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Monday, February 16, 2009

Moments when I envy Loot Council

OK, the title is a lie. I much rather put my loot into the hands of RNG than some dude. But sometimes I feel RNG does not value my commitment.


Carra said...

At least you're not the only one rolling 1.

manu said...

Recently, after killing sartharion, I rolled a 1 on one of the items I wanted.

On the second loot I wanted, I rolled a 100, but another player got the same result... We both rolled again, and he got a 62, while I rolled a 61.

I should have stayed in bed that day. :)

Anonymous said...

This is why my guild has the Epic fail rule. A roll of 1 is equal to a roll of 100.

It makes things a bit more dramatic.

Anonymous said...

/roll is the most frustrating way to hand out loot, but you were probably in a PUG. for a guild i think the most fair is zero sum DKP. loot councils take too much time to decide and people are never impartial.

Anonymous said...

I have always been in guilds with a loot council and even some pugs used their brain to distribute the loot. I just hate the "roll for it" attitude because some people just can't get enough and are lucky to roll constantly 80+.

The last two guilds had a nice system. If something drops you /roll. If more than one person rolled, the higher get the item unless he passes (quite frequently) or he got already something and the other not (as usual, there are exeptions). The random number has an impact on the distributing but it is not everything. If you want something for your offspec you roll /rnd 1. This is how I got Boundless Ambition for my holy pala's tanking gear ;)

DKP is something I dislike because most of the time, you are rewarded for being online and not being a part. Someone who tops the meters earns the same dkp like someone who can barely stay alive for 2sec in a boss fight.

Kring said...

Did you loose the bag or IotDS?

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Epic fail rule, our guild values a '1' roll to be higher than 100. Of course we only roll on offspec gear and utilize DKP for main spec loot.

It is quite epic when someone rolls a 1 and takes loot over someone that rolled 99 or even 100, which has happened before.

Anonymous said...

I know the pain, i used to pug a lot and i did the same heroic over and over for a gear piece and lost it 4 times. And im nto the only jus ask any BC tank about The Sun-Eater in The Mechanar ;).

Anonymous said...

I ma pretty good with roles usually, must be the half irish in me.

Dont actually think ive ever rolled a 1.

I have rolled a 99 and been beat by 100 though.