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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad cards

As I wrote, I attempted to craft myself a darkmoon trinket. Of course crafting such trinket alone is impossible. Since you can get one of 32 random cards, in order to craft a full set of 8 cards, with average luck you have to craft 87 cards. So I crafted cards and wanted to buy the missing ones. There were just two little problems:

My luck was way below average. I kept getting those stupid Chaos cards and only a few Nobles ones, which I wanted.

The AH was almost card-free. Almost no one listed cards. It seemed that people either ignored Darkmoon cards, or wanted to collect their own sets. I could sell some useless cards for nice price, yet I ended up around 4K frozen investment.

When you have frozen investments, you can do two things:
  • accept the loss and move away. For me it would mean list the damn cards for 1-200G and get rid of them.
  • invest more, trying to melt your investment. Of course it holds the risk of losing even more. For me it means buying the missing cards, forming full decks and sell them during the next Darkmoon Faire.
The reason I've chosen the second was that people started to list cards on the AH. It seems they also wanted to collect a full deck, failed and now follow the first scenario.

So Triara got a new job. She got my incomplete set of cards and also 2K to seek missing cards. The security blanket below the operation is that I still want the trinkets, so if I can't sell the decks, I will simply equip the trinkets for myself.

Why did people not crafted cards? Most probably because while these are great trinkets, they are also very expensive. While normally there is a premium segment of buyers, in WotLK, with the nerfed-to-the-ground raids they simply said "who cares? Sooner or later I get a good trinket for free." I did not expected this outcome, that's the reason I ended up 4K frozen.

Actually this reasoning works very well. A couple of days ago I got Majestic dragon figurine, the second best restodruid trinket after Darkmoon: Nobles. Still I hope that I can melt my 4K. If not, I'll have to dump 6K, which would make me less than happy, but that's exactly business is not for everyone: risky.

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