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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Business report

I could Copy & Paste my previous business report. Glyphs made 13K, mongoose and bags made 4K, lvl 70 epic cloth stuff made another 3K.

The only thing worth mentioning (besides the fact that one can make 20K/week by following a simple protocol) is that I tried my luck in the enchanting scroll business and failed miserably. Everyone is undercutting me. There are maybe scrolls that sell but I did not find them. The problem is most probably that there are not many useful enchants, I mean every spellcaster has +28 spellpower (or precision) on his gloves, so it does not take a genius to find out what sells.

However I can take that as a good sign: there are working businessmen on my server. I would be the last person who envy their profit.


Pangoria Fallstar said...

What about the best enchants that can be put on an heirloom item?

Kring said...

Why do you have a coin of Ancestry in your bag? Do you now go after achievements?`:-)

On my server, I can make money with the "Cloak - Speed" enchant. That one was reduced drastically in mats, maybe people still have the old price in mind.

Gevlon said...

@Pangoria: thanks for the tip. Since I don't have heirloom items, I cannot check it. If anyone knows the enchanting rules of those items, please write a comment.

@Kring: I found a guy in Gundrak with eclamation mark. I thought it's an escort quest, but he gave me this instead. I had no idea what it's for.

The Speed enchant is a nice tip, I'll try it out.

Anonymous said...

Your income is of course remarkable. However, you do not indicate the time invested in your 20k/week "salary." How many hours are you dedicating to business (as opposed to raiding, etc)? That might help others (like me of course) assess whether our weekly income is proportional to yours based on time spent doing business.

Gevlon said...

@anyonymus: I spend 1:30 on glyphs every second day. The cloth does not cost time as I just press "create all" and AFK, making food or having a shower. The other, new busineses (enchants and such) tank another 15 mins a day.

So I would say 1 hour/day, 3000G/hour.

chewy said...

You have an interesting server. Gylph's sell for next to nothing on mine.

Anonymous said...

Anything pre-BC will work on heirlooms.

Anonymous said...

The old world +15 agi enchant is a winner for the heirloom one handers, got a mate selling em and he's pulled in about 4k gold off it so far. Some WSG twinks like it too. Need timbermaw rep for the recipe tho so if you haven't already got it, it's not really worth the time to grind it. As always, YMMV.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just a note on heirlooms, they count as classic items no matter what level they are, so even at 80 you can't put anything but classic enchants on em.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was on Gev's server. On my server there are usually 10-15 people that would readily undercut a glyph that I am selling 24 hours a day. I would be lucky to make 100g per week.

Anonymous said...

that +15 Ag to weapon chant you are talking about is one of those forgotten items & is a good seller. With the changes to earning rep now, @ lvl 71 it only took me an 1.5 hours to get to honoured. Quests & kills seem to give double the rep they used too.

All in all I believe its worth the grind for the gold it makes.

Anonymous said...

I am able to sell enchants on my server, but it took about a week to figure out the 12 or so that are actually profitable. The rest are a total waste of time. I am averaging about 40g per enchant i sell in profit. Look for the enchants that people are willing to pay for the convience of not having to buy the mats and look for an enchanter.

Anonymous said...

Re: heirloom enchants

one word: Crusader

Carra said...

Glyphs are a nice business but it takes a *lot* of time.

1) Scan & search the AH for the herbs you need. Buy them.
2) Mill a ton of herbs.
3) Make a ton of inks.

Can't afk while making any of it.

4) Go through all your hundred+ glyphs and make some if needed.
5) Post a few hundred auctions on the AH. This alone takes 15 minutes.

And I forgot:
6) Get all your expired glyphs from the mailbox. At a maximum of 50 glyphs each "get all", this also takes a looong time. Or maybe I just post too many?

Anonymous said...

I am a casual buisness man with too many alts to make real money (and I tend to spend a lot of money for my alts^^). But the last week I tried a few things (I cover all professions with my alts and tried to make some profit of my professionleveling):

Buyed a few gems for cheap (Monarchtopaz and Earthsiege ~50g) and sold the cutted gems for 100-130 each. Also sold a few Dragons Eyes for 500g each.

Made a few DK Glyphs (made a bargain with the ink, got a couple of stacks for 3.50g) and sold them for 20-40g

Made a few Scrolls with Spirit on Weapon (I was leveling my profession) and sold them for 85g each.

Made a few Frostclothbags but sold none for 100g because there were a lot of auctions for 50g a piece. Moonshroud is down to 60g each.

The first professions made me happy and I got ~2k but then I noticed someting: Each and every Item which was used to be a moneymaker was soon to be undercut by a ridicolus amount. The glyphs went down to 5-10g, the scrolls went down to 30-40g and the gems went down to 50-60g Dragonseye down to 200). At the end of the week nearly all my auctions kept comming back. Apperantly there were some "buisness man" around who kept scanning the market and tried to undercut me. But they destroyed the market with ther prizes. I wasn't cutting their buisness because I did choose my auctions well (despite the dragonseyes of course). So I wonder where they came from and why they try to sell so cheap, sometimes way below the material cost (I bought a couple of Int/MP5 gems for 5g a piece while the raw gem was listed at 40g).

Anonymous said...


What do you do with all the money?
I know and share your feelings about mounts, so that's out the door. There's a finit amount you need to get the best enchancts/gems/gear, and i know [and share] your feelings about costly improvmants that hardly gain you anything...

What else is there to do with such wealth? Do you sponser arena teams or something..?

Nuff said...

Different servers are just different. Your glyph methods simply do not work on my server. No glyphs sell for over 10g, none. And very few sell regardless. I can make about 1k a week with a LOT of time invested if I work at it.

Compared to enchanting, where I can sell scrolls like crazy at 10x the mats cost making a 1-2k a night easily for far less time invested.

Ceolwulf said...

Scrolls of fiery weapon have done reasonably well for me. They sell for 55g or so and I can usually sell one or two a day.

One small part of the picture.

Skroo said...

The glyph market on my server is up and down constantly. Generally stuff gets undercut to the point where it isn't worth listing. There are three of us that sell most of the glyphs on my server, along with a pile of people who get into the biz for a couple of weeks or so then you don't see anything from them again. The three of us tend to keep our undercuts resonable, but then the nubs come in and eff it up again.

Case in point: don't obsess over your auctioneer data. I found 4 or 5 glyphs the other day where the auctioneer market average was listed in the 2-5g range (which is actually the ave selling price of most glyphs on my server). The most important part of the tooltip when you are going through your recipes though are the words "No Competition." I made a few of each of these and listed them with a retardedly high price of like 32g each. Most of them sold.

My other two competitors noticed what I did and undercut me my new listing price. So, instead of listing theirs at 4g each they listed at 31, then 30 ... so the deflation between us was gradual and all of us were making money.

Inevitably some nubs come along and see us selling glyphs for 30g that their auctioneer tells them should sell for 5, so they list like 20 of them for 5g each and the whole thing gets shoveled into the fail pile.

I've been pulling about 2-4K/week on my server. Which, for my server, is really quite good. If you are in a similar situation, and are a scribe, try reseting the market price on some of the little sold, undervalued glyphs. Making 2-3 of them and listing them to see what happens is cheap. Worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the ability to sell large amounts of glyphs on a server. What am I not understanding?

I mean, who is buying all these glyphs?
- is it new toons/alts?
- people respeccing?
- people just trying different glyphs?

The reason I ask is because I did my research on glyphs, purchased my glyphs when they first came out, and haven't changed them since.

Now, when dual specs come out, I can totally understand. Glpyhs, enchants, gems, belt buckles, etc will make a killing.

Just my 2 copper...