Greedy Goblin

Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 26: Expert Cookbook

Most of my income today came from selling Expert Cookbook, Wool cloth to the hordies, steel bar, and Greater Planar Essence (from disenchanted stuff). Bought 60 books, sent most to Thelnia for storage, they will be returned when the first 20 are sold.

The trade goods business is practically dead, so I focus on the mentioned items, and Thelnia's investment.

I still had no time to quest, so I'm still lvl 35.

Account balance: 1610G, 88 auctions, 20 bids, 1250G at Thelnia.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling those books. I would be curious to know what the population is like on your server. I'm still finding a lot of wool drops (horde side) just from the quests I do. My blood elf is now parked in Thrallmar, in Arathi Highlands, the syndicate drop a lot of wool. I've made a lot of money simply over the past few days by selling the wool. On my last server Horde outnumbered us by a lot, but checking the stats before I made the move to my new real it seemed fairly even.

Regarding the auction house on my server, in the morning, there is a lot of wool, but mid afternoon there is hardly any that's when usually put my wool up for auction.

Gevlon said...

According to, the ratio is 0.39:1, so we outnumber wastly the hordies.

Wool always a best seller on horde side, since there are few quests that demands you to kill wool-dropping mobs. So unless you purposly farm wool, you won't find much.