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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Actually I passed it on Feb 26, but I wanted to be sure that it's not just a "lucky crit", but a tendency. As you can see it on the chart, it is. The Greedy Goblin, your source of information in both WoW moneymaking and objectivist-like philosophy (anti-social according to the freindly helpfull ppl) has 1000+ subscribers. I also have 28 followers in Google and around 1300 individual visitors/day, but that value highly oscillates, there was 3200 and 400 on the same week.

I'm fully aware that most of these people are not my friends and not even like me. They read the blog for the information, of because they like to argument with different ideas.

When I started this blog, I did not hoped for such visitor numbers. My plan was only to spread economic information as a "revenge" to the "friendly helpfull ppl". I hoped that I can help businessmen and wannabe businessmen to take more and more gold from them, forcing them to grind more elementals. I was the most surprised when the first philosophy posts gained more visitor count and subscriber increase than the business ones.

The responses on this blog and fellow blogs were a great help to me, so if I consider creating this blog a cost, I had more return on this cost than on any other. So here are the things I learned, the things I would be grateful to the readers if I would know the word "grateful":
  • People are interested in my ideas. Most of them don't like it, but still interested. I don't have to act (or worse, be) friendly and social to be recognized, listened, and engaged in valuable conversations.
  • Socializing with people does not turn me into one of the useless socials. I can do as many sucessful commenters/fellow bloggers do: socialize with skilled people. While everyone (except for me) socialize with his guildmates, some people choose wisely which guild to be in. So they can progress and have fun from the content too. So, thanks to you I've learned that socials =/= useless socials.
  • I was more than happy to see how many people share my despise on the useless socials. "Facerollers", "fire-dancers", "mouseclickers", "below-tank-DPSers" are phrases form you, not me (that's M&S). I thought I was alone seeing that "no useful abilities just being nice" leads to a wrecked society. It's great to see that many people agree that the primary filter is the skill. Granted most of you demand social skills too, but you don't even consider taking an 1500DPS guy into your group, no matter how friendly he is.
  • And my original plan worked well. Every time people wrote "this and that trick worked, I made 10K", I was happy because that's 10K minus to the M&S and that's a hell lot of elementals to grind.
As I mentioned before, I'm almost done with the game. I meant raiding the content. I have one little plan to do, and it will be done, I promise. The moneymaking, the quest to take all and every single copper from the M&S will continue!


Anonymous said...

GRATZ MANG. I read your blog all the time and want to say thanks. I dont play the ah as much as you but enough to keep my raiding money and alts funded with enough gold to buy anything i want. some of the best reads are those in which you include rl comparisons or examples if you will.

can't wait to see your biz updates when dual specs come out you will be rolling in more dough then the pilsbury dough boy.

my suggestion to all people is to pay attention to the markets on your server by a per item the same items your book keeping shows you make the most money off of and look for loop holes of things you may have missed...mine was spell thread selling on tues and sat on emerald dream US. pocket 1k every week because of me overlooking the made material instead of just the mats....stupid me not thinking like china (producing finished product not just the raw material)

Panos said...

Keep it up, some of us find your tongue-in-cheek approach entertaining, even if we sometimes disagree (not that often I might add :-p )

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you - but who'd want to do that all the time, anyway? You often have interesting ideas and arguments for why you do things, which I find fascinating. Plus I've gotten a lot better at understanding how the market works since reading your blog. Thanks

LarĂ­sa said...

Congratulations! Be proud!

You've definitly deserved your audience and I'm delighted to see evidence for my ides about content being more important than looks when it comes to blogging. Make it simple and concentrate on serving food for thoughts, ideas that deserve to be discussed. Or just pure entertaiment, that's fine too. I've never got the idea why a blog should look like an amusement park. Yours is just the opposite. I also like the way you get involved with your readers. The discussions is what makes a blog get alive.

I don't always agree with you, but I do understand your points of view more than you might think. I too was once upon a time attracted to the objectivism. As years has passed black and white has turned into all sorts of shades and I've become more nuanced. Anyway, we've always treated each other with mutual respect.

Thank you for contributing to the WoW blogosphere. It certainly would be more boring without your presence.

Posh said...

