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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This blog was started as a resource for fellow businessmen, how to make tens of thousands. However I keep getting more and more requests from ordinary players, who are focusing to other aspects of the game, how to earn enough to support their raiding or PvP? If you have such problems, this new section of Greedy Goblin, the "Middle class" is for you.

Following these advices won't make you rich. But make you be able to always have 2-3000G as a security blanket, so you never get into a situation that you can't buy consumables or have to go farm instead of raid or PvP. Above all: your grinding time will be much-much less, if you follow these advices.

The first and most important advice is: know the prices. Poor people tend to believe that the items have "value" and people buy and sell them around this value. No! Items have prices, set arbitrarily by the seller, and either bought or not. From lot of sales, a medium price is formed, which is accepted by the majority of the people. Of course I'm not telling that you also have to accept this price. However you must know it.

The Auctioneer Addon is an essential tool to know the prices. The programmers have included a scanner that reads all prices when you scan the AH. The programmers also included several price calculation methods. All of them have their pros and cons, they can be learned by leveling the goblin-only skill of economics. You don't have to understand them. Auctioneer calculate a medium price for you, you can usually trust it.

Based on my business experience, usually in 8-12 hours you can find a buyer for your item if you listed it on the auction house with medium price.

The Auctioneer is also capable of undercutting competition. On the Appraiser tab (the seller tool) you can select "Price Matching" below the price model. Detailed guide to Appraiser here. It tries to undercut your competitors, unless they sell for very low.

Auctioneer also put a blue, green, yellow, orange or red percentage on every line. Blue means the item is very cheap, green means below average, yellow means normal, orange above average and red is a robbery. You can sort by this percentage. It's great because it compares different quantities. So 4 items for 10G is listed cheaper than 1 for 6, although 10 > 6. Items are listed on various stack sizes, and you want the cheapest without doing lot of maths. Auctioneer does it for you.

You may get the idea to buy blue-listed items and sell them for normal price. That's what we, businessmen do for our wealth. However be careful, not every blue is cheap. Maybe there is a reason why prices dropped. For example it was crafted by only a few man and they sold too high, but now some others got the recipe and undercut them. This case you can't expect the prices to return high. If you are not sure, don't touch! It's better to let a good opportunity pass by than waste your money on some unsellable stuff.

Other good advice: most people want their items now, so they buyout, ignoring the bid price. You can make really good bargains by bidding. You place a bid, and in 1-2 days you either get your money back if someone overbid you, or you get the item for low price.

Auctioneer is also capable of finding cheap items everywhere in the Auction House. The search guide helps you how does it work. This is not essential for your purposes, this is needed for your first steps becoming businessmen. Remember: you don't have to join us to have enough!

Auctioneer may look strange and complicated for the first time. Please take 10-20 minutes to familiarize yourself with it. The time lost here will be returned hundred-fold in farming time.

Last, but most important: scan the auction house every day! You can do it by typing "/aadv getall" when auctioneer is open.The scan will take 1-2 mins and practically freezes your game, it's normal. If you would disconnect, use the |> button, it's slower but safe.

Auctioneer is useless without scans! Don't trust auctioneer in the first week. It needs about a week's data to be accurate.


Larísa said...

The "new auctioneer is full of special stuff for business men like you. But it's become a lot heavier, resulting in me using it more rarely. Whenever I scan it ends up in a major freeze of everything, fps going down to 1fps for a minute or so (in the end of the scanning session), making me wonder if it's a crash and I have to restart the PC.
I don't dare to have auctioneer loaded on my main, which is bad, since I sometimes want to get a quick idea about what an item is worth. I only run it on a bank alt, if I have plenty of time available.

But I don't run it as much as I should anymore. It's sad, since I know I miss gold and it was a good addon when it worked. Why did they have to overdo it?

Gevlon said...

The scanner freezes because it updates the database. However the freezing is mostly a memory issue. Does your computer have enough memory? 2GB recommended, 1GB needed.

However during the "freeze" period you shall see a progress bar on the top of the auctioneer window.

BTW I really don't understand why they not write an "auctioneer small" for "normal" people.

EffroTool said...

Must say that sometimes stating the obvious helps a lot. Using auctioneer every day, to scan, post/buy items, but actually most of time I just go for buyout myself. It's not like I spend all my gold on those so actually could put the excess into some bidding, it's really not like I will lose anything, I win or just gold gets back to me. Thanks again for this tip Gevlon.

As for the scanning process there are two way. One mentioned by Gevlon using the UI button. Other is just typing "/aadv getall" command from console while AH UI is open. This one is a bit better, cause it pulls whole data at once, other then old method (scan 50, next page, scan 50,...). Although it's not officially supported as it sometimes tend to disconnect users, though it never happened to me.

Anonymous said...

Its a strange thing because i have been reading your blog for a long time now but only installed auctioneer last night.

Im using my bank alt to sit in SW and do all the bidding, maybe next blog give us a few tips on what items are good to buy and which to look out for <3

EffroTool said...

@Esdras: If you've been reading blog for some time you should know already of few quite lucrative deals. We had here already:
- eternal fire to crystalized fire thing;
- belt buckles;

General rule is to find the spot where materials sell low and product sells high. Just as an example eternal fire (material) sells for 60g while crystalized fire (product) sells for 10g. 1x Eternal fire = 10x crystalized fire, Which gives 60g spent 100g earned, and that gives us 40g profit. But as we all sit on different servers those numbers will probably be different for you. What doesn't sell well on mine server (belt buckles) gives Gevlon olads of cash. So the general tip is just to get to know your own market ;)

Gevlon said...

