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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yep, this site of anti-social thinking and making insane money in WoW is attracting 2K subscribers now (maybe not today, as it's weekend).

This number is really surprising to me, never thought that such audience can be gained by ideas that are as far from the "be good, helpful and friendly" canon, as it can be.

This is a great affirmation that many people are not pleased by the "moral" commandment to waste your resources on lazy and dumb people.

I'll keep up posting tips how to reap the rightful belongings of the "freindly heplfull ppl" and preposterous ideas about why to do it!


Figworth said...

Have greatly enjoyed all your work, Gevlon.

One caveat - the 'moral' code doesn't mean giving everything to the M&S, I think. In fact, there is not only a responsibility to be a contributing part of whatever circle of life you're in, but also to make sure your time, effort or money - should you choose to give them - will go to good use. That means not giving them to the drunk on the street, or the gold begger. Just a thought.

MLW said...

Aww, such a cute little social goblin checking out the user count!

In all seriousness, I can't say I agree with very much in your philosophy posts. But you are interesting as hell and bring more new ideas than anyone to the game, and that's what keeps me coming back. I wouldn't take those numbers as some kind of legacy. But I do think you should be very proud of them.

Anariël said...

This is a funny blog. You're dead wrong on most of your points regarding philosophy (an Ayn Rand follower? This day and age? For real? Sheeesh...) but anyway it's fun reading, and it's fun discussing things with you on my head and winning everytime.

Wish I had the time or opportunity to discuss with you IRL sometimes, really. You're really misguided.

Pangoria Fallstar said...

I'm following mostly because you keep spouting off a great deal of truths. I'm not too well read in economics, but I get the basic concepts of it. I never really thought that people bought things at ridiculous prices or attempted to do monopolies in game. But now that I've been shown that they do, I've been able to take advantage of it.

Thanks to you, I haven't had to farm dailies in over 6 months. I'm leveling an inscription monkey to make money. He's 43 right now, and had 800g. I did it without "helping" him with my main. I'm at a point right now deciding whether to keep herbalism (for the life flower ability), or what to couple my inscription with.

Unknown said...

Grats man,

I'm with other posters here in that I don't often agree with your philosophy posts (particularly the pirates, seriously??) But you are fascinating to read.

Well done on your achievement

Valor said...

I came for the wow AH tips, but I stayed because you're anti-socialist rants challenge the way I think.

Grats on the landmark, keep it coming =)

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I found your blog to be informative and interesting. I don't necessarily agree with you on various things, but that doesn't mean I can't benefit from your experience. :)

Wooly said...

You're very social too. Just the fact that you are sharing your knowledge and thoughts with the world proves that. If you weren't social you would keep all information to yourself.

Besides, the count isn't that strange as everyone is greedy. The "socialists" are the worst. They can't stand others having more, label them "evil" and then expecting them to give away the wealth to pay off that sin. I see it as a marketing trick. To some extend they do a good job in the real world making sure greed from the wealthy doesn't turn into exploitation, but that's just bad thinking of the rich anyway (as more people having the money to pay for your products means more sales).

I usually do share your philosophy, and in my opinion they're not anti-social at all, they're very social. You described this yourself often enough. You keep the market stacked, undercutting others, providing needed products for a decent price. If that's not playing a good role in society I don't know what is. The fact that you consider yourself anti-social and greedy because it makes you some good cash by doing it well is imho because the "socialists" got to you and make you feel that way about yourself. And that's bullshit.

We Fly Spitfires said...

Grats, dude!

Honestly you're stuff drives me completely up the wall sometimes but I can't deny that it's always interesting :)

We Fly Spitfires said...

BTW the counter on your site still says 1851?

Ranjurm said...

To echo what others have said, it is presumptuous to think that all or even most of your subscribers agree with your ideology. That's not to say at all that you couldn't find two thousand people who agreed but that's not the main attraction of your blog. People are frankly attracted by the allure of the relatively easy money that your blog teaches them to make to an extent.

To echo just a little more, the money making methods you have advocated are not contradictory to being a good or social person. You have yet to promote methods that have their basis in intimidation, deception, attacking the competition, or any sort of trickery or grey area that is often used in business.

On an unrelated note I'm suprised you haven't talked about using trade chat as a simple way of making money. In high demand markets like Frozen orbs, scarlet runies and others, you simply advertise you are buying said item below the market price. I usually buy for about 70% of the market price which allows me to resell at a reasonable pace below market price, in small amounts to both prevent the depletion of my stock and to prevent the market price from going down and the undercutters that follow. My sellers are happy to get money quickly, often in large amounts and to assume none of the risk and time that selling items on the AH has.This method works especially well when you use it to acquire materials for your crafting profession. It allows you to sell below the cost of competitiors who buy materials from the AH and it's price for a profit when they experience a loss by trying to compete with you.

Antaria said...

i think you got a hell of a lot more people reading it regularly without subscribing tho (like me)

*pulls numbers from ass*
about 10k?

manu said...

Congratulations !

The tips on wow are nice, and even though I may not always agree with your points, your often very interesting to read.

Keep up the good work.

Thunderhorns said...

The world was advanced by people like us, the ones who believe that being self-made is possible no matter the original circumstances under which you live. Rarely have the poor contributed much to the world until they raised themselves from squalor and poverty by their own hand.

