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Friday, May 8, 2009

Transfer complete

I successfully performed the transfer and now I'm a busy businessman of Stormscale server. I started some bank alts. I handle them separately, so I can easily book the different income sources.

One alt handles selling the transferred items.
Another handles the glyph business that I started on this server too. It was no easy thing to craft 700 glyphs from the few inks I transferred. Luckily the herb prices are pretty low.

I've made my first week donation to the guildbank and bought lot of herbs for the glyph business. I'm down to 11K. I've never been so low since lvl 68.

My transferred stuff started selling, so I can hope for some profit soon.

The picture below shows my transferred inventory. It's huge, even to a goblin.

PS: If you are on Stormscale and see Hydrá, give him a /hug. He'll need it after attempting to control the market of Greater cosmic essence :-)


Dan said...

Good luck Gev! Bring on 1 million gold!

Yoco said...

Good luck on your new server! I'm curious what the effect of your departure will be on Arathor's horde glyph market. Some new faces seem to have popped up already.

Some of the content of your luggage was to be expected and/or explained already. But for other items it surprises me a bit that you have deemed them worthy of transfer.
It seems you have enough northern spices there to feed an orphanage for a year - is that because they have a reasonable value and stack in 100's?
And then I notice a large amount of eternal earths (the cheapest of eternals), but no other eternals.
Then there are large amounts of greater cosmic essences, but no infinite dusts.
Lastly, you seem to burn three bag slots on moonglow ink and ivory ink - inks that are not used for any glyphs - are those for selling to folks who want to level up inscription and don't want to mill those themselves? Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy the herbs for those from the proceeds of more profitable sales? Or just take a lvl 5 herbalist outside and go pick those herbs?

One question about your now (presumedly) finished arathor glyph business: am I correct that you were using two mules for selling your glyphs (Triara and Tritona), and what was the reason for having two?

Gevlon said...

@Yoco: I've created an alt on the new server, so I checked that AH.

Since it's a much more progressed server with 10-15 Ulduar doing guilds, I've already sold 400 spices for 2.5 (bought them for 2.0-2.4).

Eternal earths were bought for 8G, are selling like candy for 12. Fire on the other hand is 25G on Arathor and 15 on Stormscale. Earth is a minable eternal, the others have to be grinded from WG elementals. Arathor is PvE, so people keep away from WG.

Cosmic essences were bought for 15G, selling for 22, also like candy. Infinite dust would also sell, but it's simply too cheap to transfer. A stack of cosmic costs 150G, a stack of infinite costs 80G.

The inks were there by mistake.

You can still see Triara and Tritona, selling their remaining stocks. The reason for 2 is simple. I had too many glpyhs for 1, even with 4 32 slot bags.

Thunderhorns said...

Damn. Crazy inventory.

Good luck getting it all moved. Hopefully you can do it for a good price.

For some reason on the server I'm one glyphs sell for a low price. I've made ok money, but nowhere near what you're making. Then again, I'm not maxed inscribing. Though I do have most main spec glyphs for a few classes. It's just there is so much undercutting that prices are super low.

Larísa said...

Hm... You missed two slots using an 18 slot bag. But I recon it was well calculated as everything else. You rarely do anything without a reason.

I really wish you best of luck! I'm looking forward to read your first reports from your raiding adventures. I guess you'll have to find some sort of goblin/economi approach to it so it fits in to your blog theme.

joost said...

Master Goblin Gevlon,

First of Gratz on the moving, its very enjoyable to read your blog.

Recently I've started raiding again and damn it costs allot :/ so I started scanning AH etc doing some unseal AH tricks, Like it but small time. So checked glyphs and saw low supply on AH and all different sellers so not 1 glyph master owning the industry.
Can u tell us wich glyphs you mainly made? It helps me greatly to determen if its worth to level a DK with inscription or not.

Thx a million

ps: any alliance race/class/sex that has +5inscription as racial?

Anonymous said...

Oops. Should have chucked the hearthstone.

