Greedy Goblin

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 25: Cheap potion

I still did not have time to go questing, but I resumed business. Besides bidding on items on the AH, sending Thelnia further investments and offering wool on the common AH, I visited Champion's hall. It is the place where PvP items are sold for honor. What a lvl 35 does here? Buys combat healing potion. It sells for 10 s and a honor point, so much cheaper than any crafted or dropped healing potion. While not the strongest on 70, on lower levels, it's a real gem.

I managed to sold all my expert cookbooks, going to buy more soon.

At the end I have 1685G, 89 auctions, 20 bids 1180G at Thelnia.

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