Greedy Goblin

Monday, December 15, 2008


Among businessmen there is a serious "problem": how to spend our money?

In a perfect world, this "problem" would not exist, since no one would be so rich that he could not spend his money wisely. In the far-from-perfect-world of reality (and its Azerothian representative) it's way to easy to get rich. You don't need more than some seed money to buy eternal fire to cut it into crystallized ones and sell for double price.

So, both in WoW and in real word, the businessman has to face the problem, how to spend his money. Investing it into something profitable sounds obvious, however it will provide even more money.

Of course you can buy useful stuff, like gear in WoW. However your needs are limited, you can't spend too much for them, not in WoW, not in real life.

When someone has too much money, one of the lesser bad that can happen is vanity. Vanity mounts are an effective way to get rid of your money, both in WoW and real life. Completely useless by the way.

There are other vanity items like pets, jewelry, expensive clothing and such nonsense you can equip to show the people that you are smart enough to make money and dumb enough to waste it.

You can also spend your too much money on charity, giving it to the poor. By doing it, you reward laziness, dumbness, and careless spending. Even worse than the previous possibilities.

However, you can reward also good actions with your money: you can sponsor great achivements, and you can give presents to those who did good things to you or to the world. By giving them useful stuff (as opposed to vanity), you not only reward them, but also support their further efforts. Bonus: besides spending your money, and rewarding those who deserve it, you also supported the crafter of the present. It's a win for everyone!


Larísa said...

Ah, Gevlon becomes a bit soft, I guess it's the season! Have you got any suggestions what would be suitable christmas gifts for friends in Azeroth?

And how to profit on the market for christmas gift for others? I know tonks is a nice kind of gift, some engineers make money on making those (provided they announce in trade, putting the idea into the head of people to give away those for christmas). But what else? Write me a prepare-for-christmas-post, please! (except for achievments which you wrote about the other day)

Gevlon said...

Sorry Larísa, the usual "gift things" (both in WoW and RL) are useless. While some engineers can make money from selling "gift things", I recommend only to give useful things like BoE epics, gems, enchantment scrolls and such.

My GF for example got the gloves on the picture.

Cuthbert said...

Hey Gevlon. I didn't expect a post like this from you. You are a softie :)

I wanted to get your opinion on this post @wowinsider.

Let us know who is in the wrong and what the goblin would do, if you have the time.

Hinenuitepo said...

Myself and a guildie sponsored a number of prizes when LK came out. I gave 100g to each guildie who completed the first guild heroic (I paid 4, since I was fortunate to be on that run). He gave 500g to every guildie who leveled to 80 before him (there were three - I was a bit behind - 5th as I leveled a DK). We co-sponsored 100g to everyone who was ready to raid Naxx the first week after release. We gave 100g to the first crafters to max each profession. It was fun, and sparked some lively competition that benefitted the guild!

Anonymous said...

Screw that. I'm get'n me a vanity mount!

Gevlon said...

@Cuthbert: coming tomorrow

@Devlin: great job! You spent your money in a way to support useful efforts.

@Anonymus: thank you for your well established opinion. Your elaborate reasoning makes no doubt that your point is right and you are a very intelligent person! :-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mind giving some gold to charity - theres those barkers in Sw and IF shouting out something along the lines of Alms for the poor - but neither of them will except my money.