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Sunday, November 30, 2008

High level crafting

You probably have one or two crafting professions. You also most probably want to use your epic recipes. For example if you are tailor, you want to use Moonshroud Robe, Ebonweave Robe or Spellweave Robe. These are slvl 440 recipes.

The special crafting bonus (like Lightweave Embroidery) are reachable at slvl 415-420. So after you got your special bonus, you have to make 20 levels to create the epic armor.

Of course the items between 420 and 440 are expensive ones. You can't just craft 20 of them to disenchant it, unless you are extremely rich. And on the other hand they are useful stuff, someone will need them now or then. Of course you can risk crafting 20 and put them to the AH but that's blind luck. What if the other item is needed by people not the one you crafted. If you wait long enough someone will request crafting these items. So in months you can level your tradeskill to max with no cost.

But you need the armor now and not months from now. So what can you do?
You can find someone who maxed his tradeskill by powerleveling (wasting resources for speed). You can get him craft your item for a small fee. This way you have your armor and keep your money. You don't have to spend your money on materials and item-payed recipes, but still your skill will increase now-and-then, when opportunity comes

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