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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Koltas used to be enchanter. Since not leveling anymore, I dropped this profession and started leveling tailoring. The reason is the great transition in the crafting system of WoW. In BC the most valuable items were either BoP or at least required slvl 350 of the tradeskill, so their market was non-existent and the market of their materials was quite limited.

Now most items are BoE so it does not matter if you are a crafter of the item or not. Selecting crafting is based on the crafting bonus, or in case of alts, profitability. As I've already written, recipes with cooldown are extremely valueable, since they are naturally of short supply. While one crafter can create 1000 Moonshroud Robes if materials are available, but to create 1000 Moonshroud you need 4000 days (2000 if specialist), since there is 4 day cooldown on Moonshroud creation.

Since the prices are driven by demand and supply, the creation of non-cooldown items will be tipped very poorly. Since the recipes are vendor-trained 5-10% of the server population can craft them, and everyone will have a crafter guildmate/buddy who crafts for free. If not, anyone can find a crafter for 10G tip, unless dumb enough to buy the pre-created, overpriced item from the AH.

On the other hand the cooldown items will always be limited, the guildmates/buddies will always be "sorry m8, I'm on CD", so everyone will have to pay the market prices. So mining and tailoring will have a nice steady income by crafting

The leveling itself cost around 2500 gold (about 500 will come in selling some stuff). There are enough leveling guides out there so I did not bother creating one, I only used the recipe list. Don't forget to use recipes sold by vendors.

If you don't level as fast as I did, you can pre-purchase the neccesary materials, so you won't end up with no or extremely overpriced mats in the AH and 5 slvls missing till the next one.


Gaming Diva said...

I've been making moonshroud cloth and setting it aside. I'm a tailor and my specialty is moonshroud. I'll be selling that those items on the AH since selling moonshroud does very well at the AH and that was before the release of WOTLK naturally the price has increased since the release. I'm still undecided if I will make my own tailored set when I hit 80. Natually if the set is better than what I come across I'll make them. If not I'll sell the mats at the AH.

There are plenty of people that will buy tailored items on the AH (at least on my server.) I've made several hundred gold from my tailored gear. I imagine some that have bought from my bank alt aren't in guilds, don't feel like being bothered going to a tailor, or they might notice they are tailored items.

Kinzlayer said...

@Gaming Diva

I'm a bit confused, when you are talking about pre-WOTLK, in term of Moonshroud, are you referring to Beta?