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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes, your regular antisocial tree-goblin is goldcapped again.

I sold my inventory for 198K (+10K AH cut), so I made nice profit from it.

From now on, I will seriously decrease my moneymaking. I won't post glyphs until I fall down to 180K. That's a nice safety deposit. Then I'll restart my industry. Until then I just enjoy the fruits of the hard work... of those who buy glyphs with 400% profit and crystallized fire with 100%.

I'll raid, and work on my other projects. I think I've proven my main point: you can get huge money without farming, just by trading, using your tradeskills and the AH.

Your turn: try out the goblin way of making money. Of course you don't need to reach gold cap. Just enough to cover all your expenses. Without farming, without grinding, without daily quests.


William said...

Grats Gevlon!

I actually just reached goldcap on Tichondrius-US Horde-side about a week ago after 3 months in the glyph industry. I'm now sitting at about 240K gold, and I'm wondering what to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! and a lot of admiration from my side.

Can you give some sort of final breakdown of your earnings, I'm quite curious.

And as for my turn, I'm at 1k5 a week with enchanting/lw/tailoring and ofcourse reselling. I know I should be able to do better. Still trying to improve.

Alden said...

I'm finally doing the Gevlon thing.

Rolled a DK on a med population server. Started sunday with nothing but two AH alts, and a 55 female cow.

Got lucky grabbing a black tabby drop that I turned around for a quick 500g to start the business up with (bags, first few rounds of herbs, etc.)

It is one week later, I know have turned over about 3k... but most of that has gone into building stock/leveling to 375.

2 32 slotters filled with stacks of glyphs now.

I am going to do my best to be a perfect goblin, and see how it works.

I don't have time to raid much these days (and I don't really want to for that matter) so this was one project I thought I could really sink my teeth into.

Thanks for all the help gevlon! I can't wait to see what I can do with 30 mins a day.

Anonymous said...


Drotara said...

Rock on man. :)

While I may not always agree with your views on life, your ability to work the economy is without question. I am now working my way into the monster population of Illidan trade.

My Hunter is a JC/Alchemist, my Priest is a Tailor/Inscription now. The only dailies I do are Tournament ones for the mounts and tabards while all my money now comes from flasks, bags, gems, and now glyphs (just powerleveled it yesterday) thanks to the goblin way. :)

We Fly Spitfires said...

Grats! Very cool!

Arvid said...

Is it just me or was this post totally saying "Bye guys"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gevlon,

I was in the Glyph industry since it was introduced. I was one of the first people on my server to max out Inscription and made good profits. The mistake I made at the start was only selling the Glyphs with insane amounts of profits and ignoring the less profitable ones. Suffice to say eventually everyone had all Glyphs and the profit became less and I just stopped selling Glyphs on AH and do quests and stuff for money. At this time I didn't use any mods.

Recently I became in need of huge amounts of money again and looked around the web for information. I stumbled upon several sites, including your blog and the Just My Two Coppers forums. Great information and fun as well!

I realized I would need to have some mods to deal with the huge amount of Glyphs that need to be crafted to be succesful on the Glyphs market. I downloaded QuickAuctions among others and started mass producing and selling.

Now I can easily make 1000g a day, but it's intensive. If I settle for a bit less, say 500g a day I should be able to just do it by "working" maybe 30 mins - 1 hour a day. I also started in some extra markets as "back-up", for example crafting & disenchanting items for Dream Shards and selling Frostweave Bags whenever I see some cheap Frostweave Cloth on AH. All these extra's make some nice profits as well.

Lots of my success I have to thank you for, since I've read the majority of your articles and used your strategies in practice. Thanks for all the nice info - if I need money now I know I can get it quickly and I don't have to farm / quest ever anymore if I don't feel like it :)

Anonymous said...

So, since you deleted my last comment about this and you haven't brought it up in almost two weeks, I assume your engineering experiment failed.


Yaggle said...

So you are gold-capped and you still will not buy a mammoth? You really did not save mechano-hog for yourself even though you knew you would hit the cap? Will you continue to resist the temptations of decadence and wastefulness?

