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Friday, November 28, 2008

Frozen orb

I bought some frozen orb for 350-400G for my own gear. I thought they were pretty cheap. Of course now I could buy for 250. I don't really know what will happen to the orbs, maybe their prices elevate with the weekend, maybe continues to drop.

My guess is dropping. Since instances are really easy, people rather go and farm badges than farm money to buy materials for crafted gear. Of course the opposite can happen too, at the weekend many casual player comes online who can't farm instances but can buy crafted gear. After all I sold 1 titansteel bar for 1200 last weekend. Now they run around 550G. Anyway the golden rule is if you don't know, don't touch.

I bought lot of eternals, titanium ores and bars, moonshroud, flowers for inscription-offhand item, cold weather flying and the frozen orbs, so my money went down to 45000G. It will continue to drop as I have to buy further materials, but as soon as I'm geared, I'll climb back in no time.

People are still buying crystallized fire for 18% of the eternal price. I simply can't understand them. If I can get Greater Planar Essence, I can sell them for insane profit.

The liquidation of the ill-fated copper business is in progress, money slowly coming in. Same for flowers.

Tomorrow I'll start seek crafters for my new gear.


AJ said...

Yeah the Frozen orb market was always gonna be hit and miss. A lot of people I know looked at them as direct descendants from Primal nethers and expected (unrealistically) supply to be lower than demand. With the ease of the new dungeons it seems we'll be swimming in them by xmas.

I've only just kick started my casual gaming project's bank roll (it's documented on my blog) but I've found that there's still a lot of life in the wrath leveling blues market, especially the lvl 60-75 two handers for all those DK's.

Also there's a lot to be said for luck on the AH. I snagged a couple of orbs for 100g a piece last night and sold em off for 220 each in about a half hour so there's always potential for gains in any market.

chewy said...
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