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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crystallized profit

My glyph business practically collapsed, the market is overflown by glyphs, undercutting in progress. I still can sell some glyphs now-and-then but the times when I was the king of the Death Knight glyphs are definitely over.

Since not being enchanter anymore, Koltas cannot camp Halaa for some Greater Planar Essence, so my stocks are running low. The demand for it is great. My main makes little side-routes to Halaa for my well-deserved 100G/tour profit.

The copper business is dieing. I started it before the tradeskill system change. Back than BS was an almost-must-be profession for all plate wearer classes. So I expected a killing when all the Death Knights start leveling their profession. Well, they don't. I have to dump the copper and bronze bars, stones.

The dumping of the remnants of the flower-business is in progress and happens slowly but surely.

The new killing is crystallized idiocity. There are several recipes needing crystallized fire, water, air, shadow or earth. 10 crystallized X form an eternal X. So the priced of crystallized X must be 10 times smaller than the price of eternal X. Except not. Lot of mindless beings are ready to pay 15% of the eternal price for a crystallized. So I buy 1 eternal, sell 10 crystallized, gather free profit.

My current account balance is 52400G. This is a serious drop considering that business goes very vell, just think about the 2 Titansteels. There are two cause of this, one is the new tailoring profession of Koltas (2500G) the other is that I started to stockpile materials for my own gear. Titanium bars, Moonshroud and such things start to fill my bags and they don't come free. Since I also sell their materials it would be hard to separate the "titanium bar for business" from "titanium bar for my gear". After all the point of money is to buy stuff for ourselves!


Anonymous said...

Nice profit! Titansteel has dropped to about 400g on my server, while the mats for it are about 200g. Been saving up 12 titansteel bars to make my motorcycle mount soon :)

pas mourir idiot ;) said...

might be a stupid question, but are you selling the crystallized x piece by piece, or as a stack?

Gevlon said...

Not stupid question, I sell them piece by piece. Most probably the buyers need just 2 and don't want/cannot calculate that it would be much better for them to buy an eternal and sell 8 crystallized. So I spare them from this hard work :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this site. Thanks for all the help.

A quick question - on the new Auctioneer Advanced there isnt a search option, I know they'll implement it at a later stage, my question is how do you scan for bargains then?

I've returned to wow for wotlk after a lengthy absence, just wanting to get myself back on track. :)

Gevlon said...


Anonymous said...

Can't believe i missed it. Thanks Gevlon. Love your work.