Greedy Goblin

Thursday, November 20, 2008


After reaching lvl 74 I teleported to Dalaran and placed my HS here.

The trainers have insane amount of good recipes but I'm not seduced by them, I keep on selling the enchanting mats for extreme profit and won't buy expensive flowers for inscription. 2-3 weeks from now they will be much cheaper.

My Death Knight glyphs keep on selling like candy, although I shamelessly overprice them. I sell them around 20G while the mats cost 2-4G. I'm really surprised that only 1-2 competitors attempt to undercut, while the recipes are trainer-trained. However their numbers are increasing, and the first time I had to lower my prices to undercut them.

The Greater Planar Essences still sell, and even the Large Prismatic Shards started to turn into gold. Today I have 52850G, on the top of the flower and the copper business.

I think money will be much more important in WotLK than it was in BC, the next analysis will be about this.

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Anonymous said...

I too am Selling everything, as a tailor/enchanter i made over 350g just by selling cloth and mats from 3 hours game time.