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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Harvest

The Winter's veil festival is upon us fellow businessmen! It is the game version of Christmas, the beautiful holiday, when people celebrate love itself by trampling shopkeepers to death, and collecting insane amount of high interest rate credit card loan.

In Azeroth, people always tend to complete seasonal quests, no matter how stupid or annoying they are, but this year, there are also achievements for them! How can we become rich of it?

One of the achievements demand creating Gingerbread Cookie, Hot Apple Cider, Egg nog. The materials for these items contain:
The first three are sold by seasonal vendors, close to the questgiver, so even dumb people have the tendency of finding them. You still can sell some.

However Ice Cold Milk is extremely rare item, since you must walk 10-25 yards from the seasonal vendor, to the nearest inn to buy it. This task needs unhealthy amount of gaming therefor people who are not losers in life have no time for it, so you must help them out. Go to the inn and buy some. List it in the AH for 1-2G and sell! Be aware that people need only one of this item, so list it 1 by 1.

Small egg is usually listed in AH. You can buy some now, and sell it for nice profit. If there is not enough on the AH, suggest some poor people to farm it and you buy from them.

What can I add?
"Ride now, ride out there and bring me back some heads!"


chewy said...
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chewy said...

Well I appear to be making some good money from the cold milk suggestion.

My main problem? I priced too low. I thought people wouldn't be so dumb to to pay almost 1g per milk but apparently they are. I'm disappointed and happy at the same time.

pas mourir idiot ;) said...

rofl at the milk, SINGLE PIECES are going at 7g buyout...

That's 420g for 3 stacks, for an investment of less than 4 silver.
Information assymetry, that's called, right?

Gevlon said...

Yes, that's the scientific term, though my opinion is:

chewy said...

The bottom has dropped out of my milk market now. The light bulb has gone off and now there is now too much competition. Nice while it lasted. Next year I'll get in early and stock up on those eggs.

Gevlon said...

@Glen: I will do that too!

Anonymous said...

I use the first couple weeks in December as an opportunity to boost ranged skill on my rogue or warrior, while they wander around and one-shot every bird on Teldrasil. It's the least boring method I've found to level bows/guns/thrown/xbows and you can make a decent chunk of change (while also assembling enough eggs so you have what you need for cookies for Santa).

Anonymous said...

@Anise; ew gross! farming!

Well in the past I was completely convinced that my server was intellectually above buying vendor beverages at the AH for 1g...but here I am, proclaiming my disbelief.

People are stupid.