-making posts, but eventually I started reading your philosophical posts, and found them very interesting. I quit WoW about 2 weeks ago, and your blog is still one of the first things I check when I turn on my computer.

Markco said...

Gevlon your blog is inspiring and a very interesting read for the savy wow auctioneer. I especially love your posts that incorporate real life, economics, and world of warcraft such as society posts or global economics. I feel like I'm in a psychology class, but I'm not asleep in the back, I'm in the front waving my hand going "ooh ooh pick me teacher."

Mentat said...

Someone else made a comment about JC being a potential industry except for the deposit costs. I think deposit costs are the only material difference between JC and inscription. Inscription would cease to be "broken" if deposit costs were higher. It would also immediately cease to be as diverse and profitable as it is. Competition would be narrow to the few "right" glyphs for each class and spec, as it is with JC (for the most part). I'd rather that JC deposits were brought down to bring more competition and variety to the market, but I haven't thought through all the implications.

By the way the other was to fix the issue is to go to a two sided market like EVE so that demand can drive production instead of production running open loop.

Anonymous said...

I only recently started reading your blog. I found my toon with 300gold after purchasing 2 epic flying skills for alts. Anyways, I was bored with flying in circles mining and selling that on the AH and wanted to try something different. My main (druid) had mining and herbalism. After reading here on your blof i dropped mining and picked up insription. I only had 350gold to start out since then i have made over 4000gold since last saturday >.> It has taken a lot of game time since im just starting to get used to auctioneer and when herbs cost too much i just go farm my own...Thanks again for the advice and interesting reads!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous above who doubts you can be as effective with jewelcrafting.

I list well over 100 cut rare gems a day and I have less than 10% returns.

My margins are not at all attractive to small-time sellers, and many choose to list their gems uncut at a price I am known to buy, or sell them to me directly.

Also, I do not play at all in Saronite Ore market because I want to leave them room to make their profit.

Vinnz said...

Dear Goblin,

I'm wondering how you could get 400 gold in such a short time, starting from nothing.

Was it from repricing a few underpriced items ? Or launching a small industry (gems, glyphs, bags...)? Selling away oldies from his bags?
And also, was your friend really richer at the end of your 'tutorial session', or was he at the head of auctions that would sell for this price within the next day?

MyName said...

I like most of your posts because the pro-goblin attitude, while entertaining, is also an important attitude to have when playing the AH "mini game". It's also 100% different attitude from how most people like to play PVE in WoW.

And the deposit costs are not the problem with JC, IMO. The problem is that the only gems people want are the rare kind. In order for glyph making to be the same as JC, people would only want to buy glyphs that were made with snowfall ink and the glyphs made with ink of the sea or worse would hardly ever sell.

That being said, you can still make a ton of gold by converting the uncommon gems into something else (meta gems or cheap rings that you can DE). So it's not a bad way to make money even with all the competition.

Unknown said...

@MyName, no glyphs use snowfall. and all glyphs stem from ink of the sea and Jessica Sellers.

Markco said...

Oh one thing I forgot to mention, sometimes people just want the easy way out. Hosting a glyph business, though hugely profitable, is also incredibly time consuming. It's a shame, but not everyone wants to be a goblin and some find it entertaining to just watch one in action instead of doing it themselves.

Mentat said...

@sn0n: His point was that in order for inscription to be analogous to JC all the good stuff would have be based on rare inks (which it isn't).

He is right that this is another significant difference, beside the listing price, between inscription and JC. In thinking about it further, there is still quite a bit less variety in JC. Or rather, it's more plain which gems are more valuable than others based on simple item level whereas with inscription item level is worthless to judge the glyph.

Unknown said...

Making money is great. Learning how to make more is interesting reading. Lots of people do that. You on the other hand have an oportunity that no one else has due to being gold capped with 10K a week in sales.

Show us how to spend that money.

Now spending is not in of itself bad. Some things you buy for your pleasure, others for more profit. I always tell people that you need to buy more if you want to make more.

So i would like to see a goblin way of spending money. What is a good purchase? Why is it a good purchase? Is spending 10% of your total income on a mount a good thing? Why?

i think there is a lot of potential there to see what you would actually do with your wealth, and if there if there is any wider benefit to be gained.

Sparks said...

As much as I post on JMTC's forums, I still come here for more information. Both blogs fill respective needs in the community. One might consider your blog college while JMTC is high school (no offense to Markco)...

... the sad part is, though, there is still a need for an elementary school. I'd suggest a blog for that, but if you're that bad off, researching the internet probably wouldn't cross your mind. It'd have to start in-game.

Hugmenot said...

To add to my cut gems comment above.

I do not sell cut WotLK uncommon gems because the offer is far larger than the demand on my server. There is little profit to be made, even with bloodstones.

I do not sell cut BC rare gems because the cut WotLK uncommon gems are better and cheaper than the vendor value of a BC rare gem.

I do buy and sell uncut BC uncommon gems because there is a demand for such gems when levelling jewelcrafting. I have no trouble whatsoever selling stacks for 50-65g each.

