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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Low level farming

This is my main, who is leveling leatherworking as part of his preparation to be an end-game raider in WotLK. I needed some rugged leather, so with my skinner GF I came to winterspring to hunt yetis. The plan was that she shoot them down, I heal and DPS (as far as a deep-resto goes), than she skins them.

Well this went south. A poor restodruid in armor-stamina enchanted S1 healer gear alone massacred the yetis faster than she could skin them.

Pulled as many I could with moonfire, than barkskin-hurricane and all that's left is looting.

What was the point of this yeti-genocide? To prove that one can easily farm low-level materials. 1 rugged leather costs 1G in our server, so every dead yeti worth a G. While I'm way to lazy to farm them (especially since I'm not skinner so I needed my GF to help), it is a fast and effective way to make money. The loot of these loser yetis can also be nice. Low level blues sell high.

So there is a very easy way for everyone to make money. Go to a lower level territory where tradeskill-leveling items fall. Farm them. Sell them. Have money! Of course it won't make you a millionare but will provide you a decent living.

This is one more reason not to give anything to those annoying beggars. They could make money if they wouldn't be so lazy!

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Gaming Diva said...

I haven't checked out the price of rugged leather on my server; light, medium, and heavy all do very well and you are right it is easy money. I'm almost at the end of artisan skinning 43 more points and I'll be on to the next level.

Re: Making Money

Questing in STV yesterday a BE paladin asked I and another paladin what was a good way to make money. I told him gathering professions did well on our server and were good especially if it's your first toon. I told him how much I made and directed him to my website I also told him to look for comments from Gevlon and check out his website. ;-)

Re: Beggars

Occasionally when people beg me for money, I tell them ways they can make money easily but just like in real life you will always have some people that really don't want to do anything.

I did get a great deal yesterday someone sold the recipe deviate delight for 36Gold it usually goes for 90G and over on my server.

I hopped on my bank toon and snapped it up quickly before anyone else could get it. The other avory Delight recipes were selling for over 96G. That is normal for my server it usually sells for over 100G.

I have already made the money back from that and a little over 90G more. It's definitely not something I'll be doing all the time since it takes a little time to get the fish but it's a money maker. ;-)