Greedy Goblin

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back on track

-100G in 5 days. Some businessmen I am. My excuses are the following:

I spent 3K on the goblin raiding of Maly10 to see that too and have my new necklace replacing an old blue.

I had to restart the glyph industry which means some ink and parchment buying. "some" here means 15 stack resilient parchment. Currently I have half stack.

The bag business also needed some investment to start running again.

I bought some items for resale. Most of them are still waiting to sell.

I also started my 3.1 investment business. You can hear about it later but it also wasn't free.

I got a good tip from a reader: you buy 15 saronite bars for 30G. You get an engineer to craft a saronite arrow maker. You use it to create the arrows. You sell the arrows for 60G. It works. I just have to do something with the arrows flooding my bags. Note to self: use the arrow maker before listing the item, not upon receiving them.

Still, with all the excuses I'm not satisfied with my performance. The following week will tell if something happened with the market or it's just me got rusty.

At the end some fun quiz: If one Ink of the sea costs 2.34G in the AH and Jessica Sellers trades a Snowfall ink for 10 of them, how much does one Snowfall ink cost in the AH?
A: 23.4G
B: 36.8G
C: 47.6G
The finder of the proper answer wins 450-500G/week income for minimal work.


Anonymous said...

You... you.. you are joking?? o.O
Raiding has made you soft!

Charlie said...


There's time and effort from travel, and generally speaking, selling a Nobles Deck is more profitable than selling each Nobles card. Thus items that have already been put together are more expensive because of the convenience factor.

Anonymous said...

Come to my server, AD EU where 1x ink of the sea costs 15g and 1x snowfall ink costs 50g, making the 10x trade in somewhat worthless.

Anonymous said...

I hope we hear about your 3.1 business before 3.1 :)

I'm especially curious about your methodology for determining what to invest in; do you just comb the patch notes and research as to what new recipes will require and buy those items? Or is there more method to your madness?

Anonymous said...

It should be A)23.4 just for simple mathematics. But the market prices has never acted for simple mathematics, its more influenced for psycology and busisnessmen. So i dont really know.

Anonymous said...

As for business in the coming patch, I have already been making an extra bit of money on the side selling Overcharged Capacitors, they will be needed next patch for the new engineer cloak enchant.

As for the snowfall inc tip, very im hoping to push the upper limit of your income guesstimate.


Mark said...

I wish ink of the sea was anywhere near 2.34g on my server, seems people figured out the trading for snowfall scheme so they keep ink of the sea around 100g and snowfall about 50g apiece. Usually I just wait on the herbs to be cheap though and I can sell the snowfall from milling to recoup the cost.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon's server is a dream server it seems.

Ink of the Sea sells for 3.5-4.5g per.
Snowfall Ink - 40g per. Not much of a profit there.

Anonymous said...

23.4g would be the logical answer to your question, but since logical doesn't take into account people's lazyness etc, I'm thinking it's actually 36.8g each?

For your 3.1 investments, I'll take a guess and say eternal earth + titansteel bars?

That's what I've been looking to invest in for blacksmithing, I'm assuming there's something similar you can invest in for tailoring etc

As the mats for the new crafted items should increase significantly in price (Although the orbs could regulate this a little bit, depending on how difficult they are to get)

Anonymous said...

1 ink of the sea - 4g

1 Snowfall Ink - 38g

Sorry, won't work on my server.

Anonymous said...

What I am interested in is how did the glyph market evolve without you?

Anonymous said...

I vote "B"

Anonymous said...

No one buys inks on my server for any price worthy of writing home about :(

Anonymous said...

How is your glyph business going to continue after 3.1? With duel specs and glyphs people won't need to be changing glyphs all the time so surely after an initial demand for extra glyphs/new ones the demand will not be there any more?

Anonymous said...

The answer is C.

Putting aside all logical reasoning on why 23.4 G is the answer, remember that whatever you put up in the AH is all about making you the moolah. And frankly, 36.8 G does not cover travelling, auction fee AND profit.

- Aenur of Hydraxis

Carra said...

My 3.1 investments will be quite simple: fill my bags with glyphs, everyone will need an extra set of glyphs. And I'm quite sure only a very small minority of the players already bought their second set now.

And herbs to make the new glyphs.


*And frankly, 36.8 G does not cover travelling, auction fee AND profit.*

My main is in Dalaran, my bank alt in ironforge. Really, no travelling required. At that price, it's basically 13g for one click.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking of going into the inscription business without doing inscription. Gonna farm herbs, get a guildie to make lots of inscriptions for me, and then post them once 3.1 hits. Gonna plan out the high-demand ones that everyone will be using, and keep those stocked for about a week, then drop the business.

Anonymous said...

Actually the right mathematic answer is A.
But as I am the only Alliance ink seller in Hellfire, I would say B, noone died for a bit speculation.

Anonymous said...

I've been using that Saronite Arrow Maker trick for quite a while. Most of the time I'm able to pick up some Arrow Makers on the cheap (around 40g) and sell the arrows for 7-9g per stack. I've bought the saronite and had engineers craft them for me, but it ends up costing about the same because of the price of saronite and the apparent dearth of engineers on my server.

It's also worth looking at the price of Ultrasafe Bullet Maker versus Mammoth Cutters. On my server it's usually not worthwhile to sell bullets like this, but your mileage may vary.

handtuch said...

Today I discovered a way to make gold with inscription which is really easy. I bought Northend herbs for about 300 gold, milled them and ended up having 57 x Ink of Sea and 10 x Snowfall ink. Snowfall ink is going for about 50-60 g a piece on my server . I checked the AH and noticed that there was NO Armor Vellum III. So I bought 104 Resilient Parchments (costs: 52g) and produced 104 vellums. I posted 30 vellums for 25 gold each and guess what? I sold already 20 vellums within a few hours. Maybe it works on other servers too, good luck :)

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is, none of the above!

I do believe the question is unanswerable because the values given are not the values of all server economies, and also because Snowfall ink is used by Inscriptionists for Darkmoon cards, and therefor would not be sold for such a low price.

However, if I were to 'pretend' that the prices you've given were completely accurate, I do believe the correct price would be 1 copper below the person who has the cheapest price for the Ink on the auction house, given that it has not been undercut to infinity.