Greedy Goblin

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly report

I wish the weekly reports were more than copy and paste, but it seems no one try to take my businesses, so I can go ahead selling the very same things: glyphs, bags, mongoose enchant.

I've made 10K since the last report.

The only thing worth mentioning is that the price of the TBC enchanting materials increased significantly. So I restarted my little farm.

Last week there was some competition for the bags, this week they gave up and all bags were mine.

I'm stockpiling some inks for the 3.1 dual-spec-glyph rush and nothing else. I have some stacks of frost lotus, and I put the titansteel bars away instead of selling on creation but that's all.


Anonymous said...

Prices are rising on my server, probably because people are beginning to stock up for 3.1. So I've begun liquidating some of the stuff I bought cheaply a month or two ago, and I've been buying less. I've been clearing 10k/day in sales now, but to say I "made" that much would be wrong: I'm liquidating things I bought a long time ago.

An interesting addon a friend referred me to that I didn't know about before: Big Picture (part of the Auctioneer Advanced suite). It gives you a valuation for all characters on one account based on gold, auctions you have up, inventory and bank contents. To value an item, is uses the auctioneer market value for that item.

Although I have only 140k in gold, the addon says I have 250k in total assets. There are some pitfalls to this way of thinking to be sure (for example, if you can sell a Prairie Dog for 10g on the horde AH, you can just buy Prairie Dogs at the vendor and it looks like you're manufacturing money; it's not really worth market value until you sell it!). But mostly it seems like a solid way of tracking your net worth.

My net worth goes up and down as I liquidate for two reasons: (1) as I rescan, new valuations on items affects my worth and (2) as I sell items below or above market, my worth must be adjusted.

Anyway, looks like Apr 14th or 21st for 3.1. I've never tried to speculate on a patch before now, so we'll see if I lose my shirt or making a killing... hope you all do the latter!

Ron said...

The reason you can copy and paste this stuff is pretty clear, and you have done a good job of explaining it. All it takes to make gold is some effort. There are many people who are simply not concerned with earning gold, so they do not mind paying more than they need to, or to pass up on business opportunities, because they would rather raid for items that gold cannot buy. There is not much more to say - it's an imperfect market that can be exploited easily.

But here is a question for the goblin. Say WoW had a subgame you could activate and play, say in any major city. If you were bored of raiding or PvPing, you could sit down and play this little puzzle game inside WoW, and you could earn tokens with this game, but the tokens could not be spent in the main game, but only in the subgame.

The question is, would a goblin spend any time playing this game, or would he stick to WoW and earning gold and so forth?

I think the answer is clear. So the question is, why do you do this with your real life? Your goblin concepts are proven. There is nothing left to prove. Why don't you put them to real use?

Gevlon said...

@Ron: not all points are proven yet. One important point will come in Tuesday.

Charlie said...

Anon, Big picture is an awesome addon, I started taking item bets at my casino, so my gold only goes down when I take item bets, so big picture helps estimate my profits, i have 132k gold but 180k in approx. net worth.

What's everybody stocking up on for 3.1?

I'm stocking up on gems, enchant scrolls, flasks, and pots. Of course I am also stocking up on all of this for myself too as I raid and I will be needing all these things, but at a cheaper price! :)

What are you guys stocking up on?