Greedy Goblin

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Business report

I'm doing OK I guess, 60K on the top of a completely geared restodruid and a half-geared mage.

My main workhorse is selling glyphs. I'm selling like 50-60 pieces every day for 15-25G each, materials cost 5G.

The secondary workhorse is the good old Crystallized fire. I started to play the same with infinite dust, I buy a stack of 20 for 5.5G each and sell them by ones for 6.9-7.5G.

I also keep the market filled with Etereal belt buckles, imbued frostweave cloths, spellthread and such. I sell 2 moonshrouds every 4 days and titansteel bar every day.

Luckily the remnants of my flower business are sold out, way under their buying price, but finally my alt's bank is clear. I rolled in 3500G in the process, definitely did not worth the time.

I have money outside in the bronze bar fund (seems that I manage to liquidate it in a week) and the card fund (damn cards).

The deflating market is not a good place for long term investments. I won't have too many (though I'm planning one). I mainly feast on the idiots and sell stuff crafted from immediately bought materials. I try to keep my storage at the minimum, since the items in the bank lose worth as we speak. The only exceptions are dream shards, which will get something in the next patch.


Zach said...

Just throwing this out there...

you are mentioning Dream Shards that you are stocking up on... the other one to stock up is Frozen Orbs... I'm currently at around 40 of these... and am continually buying as many as I can get for 20g or under...

hopefully this will pan out... but the new "brilliant glass" will require frozen orbs... it can become 1-3 rare gems and has a change to drop a dragon's eye...

Needless to say - I believe JC's will definitely want Frozen Orbs every day... do the math on all the people picking up JC... plus the normal demand for them... should be worth the gold... let's hope so...

Anonymous said...

Nice tip Zach. Where did u got that info, that Frozen Orbs will be part of the new "brilliant glass"?

Tobold said...

I tried selling glyphs, but no luck. Most of them sell very slowly or not at all. And on the few where there is some demand, other crafters drove down the prices to below cost of the herbs. How do you identify the glyphs on which you can make a profit on?

Gevlon said...

Auctioneer shows the AH price if I mouseover it in the crafting book. If it's bigger than 15G, I craft and list. Sometimes I get it back, relist. I got around 1000-1200G/day income from it.

Anonymous said...

It's called Icy Prism.

Screenshot from the test realm:

Unknown said...

thanks for the frozen orb tip... gona have to hit that one up.

another hot tip, is the new 2hdners BS will be able to make. they are supposed to put in 2 new recipies for "tanking" 2hnders targeted at DK's, i wouldnt at all be surprised to see titansteel prices shoot up for a few days.

i need more gold and fast so i can invest... i just started on this AH thing since reading your blog. i turned 600g seed on an alt, into about 3000g over the last 2 weeks.

one question i have, is how do you do your "top scans" as you called them in your previous post. ive cought a few and lucked out due to them, but what is your method for locateing them

AJ said...

Yeah, I'm interested in the answer to Mike's question too.

I'm also wondering why people are saying inscription is expensive to level, my hunter's at 300 with a profit of about 100g, not good for the 2 hours invested, but pretty good as far as 1-300 powerleveling... Makes me wonder about other professions too, is there truly any profession you can't make a healthy profit from somehow? I've leveled most of them from 1-350 and short of engineering I think I at least broke even on them all during the skillup process.


Finally, are you still disenchanting or is the glyph market so lucrative that you are getting out of the dust/essence game?

Hagu said...

I thought as you did about dream shards; they are down to 5-6g each on my server. Plus at least one of the econ bloggers talked about them, But did u see the new enchanting mats? ugh! It seems to me it will just drive down the dust/essence martket.

I can't believe the deflation that is still going on in WotLK. It makes the WotLK economy unpleasant for me.

Unknown said...

i just got into this whole thing thanks to this blog, and i totaly agree, the market seems to be deflating even more rapidly. i am in agreement with gevlon here that they made things to easy in this expansion and thats killing the market. but theres another factor as well, arenas / pvp is a joke right now. the balance is just horribly out of whack. people are staying away from PVP, and just pvping in thier PVE gear, which mind you is easier to get this time around (at leas in my opinion) where as in BC you had alot of people building 2 sets, many are simply building the one. this means less is being bought on each market.

major changes to professions i think are also having an effect i believe. before, you only went BS to get your weapon as a melee, the big money makers were JC and enchanting. now every thing gives you about the same in bonuses for being that profession. so more people are going towards professions that specifically turn a profit... at least in the past. now that not to say that every one is, not even close. it could be as little as 5%, but that 5% can do alot of damage to the economy, one that's not sucking up the materials as fast as in the past.

right now im just waiting for prices to hit thier equalibrium. they are in a free fall right now. once they stabilize, it wont be so bad. its the fact that right now, you can buy what seems like a cheap item that's listed for 30g less than it should be, and the next day that's the medium price.

since its allready in free fall, people undercut and undercut to get theirs out the cheapest, just compounding the problem. for instance, titan steel has dropped almost 100g in price on my server over the last 2 weeks. now part of that is the demand going down, but its also countered by the supply going up sharply as well from people seeing a (relatively) high priced item that moves fairly consitatnly, and decideding to sell it as well.

ok, well im rambling here, this post is long enough that i should just make my own blog lol