The problem with jewelcrafting IMO is as follows:
* Pre-BC gear has no socket
* Many pieces of BC gear have sockets and you can put a cheap WotLK uncommon gem in the socket.
* Very few pieces of WotLK gear have sockets before the higher levels.

The market for BC gems is almost inexistant. Not because the WotLK gems are intrisically better, they are better and cheaper (WotLK uncommon vs BC rare) or much better and insignificantly more expensive (WotLK uncommon vs BC uncommon).

Anonymous said...

Interesting introspection.

I think you probably have a lot of subscribers becuase this blog is quite different from all the other Wow blogs (mine included) and has some pretty extreme right wing views unusual in this arena.

Kauzmo said...

It is true that your blog is not a step by step guide to WoW riches. But that is exactly what makes it worth reading. You have provided all the insight need for anyone who is not a M&S to figure out a way to make vast amounts of gold. In fact I would go so far to say, because you do not have a step by step process, it keeps the majority of the M&S away. In my opinion that is a good thing.

Townes said...

I don't read your blog because I want to be a "goblin" who makes tens of thousands of gold or have the giant glyph business. And I don't read it because of the often-dubious analogies between WoW and real-life. I enjoy it for the moneymaking tips that do turn out to be relevant to a more casual player like me as I try to have more than enough to live on on some new servers. And I enjoy it for the occasional post that I really think does hit the mark about real life, like quitting that game when it affected your sleep. And sometimes I enjoy the posts about the M&S and the lazy welfare bums even if I think they're way off-base, because I am entertained by your writing style or by your hyperbole.

But I hope you continue to occasionally offer advice for those of us who are on a new server with a couple hundred gold, selling recipes and pets, maybe finding a niche or two with professions, maybe finding a few things to buy low and sell high. I may not have big ambitions, but I know I could do better.

I am trying what I think will be a good niche market on one new server (bags, in their particular economy), and will be thinking about your advice about how to deal with competition and sales volume and prices. When this venture fails, as I imagine most do, if I'm reading your blog, I'll be keeping an eye out for anyone mentioning in passing what makes their small business work. Even if it's not the main focus of the blog

Vyr said...

Question to Goblin Scribes who conquered their market. I need help here. I make a killing in the JC/enchanting market and doing other sale/resale stuff probably in the range of 10k/week. But... my inscription factory is not taking off. I have around 80 - 90% of my glyphs getting returned every day.

Part of the reason why this is happening is because I use batch posting. I set undercut to 40% of market price. And LSW to gauge prices. Since a ink of the sea goes for around 2.5 to 2.7 gold. (Of course it will be cheaper if I mill it myself) Some glyph's cost price will be like 5.5g since they cost 2 inks. Not every glyph cost will be 1 x ink of the sea. Some of them would be 2. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So what I do is I use LSW, craft glyphs which showed more than 9g and use batch posting to sell them for 24 hrs batches. One thing I notice is, some of my "market price" in auctioneer is horribly wrong.

Lets take for example, Glyph A. There are like 9 glyphs selling for 30+ gold under the 125% pct. And another 12 glyphs selling around the 8g range which is blue under auctioneer. Auctioneer will calculate its average MBO pricing and show something like 23 gold or so as the "market price". But if you actually do the posting manually, you would know that 23g isnt the market price. 8-9g is more like the market price and everything else is grossly overpriced. So this ends up with a very huge discrepancy in pricing. You see a whole ton of stuff posted under the blue pricing and a whole ton of them posted being red since auctioneer will deem it to have nothing to undercut and markup the prices accordingly. So if you use batch posing, your Glyph A will end up posted at 28g.

I have thought about it and the solutions which might help.
1) Post manually. I would hate to do this as it would mean I have to use more time and I can't automate my factory
2) Correct the market price in auctioneer. This would help but I have no idea how to do it
3) Use a fixed price and undercut based on the fixed price. So if I set fixed price at 10g. I know the minimum I would go would be like 6g
4) Increase the undercut %. Some of the discrepancies are so huge that increasing to 50% still cannot undercut them automatically. Moreover, if it is a 50% undercut, those market price of 10g glyphs might suddenly fall into the LOSS range if they require 2 inks to craft.

The irony of the situation is. I make more money selling inks than selling glyphs. You know something is seriously wrong with my methodology. Please help.

Dan said...

I'm one of the goblins that came here making 1000g/week a couple months ago and am now making close to 3500g/week on Alliance (my home faction, large economy, large capital, 3x 80s) and 1000g/week on Horde (considerably smaller economy, less capital and no 80s) on BAD weeks.
You've found your niche here helping folks like myself. Keep it up! This isn't to say that you couldn't recommend places where people like your relative who barely make enough to get them started on the ways of the goblin, JMTC is certainly one of those places.

Darraxus said...

Acutally, I have made much more money from your blog that I would ever do reading JMTC. I am about to have my first 10k week selling glyphs. It is incredibly easy and just takes time. The money it takes is negligible as I make back the price of herbs from selling some of the Snowfall ink.

