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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can u boost me?

I don't know where do these noobs spawn from. I hope they are NPC-s, created only to provide us challenges to overcome. However it must be hard to program a bot to have so much spelling errors.

[08:33:20] [Goretuskin] whispers: w8 (we were both in Orgrimmar)
[08:33:33] To [Goretuskin]: ?
[08:33:44] [Goretuskin] whispers: can u boost me at wc
[08:34:00] To [Goretuskin]: Of course I can (I have the level to make it, so I can)
[08:34:07] [Goretuskin] whispers: yay
[08:34:16] [Goretuskin] whispers: do i haved to give u mony
[08:34:21] To [Goretuskin]: No
[Goretuskin] has invited you to a group. (declined)
[08:34:44] [Goretuskin] whispers: r u gono boost me
[08:34:48] To [Goretuskin]: No
[08:35:33] To [Goretuskin]: Why would anyone waste his time with boosting a noob?
[08:36:08] [Goretuskin] whispers: err cuz its fun and u just gay and hrorrble
[08:36:30] To [Goretuskin]: Why?
[08:36:52] [Goretuskin] whispers: just go away if ur not going to boost me
[08:37:05] To [Goretuskin]: I'm already away (I already landed in STV)

Update: Gaming Diva reminded me of a hilarious forum topic: "Hey can you boost me in SM plx !"

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Anonymous said...

Your post made me think of a post I saw a little while ago= it still makes me laugh..;jsessionid=D8DA7FD95A3BE4BAC78FBA1349AFE454.app03_04?topicId=2406107349&sid=1

I'll boost my buddies and fellow guildies if they ask they also return but we rarely ask.

I've never had a someone ask me for a run through but I have my share of WOW beggars they won't leave me alone even on a new realm!