Congratulations. Im a happy reader of your blog. Im far away from you as a person, as im one of the people who tend to help the M&S, problaly more than I should. But that is just me, both IRL and in wow.

But nevertheless I get tons out of reading your view on things. Agree or not. It help me read other people alot better.

And also thanks for all the money tips. I dont play the AH on a steady basis, but after some pointers from here, my grind session is close to zero. As I can make money when I need much faster and simple, by just working the AH for some time.

Keep the work flowing.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad to see the success your blog has brought you and us that like to read what you post.

I can't remember what country your from tho but I think I heard somewhere in Europe was it?

IRL I try to be selfless but I do agree w/ a lot of what you say. I admire people who can speak their mind. I tend to be pretty honest and it amazes me how few people really appreciate true honesty of thought.

I had a dumb call my bank alt a nerd cause his definition of a nerd is someone who dresses a bank alt in a tuxedo. I found it funny that a player who wasted so much time doing Naxx 25 man runs and selling items too cheap on the AH,(he was someone who I bought and resold items cause he listed them too cheap), to gem and chant his gear. Was telling me to get a life cause it took all of 5 seconds to click/equip a tuxedo on a lvl 1. I told him I liked M&S like him and he said "Speak english nerd" I had a good laugh about him.

Yours will be the first blog I subscribe to whenever I actually register to be able to.

Carra said...

Grats on the big numbber :)

Been wanting to read Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged for a while now. I'm sure it'll happen eventually Her ideas seem intersting.

Anonymous said...

I do love your blag as you know, and i love to chuckle at you and Larissa go at it.

Im pretty epic too i have 28 subscibers hahahaha

Me said...

I get too bored farming etc and so I mainly read your blog for the objectionist ideals as well (I'm a Rand fan myself). They are usually thoughts I've had myself when trying to wade through guild politics.

I have run with the "friendly helpfull ppl" in pugs who think that all it takes is positive reinforcement to turn a group around after the 3rd wipe. They offer no constructive criticsm or ideas, they just cheer on the team some more.

That being said, I will stick with a group of unknowns for at least 3 tries before I write it off. I do give people a chance (maybe moreso than I should).

Ayn Rand says that we all do things for our own reasons. That there is nothing we do that we do not do for ourselves. So her thought would be that Gevlon is being selfish by only doing pugs, but those in raid or guild leading positions who take their time developing new players are just as selfish. Either they feel that by helping they can help themselves, their guild, or their reputation... or they feel better about themselves and can give themselves a pat on the back (publicly or privately) for helping. (This was me explaining Randian ideas, not picking on anyone etc).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the enormity of your success!

I came for the AH insights, but I stayed because I disagree with you on so many points :)


Neil said...

Congratulations, Gevlon! That's a big milestone.

I may not always agree with your philosophical views, but I can't refute your prowess with the market. Best of luck with clearing the level 80 raids, and I look forward to hearing about your PuG of 10-man Sartharion with three drakes up :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Gevlon!

Unknown said...

I dig your blog. Always interesting discussions here.


megan said...

Grats Gevlon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the 1000 suscribers. Its nice see that a blog that put really interesting ideas and describe social things besides: i got the awesomest guild in the world exept when we got massive drama, then it sucks.

A blog where people have really intersting discussions and that makes an attempt to explain the why of the society and the economy its really interesting.

Well and educating people about how make money, how keep that money and describing the drama queens and M&S helps.

PS: Did you invented the expresion M&S?

Kohaku said...

I offer my congrats as well, even though I don't subscribe...

Anyways, I'm wondering... what would you call a person if person earns money via AH as well as farming? I sometimes buy low sell high on AH and I sometimes do farming for maybe a stack of 'things' that sells high...

I'm just a bit curious >_<

Anonymous said...

Your money making ideas were the primary draw for me, but what keeps me coming back is that your posts are thought provoking. I usually disagree with your objectivist-oriented ideas, but I benefit from the mental debate they engender, (I’ve often wanted to offer a rebuttal but haven’t taken the time). Also, I appreciate that you are a true thinker in that you not only make arguments but you are willing to be convinced by counter-arguments. Finally, I’m impressed how well you express your self in a second language.

Aurdon said...

Congo Rats....well deserved as well. I'm proud to be a member of your 1k club.