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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spending gold

One could ask what can one do with the gold coming from business? It's way too much for spending for everyday stuff like repairs or elixirs. While some would suggest to spend it at Haris Pilton's or for the multi-passenger Mammoth, just to show others how rich you are, I think this is just wasting it. You can spend it in a smart way, to support your character.

When my alt, Koltas dinged 70, he went to the bank and left it with 700 spell power, 150 MP5. Not bad from a recently 70. How (prices are 4 months old)?

The Spellstrike Hood turned into Void Crystal after I got T4 but the rest served Koltas until the very end (of T4 where he got). And Koltas was not a tailor, so it's just BoE drops and BoE tailoring items.

Ghostboci is leatherworker, so he will be able to wear both BoE and BoP LW items, BoE tailoring items, Darkmoon trinket, BoE raid drops, Signet of the Kirin Tor, the best enchants and consumables.

This is the goblin way of spending money, not useless vanity stuff.

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