So I'm with you. I agree with much of your philosophy about being self-made. I know you exaggerate sometimes to make a point, but it's irrelevant. The base point, no matter how ruthless and anti-social, is true.

This world would be nothing without the self-made, highly driven people that move it. If the world were run by socials and M&S, it would be a horrible place.

The funny thing is that even the top "socialists" are usually very driven, hard working people who build their fortune and empires using their charisma, drive, and want of power to carry them forward. And they do it using lesser men.

Stalin and Mao said they wanted more for the people, but all they really cared about was being right. And they used their charisma to raise up armies to battle for their own causes and beliefs and obtained great power and fame doing it. Both of them self-made men not at all truly communist, merely using both as vehicles for their own personal gained followed by fools who bought into their garbage.

Socialism is nothing more than a means to pacify the mases and take care of them like babies making a great many people think they need to be pampered and cared for. All it really does is further weaken them, so that the driven and self-made can take further advantage of their docility.

We should be thankful for the existnece of fools willing to give up their freedom and give in to the idea of victimhood. Such people make for easy marks for those who have the will and intelligence to exploit themf for their own profit.

Keep it up goblin. Self-made is where it's at. I'll never buy into the victim garbage the world is trying to sell. Let those weak people accept the government handouts. I'll keep pushing for more.

I liken it a quote I keep on my wall from Confucius. "Great men have wills, feeble men have wishes."

That's the way of the world, even in Socialist and Communist nations.

Anonymous said...

Personally I find you a bit of a twat but it's good to know what other people are doing to make gold.

Yaggle said...

Stick it to 'em, Mr. G !

Anonymous said...

Goblin subscription = pure entertainment factor!

Chris said...

I do not feel it is necessary to share my reasons for reading this blog as so many have before me, yet congratulations on 2k subscriber's Goblin; you earned them.

Anonymous said...

What brings me back time after time are the philosophy posts.

It's hilarious how eager the commenters are to tell you you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

"This is a great affirmation that many people are not pleased by the "moral" commandment to waste your resources on lazy and dumb people."

Eitgher that or its like a car crash you can't help but stare at on your way past...

Amithrar said...

I'll go against the grain and say I agree with you on philosophy 99% of the time and I find your posts informative, useful and interesting. Regardless, congratulations, your readership is well earned.

Acarie said...

From the gaming blog search awhile ago, I found your blog and keep reading. Actually, the economic idea and the view of the world is rather difference to what I am used to trust. I am glad I have an oppournity to take a look from other's idea. Thank you very much for the daily blog. [You might already notice my sux english, and I am not native but keep improving by reading more :)]

Dan said...

Your English is OK for a non-native speaker; I am a native speaker and can understand what you wrote. It isn't perfect but noone is.

As for our favorite goblin, congratulations on 2000 subscribers. Here's to another 2000!

Larísa said...

I'm totally impressed. It's been so great to see how you've found your blogging voice and built an audience - not by fancy layout, but by simply writing down what's in your mind. Blogging in it's best and purest form imo. It's a winner in the long run.

And you're always, always staying true to yourself, no matter what. I disagree sometimes, as you know, but goddamn it, I'm proud that was one of those who supported you from the beginning, not just joining the winning team later on...

Cheers for you Gevlon!

Wulfy said...

Your philosophy sucks.

It is the worst of the worst of the robber barons and is the reason why there are such things as toxic waste desterts and genetic anomalies in baby seals. See there is no value in phafh like nature.
And if people get cancer you can make extra profits from selling treatment to them so business is good.

Having said that, your WoW goldmaking advice is spot on and I love your insightful deliberations.

Also your philosophy is amusing, in the 'car accident where something funny happens' amusing kind but still its funny. :)

Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Your first posts were informative insofar as they gave the addons needed to make money with Inscription.
Since those original posts I've been coming back mostly because I cannot make myself believe someone can actually defend such outdated and ultimately sad ideas.

Graylo said...

In Howard Stern's Book and Movie, he talks about his success as the shock jock in Washington DC. The producers couldn't believe where his ratings were coming from. His fans were very loyal, and such but they found that the people who hated him listened twice as much as the fans did.

It just goes to show controversy sells.

Nils said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nils said...

Gevlon, read John Kay or Tim Harford if you really want to start talking about economics and markets, but please don't assume that I agree with your PoV just because I read your blog.
I read it, because it is important to know why people think the way they think - even it is a very simplistiv PoV.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog awhile ago and only read it at work. It's one of the only blogs wow related that's not blocked by websense. Nonetheless, I find your rants and thoughts interesting and contribute to my coming back day after day.

I once took a personality reading course for work. It was called DISC. You're ability to categorize people's personalities is reminiscent to the course objective. I find that interesting.

Keep up the good work and don't stop voicing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I had a quick question about your "business"

How do you deal with the incredibly annoying in game mail box? Every time I have more than a few dozen auctions expire, I have to select all, get all, wait, wait, wait, then repeat snice the mail box seems to have a buffer that delays delivery. is this just me? Or is there a better addon that can pull 800+ mail items out at once without my constant attention?

Wulfy said...

How do you deal with the incredibly annoying in game mail box? Every time I have more than a few dozen auctions expire, I have to select all, get all, wait, wait, wait, then repeat snice the mail box seems to have a buffer that delays delivery.

There is an addon CT_Mail I think its called. It makes multiple mail management ok.

Ranjurm said...

I personally like postal for managing my mail collection.