Greedy Goblin

Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview with a great thinker of our time

I see a player turning to zombie, kill him.
[Taodroo] whispers: fck you
To [Taodroo]: ???

[Taodroo] whispers: you killed me

To [Taodroo]: no I didn't, I'm not even PvP
[Taodroo] whispers: lol you shoot me
To [Taodroo]: I didn't shoot any player, I'm just killing zombies

[Taodroo] whispers: lol

[Taodroo] whispers: why are you following me?
Because he ressed, killed a plague roach and preparing to turn again.
He turns, and in that second Arcane Barrage crits, 1 zombie less
[Taodroo] whispers: *!$# you damn fcking asss!!!

[Taodroo] whispers: stupid noob!
To [Taodroo]: just killing zombies. Is it a problem?

[Taodroo] whispers: yes it is
To [Taodroo]: why?

[Taodroo] whispers: i can't help that fcking zombies are infecting me He killed the plagued roach front of my eyes BTW
To [Taodroo]: you can run to the argent healer!
[Taodroo] whispers: and i wanted to try selfdestruct I assume he meant zombie explosion

I killed him some more time, getting *!$# you damn fcking asss!!! class opinions.

Once he managed to explode and infect some NPC:
[Taodroo] whispers: lol,
[Taodroo] whispers: NOOOB
[Taodroo] whispers: You cannot stop mee!!

What can I say? I cannot be angry at them. These guys really-really need brains!


Unknown said...

I LOLd so hard. You almost owed me a new keyboard.

Dradis said...

ROFL!!! That is awesome! Go Gevlon!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha funniest post in a while, these people are crazy.

I had a guy just invite my mage randomly to a group and when i ask what for he says Shadow labs "I only had my name for Black morass?" i tell him "We need a mage though" so i leave because i dont need it and then i get over an hour of random abuse from this guy hahaha