@grzegorz: thanks for the /aadv getall, inserted to text.

@esdras: I'm trying to give tips, but every server is different. An RL buddy for example BUYS crystallized fire and sell as eternals. I can only give overall guidelines, though I try to find and publish evergreens.

Anonymous said...

@Larisa: I had an issue with memory consumption as well. I also use Questhelper now that I am levelling again. My computer can't handle both at the same time, so I started logging out and enabling one and disabling the other depending on what I am doing. For instance, last night, I logged on and my toon was in orgrimmar already so auctioneer was already enabled and I did an AH scan while I got some munchies and settled in. Then I posted my auctions. After that, I hearthed to Dalaran and ran to the flight master. While in flight, I logged out and hit "disable all" on the addons menu on the character selection screen then enabled Questhelper and logged back in. When I want to go to the auction house again tonight, I will hit "enable all" on the addons menu and then disable questhelper - this enabling and disabling stuff is due to the fact that auctioneer has a bunch of addon components. It makes it easier that since WOTLK I actually got rid of all my addons except these two. Hope that helps!

Darraxus said...

Thanks for the Auctioneer info. I already have it, but each change is so much different. Appreciate the guidance. Also, I have been buying eternal fires for 32 gold and selling each crystallized for 6 gold 30 silver. I put mine in stacks of two as people usually seem to need more than 1, but not really a stack of 10. I wonder how many people dont realize you can break and eternal down yourself?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing English is not your first language, so I can forgive some sentence/grammar failures. I have to frequently re-read lines to ensure that I am understanding the important information you try to give us.

Tyberiuss said...

@Big_Shammy: I have the same problem as Larisa at the end of the scan. But I only do the scans with my AH mule, and he does not have Quest Helper enabled. I just assumed that Auctioneer slowed my machine at the end because of its DB updating function.
@Gevlon: I have 4G of RAM, so that's not my problem. I also don't understand why it slows anyway. It is just updating a digital DB of items and prices. Why does that take so much processing power? We aren't asking it to display 3D spinning price charts or anything.

Gevlon said...

@tyberiuss: the addons cannot run as normal programs for security purposes. Everything they can do is call API functions of the WoW engine. It is extremely ineffective, yet necessary to prevent writing "addons" that plays the game instead of you.

Ruhtra said...
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Ruhtra said...

I have to say that I love this post. Gevlon is right on with the information he provides. Although I hope this blog is not read by very many people on my server. That could be bad for business.

As for the information about learning about your server and what sells, again Gevlon is spot on. Each server is unique and you must first learn the server and what sells and then look for the part of the market you wish to corner.

Keep up the great work here. I love comparing my business ventures to your own to see how they measure up.

AJ said...

Big database updates are some of the most CPU intensive tasks humans have come up with, we build massive servers simply to facilitate these functions.

Add to this that Auctioneer updates all of it's pricing models, datasets, standard deviation calculations etc. after a scan and take it in the context of running in the same thread as the main WoW application and you should have no issue with it taking it's time.

Also for those of us on high pop/locked realms wanting to use /aadv getall command without being disconnected (I get DC'd within 20-30 secs), just plonk your alt in Exodar or Silvermoon, they're dead on any server and you can scan away without fear of being dropped.

Kinzlayer said...

Yes yes, we all know by now that English is not Gevlon's first language, let the horse die.

As for Auctioneer, I've used it in the pass and once in a while I will load it to run some searches but like most of the comment about it's performance, it can be a hog. Good info on using an alt to run Auctioneer though, never thought to use my alts for anything but banks, hehe.

Good tips and hopefully there will be an Auctioneer lite one of these days.

Larísa said...

I've got 2 gb memory, so it should work. I guess I just worry a bit too much about the freezies.

About your writings Gevlon: I don't think anyone of those with English as their first language has any idea about what challenge it is to blog in a foreign tongue - especially to do it with the frequence and the amount of text as you do.

The main thing about writing in my opinion is that you can follow the thoughts, that their is some kind of flow in the text, a movement that makes you interested and want to go on. Small grammatical errors may be obstacles, but really, I don't think that the ones you do are of that magnitude. (Or maybe I just don't see them, since Engish is a second language to me as well).
Anyway I'm glad you're brave enough to blog in English.

Larísa said...

...and of course I made a couple of language errors in my comment just to show off :)

Victor Hollo said...

Gevlon, is there any chance you could provide site traffic statistics to see how many people view your blog daily or do you not run a counter module?

Deus Ith Mathematica said...

@Larisa,Big_shammy & everyone else who has trouble with memory and addons: I had the same issue with this, but with a bit of luck, I bumped with another addon that manages the rest: Addon Control Panel. It adds a button to the main menu (ESC key) that lets you enable/disable all addons in your computer and lets you save set to quickly load the ones you need, with just a couple of clicks and a /console reloadui afterwards so at the end there's no need to the ritual anymore: logout, click on a million checkboxes, login just to see you forgot or missclicked one checkbox, logout again, click the missed chkbx and login again... just to do all over again, for every toon.

Addon control panel lets you stablish sets for all your toons: a set for auctions (no dmb, no quartz) a set for raids (no auct, no questhelper, yes quartz and recount) a set for questing or leveling (no dbm, no auct) or anything you need.

Check it out, its worth it.