Gevlon said...

@To all who described their business: good luck and congrats!

@Arvid: no way. Just "bye inscription bags for a day or two"

@Anonymous: your last post was offtopic. The engineering was never an experiment, as I have no engineer. I tried to collect some information, but as I've stated in the "terrible advice" post, I stopped doing that. However for you: deadly bunderboss, arrows and mammoth cutters (not the box, the individual arrow) and Mechano-hog. The latter have 1000G profit, but of course having 14K investment demand.

@Yaggle: there is no temptation. The mammoth is just ugly and pointless, the bike is ugly, noisy and pointless. Nobody would buy them if they were not status symbols. Status symbols only affect social people, goblins are completely immune for them.

Arnaud Fontaine said...

GG Gevlon for this second gold cap :)

I'm going to try the goblin way on my glyph market ... I'm sure I can make a 5k per week easily ... even with the low prices on my server.

Sarah said...

hello, what u advise to do wtih chinese undercutters. I'm playing on wildhammer eu realm, and chinese gold farmers, also playing ah, some of them even sit 24/7 just impossible to sell anything, they always undercut. Just a bit strange, why so many people buying glyphs on your realm, noone here buying glyphs so often at all.

Andris said...

Thank you for you advices! Last week I sold everything I had and got 2k gold. I invested all in herbs. Now I'm doing 500g a day by investing about 30 min in milling and inscribing. Very lucky for me I got in contact with 2 farmers - now I'm in endless supply of very cheap herbs. I'm so happy :)
I'm not a goblin - I'll buy mammoth and chopper :)

Terrasus said...

It seems about time that they increase the gold cap.

Indy said...

Gevlon, the mammoth is a bit more than 'just a status symbol'. The vendors allow for buying ammo & reagents, and especially repairing, out in the field. Oh, and it also allows selling stuff out of your bags, not that you farm mobs.

Now, if you want to contend that their utility isn't WORTH the high price, that's a fair argument to make. A raid member having one of these has saved a bit of time, though.

But then, how much is gold worth beyond the cap?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Gevlon!

Just one point, there is some (small) practical benefit to owning the Mammoth and the Hog, along with the status symbol of the mounts.

With the Mammoth, you have a repair bot and vendor at your beck and call for raiding and when you do silly things like farm rep, mounts or pets.

And both mounts allow you to carry passengers, comes in handy when you want to pick up hot belf chicks and take them for a 'ride'.

berna said...

@Gevlon: Gz! I find your Goblin way of WoW very illuminating I must say. Also I've started to make enough money to finance my raids with an extra 30 min of WoW each week :)Thanks for the tips

Anonymous said...

Gratz again Gevlon!

I may be feeling slightly tempted to try for the gold cap myself, since I feel there is not much left to do in game right now, plus I like watching the numbers mount up.

Also: I tryed a method of money making for being friendly and using tradeskills, it doesn't work, I have tested it over a few weeks and ive made up to 400% more profit by being tight with my earnings.

Albino said...

please gelvin tell me what to do with all those chinese farmers, just impossible to sell anything, they are everywhere, tried glyphs they always undercut each 5minutes, sitting in front of ah 24/7 it is their job to sell anything then they are selling gold, damn im fed up

Thunderhorns said...


The bike does look stupid if you're a Tauren resto shaman. I'll give you that. I would never buy a Mechanohog for any character but an orc DK or warrior.

The Mechanohog looks great if you're an orc plate wearer. Fits your size perfect and you look cool as hell on the bike with your T8 or better armor, especially the helm. In fact, the bike looks like it was designed with orc male plate wearers in mind.

That 16k mammoth is worth it for the vendors alone. It's real nice to have a repair vendor as long you're outside, which is alot. And you can drive your alts around if you're two boxing.

I wouldn't buy any of the other mammoths though. Waste of money unless you're going for the 100 mount achievement. Since I find achievements boring (except raid achievements that get me a 310 drake), not something I'd do either.