Saturas said...

Hey, you have an empty slot.
(Bank, upper right) ^^

Yaseen titi said...

Greater cosmic essence average price is 15g on stormscale, I got no idea why it's 22g today!

Jederus said...

Gratz on the successful tranfer Gevlon! I see that you very wisely diversified your investments. Smart move.

Enjoy the new content and be sure to tell us how it goes.

Anonymous said...

See attached my recent transfer for comparison, I had only 120k to spend and took along some BOE gear for a new char I was starting:

Epics sold slow, but some great profits on some, eternals, relics of Ulduar, norther spices and enchant mats sold steadily. Gems sold like hotcakes.

Big losses on Books of Glyph mastery, but that was expected.

Now 3 weeks post transfer almost all my stock is sold, and i'm back up to around 80k with epics waiting for when I hit 80, a new 350 DK Disenchanter etc, fully equipped bank char etc. So approximately break even.

Transfer was Silvermoon EU alliance to Kilrogg EU Horde (yes I had to do the cross faction rigmarole too).

Unknown said...


How do you do cross faction transfer?

Anonymous said...

Well if he made any mistakes with his transfer it really doesn't matter. The guy was gold capped, he has skills, and will recoup whatever losses he has incurred. Gevion, I think the fresh start will do you well, but I also think your new freeloading guild will get old quickly. I don't know how you plan on testing their mettle IVO current Ulduar nerfs, but I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky enough to have 2 accounts, so cross faction transfer was late at night, the transferred char to an L1 hordie in Booty Bay.

I've had stuff poached in the past, but this time it was time consuming, but no steals.

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone. You're on a high population server and your glyph business works?

Ooh la la.

BRB Mass purchasing inks.

Althalas said...

So please explain to me why in the world you do not have all glacial bags. I see an imbued netherweave bag. WTF? You should ahve upgraded to all glacial to maximize your profit per slot options. I can't help but think that is just lazy.

ZachPruckowski said...

Althalas - if he's selling Eternal Earth at 4g profit each (less with AH fees), then 4 extra slots is 320g extra profit*. I haven't seen glacial bags going for under 600g, so it wouldn't have been cost-effective relative to an Imbued Netherweave Bag.

That said, the math might have worked on a Frostweave bag if he could have picked up two slots for under 160g (tailors use them to level, so that should be very doable).

But the only reason to buy more expensive bags is if he had to spend more gold to make the transfer. Under "normal" (non-transfer) conditions, I can't imagine really needing the extra few slots now that he also has bank alts.

In terms of lazy, it's worth pointing out that at Gevlon's gold per hour earning power, opportunity costs come into play. If he could have squeezed another 500g out of the move with 2 hours work, that's a waste if he normally makes >300g an hour.

* - Given he had about 20+ stacks, I'm assuming that's a fair representative of marginal profit/slot. The Greater Cosmic Essence math winds up at 70g profit/slot, and the Northern Spices math is far worse (10g-40g profit/slot).

Umrtvovacz said...

Congratulations, I wish you many luck on your new server.

"Ruin them all!"

HP said...

rofl, wow I guess a goblin's business saavy is not to be messed with!! Grats on your successful transfer =) I look forward to your posts on your new server's economy

Dagashai said...
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Dagashai said...

Is the Goblin a witch?

Friend of mine posted this economic anthropology bit, thought you might enjoy.

Killer quote... "Human societies do not function as meritocracies."

Thaumaturgos said...

Gevlon: your toon is looking for a /hug!!!

Isn't that a bit too social, the sort of thing M & S's do? :-)

Good luck on the new server

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the glyph business runs so well on your servers. On mine, half the glyphs are sold way below material cost, with prices below 1g/each, while the herbs easily cost 25g a stack.

Anonymous said...

his glyphs sell well because he is probably picking and choosing the glyphs that people don't level up with, you see a lot of 1g glyphs or severely under the mat cost from people who just powerleveled inscription. The researched glyphs that are used in raiding builds actually sell well.