Gevlon said...

@Everyone liking/hating but still interested in my posts: thanks and that's why I'm still here

@Seth: I try to evade that by never buying vanity

@Yaggle: yeah, nerf Grandpa

@Cigaras: I believe that you'd love to learn that, but I'd hate to teach it

@Carra: he does not have inscription, neither want to have. You can't make someone rich against his will

@Anonymous: and there is ALWAYS a better way to spend 20K than buying something that blocks your screen

@Chip: indeed

@Vinnz: selling stuff rotting in the bank, buying mats for spellthread and ebonweave, sell those

@Richard: no, spending 10% on useless mount is not good. Spending 0.001% is not good either. That's the road that leads to being evicted from your home.

@Vyr: if you already make 10K/week with JC, why on earth do you want to spend lot of time conquering another market? It's not a second job you know! Oh wait, you shouldn't do it in your real job either. You may make million $ but waste the only resource you can't buy: lifetime.

Seth.onecopper said...

Gevlon, i think you wanted to respond on someone else on that one.

quote:" @Seth: I try to evade that by never buying vanity"

my own quote: "once I was rich, that ain't enough anymore....
Your Blog helps me with that"


Franco said...

Wrong Mentat.

JC takes a lot more investment as the gems are a lot more expensive than ink.

So when you get 2k back in your inbox from gems, how much of that was profit?

Vyr said...

@Gevlon: Hmm.. I dunno. I like making tons of E-Currency in every online game I play. Partly the reason also is because your method of getting the 10k/week is alot faster and less time-consuming than mine. I always value efficiency because I have limited time since I actually am part of a raiding guild.

And right now it isnt so much about the gold. I can have enough money to last me til next expansion if I play my cards right but... I just wanna figure out more stuff. Learning about new stuff is fun. To me. I like to figure out what makes certain things tick and like how certain scribes make obsence amount of gold when you compare their gold/hr. Inscription as a whole is pretty time consuming. But most of it is afk time when you do your batch-posting etc. Or mill herbs/ make inks for those who love doing such things.

To me.. making more gold now is just.. like keeping score. I want to hit the gold cap because I have done all I needed in raids. I have already top the dps charts for almost every boss in Ulduar and it is time to seek a new challenge. (probably my guild sucks since we are still stuck on Yogg Saron)

Anonymous said...

Well I do have gold in WoW but I`m not a money making AH-businesswoman, I`m mostly PvE-oriented on raiding, but I still find your blog an interesting read.

Unknown said...

I think that the real thing to get out of this blog are the conservative principles that are embodied within the writings by the author.

1. Don't expect to make anything of yourself without having to think or act.

2. Giving welfare of time or gold does nothing to actually help players - its just brings lower standards to your level or area.

3. Focus on the power of the market.

4. You are only poor as long as you cater to the rich, diversify and cater to the masses of other poor souls and you will become rich.

Finally, there is a lesson to be learned that "people are people". No matter what, people bring the baggage of their real life into the game. If they move like a herd of animals in real life, they will do so in game as well. The same gimmicks that can be used to make money in real life can be applied in-game.

DougE said...


I was an AH speculator before I found your blog. I dabbled around on the AH with crafting mats and made some money. But since finding your blog, along w/ JMTC, I’ve totally diversified. I have 5 AH toons across 2 accounts on my server. I’ve recently moved into the glyph market on my server. Unfortunately, I’m on a launch server & it looks like there are a couple of other GG readers on it, so I have to be content with sharing the market with them. However, as part of my diversification, I took an alt Horde side & seeded him with 100g, about a month ago and currently I have 7500g sitting horde side. While you specifically deal in big #’s for auctions & trading, your concepts can be scaled down for the individual & still make people rich. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

"Some days I find it refreshing and other days I just want to throw something at you. It's always a fun read."

Couldn't put it better myself :)

I read your blog to expand the way I think about the AH and pushing pixels for gold, rather then "Buy this now and sell it when patch 3.1 drops" advice.

Keep up the good work, your blog is very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I am a complete nub. Your site is amazing, but as you said it does nothing for us nubs.

Now, I only have two weeks under my belt and clearly a lot to learn. I started Inscription and Herbalism, about 250 on both. I find some glyphs are either murdered by undercutting before they sell or just don't sell at all. Don't have enough beancounter info, perhaps.

After reading the 21 tips from JMTC, is there anything else anyone could suggest? I liquidated two banks to see what sold and am sitting at 2k; so I have a little to invest.

Thanks in advance!

Dan said...

@Anon above me
To start making the huge bank with Inscription, you'll need to be 65+ and GM Inscription. The vast majority of the big buck and best selling glyphs use Ink of the Sea. I've been finding Warlock glyphs are selling very hot. Also once you're 425+ invest in the Books of Glyph Mastery. There are a few duds in the new batch, but a few goldmines as well. Glyph of Life Tap - near mandatory Warlock glyph - as an example, is one of the goldmines from Books.