Criven said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the primary point of funding a guild supposed to allow you to circumvent the gold cap? (

I'm a little confused, why not just step up your consumables/BoE purchases for the guild to match your income rather than a costly stop/start/stop way of making gold?

Boodah said...

I've definitely been making more money since I started reading this blog, but I'm still a bit clueless on the making of thousands of gold per week.

I have been making good profit on stacks of leather, but nothing like the "extra 30 minutes" converting into thousands of gold. And mind you, I'm still farming leather which is not supposed to be the point.

I'm over 1k at this point with my level 46 hunter, but I'm just not sure how to leverage to thousands per week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats again.

It is funny when you reach a "cap" and then start to wonder what the gold is for.

I say "cap" because my initial goal was 50k. I hit that in about 3 months where the most I had had in the past ever was about 15k. I figured 50k would be enough that I wouldn't have to worry about consumables or gems or buying gear for my alts every again.

I was right. Of course, now I've restarted my industry because I had so much fun working the AH. I guess now it's on to gold cap, but I still have no idea what to do with that extra 150k. I'm currently planning on holding a guild raffle for some nice prizes once I hit 100k.

Charlie said...

I agree with Criven, you should be making less moneny (obviously) but also spending way more money unnecessarily on stopping/starting your business. Just spend more. Or roll a bank alt..... ...

Charlie said...

I agree with Criven, you should be making less moneny (obviously) but also spending way more money unnecessarily on stopping/starting your business. Just spend more. Or roll a bank alt..... ...

Anonymous said...

Agree; making gold with just quest rewards is absurdly easy...
I have a new challenge for you, oh wise goblin:
goldcap on 10 alts at once. Is there a cap on a guild vault? now's a good time to figure that out. ;)

now is not the time to retire! that's very un-goblin.

Andris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andris said...

I have a question for you - how do you manage remembering which kind of glyph is sold out? At the moment I'm using pen and paper, but maybe there is some more effective way?

Anonymous said...

You know my GF accused me of being a tight-bum on wow.

I realised i wasnt tight, i was just following the greedy goblin philosophy. I dont like to be ripped off, but i DO like ripping off M&S.

Talking of that, i think ive found a new Niche. Enchanting rods.
take for example the Fel Iron rod.
Costs 6 fel iron bars, or 12 ore.
Thats abour ~15g on this server.
Finished rods sell for upwards of 85g!

Ellifain @ Khaz'Goroth

Anonymous said...

I am only 13 and don't understand everything. could you please break everything down? either on comments or email:

Vyr said...

@boodah: With 1k gold, it is kind of hard to do a large scale production. However with your limited gold, there are some techniques which can net you some gold but are not very attractive for those goblinish players.

1) Search and snatch items below vendor value. Wouldnt take you a long time. However, it will most likely exceed your 1k budget since most of the money will be tied up in bids.

2) Craft item X which sells more than your base mats. I dunno what professions you have so I cant comment.
Alc: Pots, flasks.
Tailor: Bags, Robes of arcana
BS: Rods, eternal belt buckles
Enc: DE cheap greens
Inscription: Avoid it at your level
JC: Buy cheap uncut and sell cut ones
LW: enchants

3) Buy stuff for absurbly low prices (taking advantage of wrongly priced goods) and resell it. Decent, but you need to know which sells well and which doesnt.

4) Exploit the differences in the crystallized/eternal motes/primals market. And those stacks into singles.

At least for me, having alot of gold is just a buffer for my mass production, since I could snatch up 3-4k worth of goods in 1 scan. I dont make alot of gold per sale, but I make up by having the quantity.

Anonymous said...

WHAT IS THE GOBLIN WAY??? no one awnsered my comment above vyr I dont understand the goblin way? can someone jsut break it down?

Adrian said...

please expplain the goblin way I dont get it!!

Fawr said...

Personally I use a mod called Altoholic which tells me how many glyphs my account has and where they are (ah/bank/other toon's bank/mailbox/...).